Lena waited until she could hear even breathing from the body beside her. When she was sure that Lindsay was fast asleep, she slowly slipped out of bed. Tiptoeing her way across the room, she opened the door and stepped outside. The hallway was dark save for a single dim lamp near the kitchen. She walked towards where she knew was the master bedroom. She pressed her ear against the door. No sound emerged from inside. She noiselessly moved down the staircase and flitted like a shadow towards the backdoor. When Catherine had punched in the code into the alarm system, she had placed close attention to the numbers. She had a razor sharp memory for these things. She slowly dragged a chair and then climbing on it pressed in the keys. She waited for the green light to flicker and die before stepping down from the chair.

With stealthy hands, Lena slid open the door. The night was cool, but she didn't mind the chill, even in her flimsy nightgown. There was a full, yellowish moon in the sky. If she squinted hard enough, she could see the tiny craters on its surface.

She heard rhythmic hoots from up the tree. She could see the blazing eyes and dark feathers of an owl. She bent carefully, without making any sudden movements, and picked up a loose brick she found on the grass. She tightened her little fingers around its rough edge. She clenched her muscles and steadied her spine. Then in one fluid motion, she spun and threw the brick towards the tree. A sickening whack filled the night air and a thud sounded as the creature fell to the ground. Without giving it a chance to regain its wits and fly away, Lena rushed towards the bird and picking up the weapon, she swung hard and bashed the face. Warm blood spurted out from the wound, but Lena ducked right in time to avoid its spray. She swung, harder each time, until she had completely bludgeoned the already dead animal into a pulp. She then picked up the brick and threw it at the neighboring backyard. She went to where the hose was attached to the supply tap and turned it on. The water oozed out and washed away the mud and blood from her hands. Satisfied and cleansed, she walked back inside and closed the door behind her.

Once again hoisting herself up on the chair, she reset the alarm and switched it on.

Everything was still quiet in the house. Not a soul stirred from their deep slumber. She softly walked back into Lindsay's room.

Lindsay was now sleeping on her side, much to Lena's delight because it now gave her enough space to squeeze in without waking the girl up. She pulled the blanket close to her chest and with a final smile of content she closed her eyes.

- - - The screen slowly fades to black and the credits start rolling

In the background you hear the CSI theme - - -

Author's Note: So, yes, finally it ends. And I can already hear the sighs of relief. I'd like to thank all those who read and reviewed and all those who read but didn't review :-( Writing this one wouldn't have been possible without my lovely beta, my beautiful muse and you, my wonderful readers. It was fun writing it, if a little depressing at times. So, thank you, thank you, for keeping up to my 80,000 + words (gasp) fic.

And now I'm off to catch a wonderful nap in the Willows-Sidle household (yeah, if you were wondering why Lena wasn't put into a guestroom, well, that's coz I was occupying it)