Both sides were tired and almost beat. 'Prepare yourselves!" Mosaku yelled. "This attack combines the strength of all captured and focuses into a powerful beam! Afterwards, all captured spells are lost. So let's do this for Cari! Mikadorudaa!"

"THIS is for Amber!" Maka's gem's color shifted until they faded into a shadow of black. The sky darkened and the mist that surrounded the battlefield lifted.

Maka shot two beams above Zatch and Kiyo's heads. The beams ended in a flash of light. The light faded and a huge gem appeared above their head. It was turning from black to white. "Zatch! We have to try to choke out one last spell!" Kiyo yelled. Zatch nodded. "Bao Zakeruga!"

Zatch shot the Bao Zakeruga as soon as the gem turned totally white and shot a huge white beam towards them.

Mosaku and Kiyo both knew that escape was useless, so they threw their books aside to protect it. Zatch and Kiyo were hit, as well as Mosaku and Maka.

They all fell unconscious.

Kiyo and Zatch were the first to awake. They immediately jumped up and got ready to defend their selves, even if they had no energy left.

Mosaku and Maka awoke and stood up. They walked over to Zatch and Kiyo. Zatch and Kiyo tensed up.

Then, they did something unexpected. Mosaku and Maka extended their arms. "Thanks for the great match!" Mosaku said. "Yeah, I've never had quite a thrill!" Maka exclaimed.

Zatch and Kiyo shook Mosaku and Maka's hands. "Uh, you're welcome?" Kiyo said.

While he shook hands with Mosaku, Kiyo couldn't keep his eyes from wandering to Mosaku's two scars. Mosaku noticed and smiled. "A going away gift from an old friend. It's a long story."

Maka picked up the shards of his mask and cradled them in his arms. Mosaku and Maka started to walk away. "I look forward to out next match, Zatch!" Maka shouted. "I won't go so easy on you next time!"

Zatch smiled. "See you, Maka! Good luck in your upcoming mamodo battles!"

That is when they parted, awaiting their rematch.