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A/N: This fic is based mostly on the drama, since I haven't seen either the manga or the anime yet. I will, however, tweak Shinohara's role a bit. You'll find out how and why on the later chapters. :)

This story is dedicated to all Gokusen fans out there, especially kiyasama and Moon Klutz, whose wonderfully done Gokusen fics inspired me to write my own, and to anna-neko, who is the reason I'm writing fanfics in the first place. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. :)


A Gokusen Fanfiction

by shirotora-san



He peered beneath drowsy lids to watch her. Her back was facing the class and she was writing a mathematical problem on the board. His attention flickered briefly to the relatively easy equation and his mind processed an answer even before she had finished writing it. It wasn't because he was a genius, although a lot of people commend him for being exceptionally smart. It was simply because it was just basic math, the kind he learned back in elementary school. Besides, he mused as he peered at his classmates around the room. They were all lounging about as they talked and laughed and threw all sorts of stuff around and just basically studiously ignored the teacher in front of them. He smirked. It's not that hard to be called "smart" when you're around these guys.

"And the answer to this equation, is…!" her cheerful, syrupy voice resonated through the classroom and her pigtails bounced in the air as she whipped around to face her less-than-eager students. Several pairs of eyes blinked blankly at her in response.

He snorted. He leaned his head against the crook of his arm that was resting on his desk as his lids fluttered over his eyes once again in feigned sleep. As if the class would answer her. They probably would, if it was Fujiyama-sensei in front of the class with her high heels and miniskirts and hanging blouses showing off her oh-so-womanly curves. They practically drool all over her when she flirtatiously shows off her English skills. Fujiyama-sensei had the class wrapped around her dainty little fingers. Whereas this particular teacher…

"C'mon, class… anyone? …Please?" she pleaded as her gaze roved around the room at her bored-looking students.

…this short, skimpy excuse for a woman has to practically beg for her students' attention in her class. Add to that the fact that she was teaching math to a bunch of boys who have no interest whatsoever in numbers, except perhaps when it comes to betting.

"Oi Yankumi!" Minami piped out loudly. "What do we have to gain if we answer, huh?"

"Gain?" she blinked behind her spectacles. Intrigued on what she'd say, he blearily opened his eyes to look at her. "Why… information! Experience! Education! The foundation of the success of our youth!" she exclaimed, each proclamation punctuated with a punch in the air.

He rolled his eyes. Then there was also her tendency to exaggerate. With her fist in the air like that, she made quite a dramatic pose. He stared at her intently beneath his bangs. Everything about her just seems so… loud. The way she talks, the way she moves, even the way she dresses. The red and white tracksuit she oddly favors makes her look ridiculously like a skinny walking stop sign.

"Feh," Noda scoffed. "How about a reward instead?"

She faltered. "A reward?" she repeated uncertainly. "For answering a simple math equation?"

"Yeah!" Uchi suddenly stood up. "Come to think of it, Yankumi… how come you never give us any reward, huh?"

That flash in her eyes. It appeared only briefly, fleetingly, but enough for him to see it. He knows that look all too well. He had seen that only on rare occasions, but during those times it did, he knew that there was only one thing on her mind.

It was the look of pure determination.

She stepped onto an empty chair and stood there as she clenched her fist in front of her. And the entire class (except for one particular person in the back row) leaned back in surprise as their strange teacher began another one of her famed speeches.

"Because, my beloved students, education should be its own reward! Do you know how much your parents pay institutions like the Shirokin Gakuen just so you'd be properly educated? They slave over their jobs all day and night just to earn enough money for your schooling! And do you know why? Because they're doing this for you! Because they know that if they invest in something as crucial and life changing as education, this is the one valuable treasure that nothing, and absolutely no one, can ever take away from you! Wealth, fame, power… all of that can easily be gone in a blink of an eye. But the knowledge you've gained through your education, that alone would be enough to help you make your mark in this world!"

Mouths hung agape at her bold proclamation as fire burned in her eyes.

He raised his eyebrows amusingly. It was amazing how she can get so worked up on something as trivial as a math equation.

"Jeez, Yankumi…" Uchi muttered as he flopped back on his seat, breaking the stunned silence that followed. "It's just math. Honestly, you get so keyed up over nothing."

"Yeah," Noda added. "The way you speak sometimes… it makes me doubt if you're really a teacher at all."

"And the way you fight…" added Minami thoughtfully. "I think you watch too many yakuza movies. It goes into your head. You actually start to act like one."

He stopped in the middle of yawning. Now this was an interesting turn of conversation.

"More like a leader of the group," spoke up Kuma suddenly. "Like a… an Ojou or something."

He glanced at his best bud out of the corner of his eye. Oh boy. That statement struck a little too close to home. He cringed inwardly at the thought of how what Kuma said would affect the now stupefied teacher in front of them.

Sure enough, like a deer caught in the headlights, she started backpedaling. "O-Oh… ha ha, Kuma, you are such a kidder! Of course I'm not an O-Ojou! Ha… ha ha!" she stammered out in a slightly higher-pitched voice.

This time, he really did cringe. She could take out men twice her size in a blink of an eye, but this girl couldn't lie to save her life. She looked so flustered as she laughed nervously and wrung her hands in agitation, and he had to duck his head to hide a smile when she nearly tripped over herself when she stepped back to the floor. It was a good thing, however, that she has the kind of personality she does. Because of her spunky, childish and oftentimes wacky attitude, her students never would have guessed just how close to the truth their thoughts about their weirdo teacher were.

He, of course, knew better.

As she rambled on and on about meaningless stuff to cover up her near-blunder, she was cut off in mid-sentence when he suddenly spoke.

"You talk too much."

The rest of the class turned to look towards the back row at the impassive boy who, not surprisingly, had been silent all morning… until now.

Her eyes widened slightly in surprise as she looked upon his slouched form. His gaze was unwavering upon hers, and a moment of silence passed between them. Understanding came into her eyes at his double meaning, and she smiled at him – perhaps because of gratitude more than anything, for she was grateful for his help in keeping her secret just that. He knew the look that passed between them was a private one. It was the kind of look that she shares only with him… just as she shares that part of her life with him in this class and no one else. It was a moment forever ingrained in his memory – one of the many he cherished about her.

He averted his eyes quickly. She has to stop smiling at him like that. It makes his cheeks grow a little warmer, his heart beat a little faster, and his knees feel a little weaker each time she does.

"Why don't you just give them the reward they're asking for?" he told her off-handedly, partly to avert the class' attention from her not-so-normal yakuza tendencies, partly so she wouldn't see the slight blush that was suddenly creeping up his cheeks.

"Hmm…" she said thoughtfully as she tapped a finger to her chin. "You do have a point there, Sawada…"

She, however, doesn't seem to notice. And it grated on his nerves a bit. Clueless idiot, he thought with a growing smile… which he immediately stopped. She really has to stop smiling at him. It was affecting him greatly, in more ways than he would have cared to admit.

"Aw, you always take his word for it better than ours!" Minami pouted as he leaned back on his seat. "Why is he always the smart one, hmm?" he complained good-naturedly.

She laughed and walked over to Minami and playfully ruffled his hair, much to the boy's chagrin. "Perhaps if you study a little more, then maybe you'll be as smart as him!" she cheerfully said. She glanced back at the boy in the back row and beamed at him once more before she turned on her heel and bounced right back in front of the classroom as her pigtails bobbed all the way.

He shook his head. This time, he was unable to stop the telltale tug on the corners of his lips. She has to stop smiling at him like that… because each day, she's making him smile more and more.

And frankly, it was unsettling him.

"So!" she exclaimed as she whipped around to face her students once more, her hands clasped behind her like a drill sergeant. "My beloved Section 3-D wants a reward, huh?"

But then again…

"If it's a reward you want, then it's a reward you'll get!" she announced with great zeal. It earned her loud whoops of delight from her students, and the joyous sounds resounded all around the classroom.

Her enthusiasm was contagious. He didn't even try to stop the smile that broke through his face at the sight of her clapping her hands excitedly, her face lit up and her features animated in joy.

Then again… he kinda liked it anyway.

"But the question now is…" she spoke enigmatically as the cheers died down. "What kind of reward would be fitting?" She slowly started to pace around the room, apparently lost in thought.

He settled back in his seat as the class quieted down. He watched her from behind half-lidded eyes, hidden by his unruly bangs and slightly obscured from view in his position at the very back of the classroom. He watched her silently, impassively… like he always does when she thinks no one's looking.

He watches everything about her. He watches her funny antics, her attempts in getting attention from the boys (in more ways than one), her crazy ideas that somehow manages to get the whole class involved. He watches her undeniable passion for teaching, her undying belief in her students, her unwavering stand for the well-deserved dignity of every person she meets. He watches her battle a constant fight for righteousness in everything she does, and watches her still as she braves the challenges of the world with that goofy smile on her face.

He watches her everyday… because he hasn't missed a single school day ever since she came to Shirokin Gakuen. Because everyday, it was becoming apparent that the reason why he suddenly liked going to school… was her.

"C'mon Yankumi, tell us! What's the reward?" Noda leaned forward eagerly as he rubbed his palms together in anticipation.

He watched her as she stopped and cocked her head to one side, eyes slightly narrowed and lips pursed in a straight line in response to his friend's inquiry. He smirked. He knows that when she gets that kind of look, those little gears in her twisted little mind starts turning and inevitably evolving into another one of her hare-brained schemes which, in one way or another, would likely get them into trouble.

A knowing smile was starting to spread across her lips. "I think… I have a very good idea on what reward would that be…"

He rolled his eyes and flopped his head back down on his arms that were lying on his desk. To any outside observer, he apparently looked uninterested. His face now hidden completely from view, he allowed himself an amused smile. Section 3-D always had a penchant for trouble. It wasn't as if they were always out looking for trouble; rather, trouble always seemed to find them. It had always been that way ever since school started, and it earned them the infamous brand of being the worst class ever.

But ever since she came and became their adviser, Section 3-D practically became a permanent trouble-magnet. And she always, always manages to get herself caught in the middle. She always jumps into the fray unannounced and get all tangled up in their mischief. Yet, she still manages to unravel the situation as easily as she could pin a two-hundred-pound man down to the ground. Whatever trouble her students get caught in, she always manages to bail them out at the very last minute. She does this at the risk of getting caught by their school's vice-principal and having her lose her job in the process.

And ironically, for such a devoted teacher like her, she doesn't seem to mind one bit.

His head still propped on the table, he opened an eye and peeked at her from beneath his bangs. That glazed look and slightly sinister grin was still plastered across her face. He wondered what kind of trouble she would be getting them into now.

She was now pacing the room again, slowly, mysteriously. Her students shifted restlessly in anticipation. "If you answer this equation correctly," she started to say. "Then you will get…"

His classmates eagerly leaned forward in their seats.

"A kiss!" she proclaimed as she gleefully bounced on her toes.

Blank stares.

"A kiss?" Noda repeated dubiously. "From who?"

She glared at him as if the answer was staring at him in the face. Apparently, it was. "Why, from me, of course! Who else?" she answered matter-of-factly. She flashed the class her best smile and struck a pose she had seen in those teen magazines – a look she wasn't quite able to pull off. In fact – and he had to smother his laughter with a cough – she looked downright hilarious.

Multiple choruses of "Eeeww…" resounded throughout the room, and she huffed in indignation. "What's wrong? I thought you wanted a reward!" she wailed and stamped her foot, much like a little child would.

"You're really off your rocker Yankumi," muttered Uchi.

"Yeah, why would anyone want to kiss you?" added Noda, his face scrunched into a look of utter disgust at the very idea.

"Che," said Minami. "If that's the kind of reward you'll give to get us to participate more in class, then—" he held up his hands in front of him. "No thanks."

Everyone in the class was groaning and muttering and complaining at her lame idea for a reward… except for him. If anything, he looked quite… intrigued.

A kiss, huh

She pouted. "I think it's a very good reward, if you ask me! You guys should consider yourself lucky that I even offered it to you!" She suddenly brightened. "Isn't that right, Sawada?" she turned to him.

He raised his head, met her hopeful gaze, and flatly told her, "I think that's the most stupid reward I've ever heard."

She was utterly miffed, he knew. Admittedly though, she looks too utterly cute whenever she's annoyed. He chuckled softly to himself. It gives him all the more reason for him to annoy her even more.

"Fine," she said as she threw her hands in the air in exasperation. "Everyone gang up on me. That's the way it's always been." she muttered.

"Reverse psychology isn't going to work on us, you know," said Minami as he grinned at her.

She glared at him. "Just don't blame me if no one hires you when it's time for you to hunt for jobs… just because you couldn't answer a simple math equation like this one!"

"Hmph," said Uchi. "That'll be the day."

She sighed in resignation as she started to walk back towards her desk. She was muttering curses under her breath about pigheaded teenage boys with a few choice words teachers like her weren't supposed to know… when his voice abruptly stopped her halfway through.


Startled, she turned towards the source of the voice, which happened to be coming from the back row. She knew only one person would be sitting there. Confusion was evident upon her features. "What?"

"The answer is thirty-six," he repeated. He met her surprised gaze unflinchingly, a slight smirk upon his lips, with something akin to challenge evident in his eyes.

She furrowed her brows. She didn't like the look in his eyes. "What are you talking about, Sawada?" she demanded as she placed her hands on her hips.

Wordlessly, he pointed to the board behind her. Still somewhat perplexed, she turned around and stared. It took her a moment to register that he was referring to the equation she had written on the board; the very thing the class had been debating about in the first place.

She blinked once, then twice. She quickly calculated the problem in her head… then she blinked again.

"Why that's…" she started in awe. Slowly, she turned around to face the class once more. The boys were now staring curiously at their mystified teacher.

"Yankumi?" Kuma spoke up hesitantly. "Are you alright?"

Instead of answering him, her gaze traveled over to the lone boy sitting at the back of the room, who was smirking confidently at her… and a very haughty and dignified smirk at that.

"That's… correct, Sawada."

There was a few seconds of stunned silence, and then cheers erupted from the room as the class went over to congratulate the pokerfaced boy. They tapped his shoulder left and right and gushed about how smart he really was and how proud they were that at least someone in this class had brains who they could actually brag about. He, however, didn't seem to notice the ruckus that was going on around him. It seemed that his gaze was fixated solely upon her, and it was starting to give her a very uncomfortable feeling.

She turned her back to him, partly to let him enjoy his fleeting moment in the spotlight, partly to avoid letting him see the blush that suddenly suffused her cheeks. Her hands went up to cup them briefly, and she found they were warm. A wave of confusion washed over her as she quickly let her hands fall to her sides. She had no reason whatsoever to feel the way she did then, and yet…

Those eyes…

As she quickly shook her head to get rid of that inexplicable feeling, she once again stared at the problem on the board. She squinted at it and frowned. Something was nagging her at the back of her mind, something she knew she should remember… something… that they were talking about just a while ago…


She turned around abruptly as the light suddenly went on in her head. Everyone else looked at her questioningly, including him.

Actually, she couldn't help but think. He never took his eyes off me. She shook her head. This boy had always been a mystery, and today was no exception.

She broke into a wide grin. "You answered my question correctly, Sawada!" she repeated brightly. "So that means…" she trailed off mysteriously.

Kuma looked at her curiously. "That means what, Yankumi?" he asked. He failed to notice that the boy behind him smirked even wider, for he already fully knew what she was going to say next.

"That means you get to have your kiss!" their teacher burst out cheerily.

The rest of the class blinked in response. Unsure on how to react to that kind of declaration, they were spared from answering as the boy in the back row cut her off sharply.

"Don't flatter yourself, Yankumi," he said tartly. He leaned back on his chair, placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes as he said coolly, "I would never kiss you in front of the class."

The entire class burst out laughing at her obvious humiliation.

"Mou," she muttered under her breath. Stubborn, self-righteous little brat, her mind scoffed, and she had to bite her lip to prevent herself from saying it out loud… although she was sorely tempted to. Fortunately for her, the bell chose that precise moment to ring, signaling the end of her class.

She blinked. "Oh, is it time already?" she said to no one in particular. No one was paying attention to her anyway. Her students were already quickly gathering their things and cramming them unceremoniously into their bags as they talked excitedly about whatever activity they had planned on doing after school.

"So what's the agenda for today, guys?" Minami inquired, slinging his school bag over his shoulder.

Uchi and Noda looked at each other and grinned. "Karaoke!" they yelled in unison and punched their fists in the air.

Kuma smiled and shook his head as he stood up to follow them. The three were already on their way out the door, their arms about each other as they laughed and sang ridiculously off-key. He was about to leave when he noticed that his best bud still hadn't moved from his spot.

"Aren't you coming, Shin-chan?" Kuma asked tentatively.

He didn't even open his eyes. "I think I'll pass."

Slightly surprised, Kuma asked, "Why?"

The barest hint of a smile graced his lips. "I have to pick something up," was his simple answer.

Kuma looked at him strangely before he hesitantly said, "Okay, if you say so… later then." He swung his bag over his shoulder and sauntered out the door.

"Tomorrow we'll try answering more than one equation, okay!" she was yelling outside the door and waving to her already departing students. "Don't be late, and stay out of trouble you guys!" she shouted over the noisy chatter in the hallway, making sure to emphasize that last statement.

Smiling and shaking her head, she gave one final wave before she stepped back inside the classroom and closed the door. She sighed exhaustedly and flopped on her chair as she blew a few stray wisps of hair out of her eyes. She then moved to organize the array of papers in her desk and started gathering her things as well. She stuffed them one by one into her shoulder bag. She was too busy arranging her belongings that she didn't even notice the immobile figure at the end of the room that was watching her intently, his intense stare following her every movement.

She proceeded to close all the drawers in her desk and lock them. Still concentrating on her work, she didn't even look up when he finally stood. His schoolbag hung lopsidedly over his shoulder as he walked towards her with slow, deliberate steps. Then, after she checked to see if her mobile phone was already in her bag – she wouldn't want to lose it again, goodness knows what happened the last time – she smiled in satisfaction. She slung her bag on her shoulder, fumbled with her keys, walked around her desk – and nearly collided with the tall figure that stood in her way.

"Sawada?!" she exclaimed as nearly jumped out of her skin in complete surprise.

Smirking at her, he picked up her bag that fell from her hands and gave it to her. "What are you still doing here?" she demanded as she placed one hand over her chest to still her erratically beating heart and took her bag from him with the other. "I thought you already left."

"Obviously, I haven't."

Philosophic kid, she thought wryly. "Then why are you still here?" she repeated as her breathing calmed down somewhat. "Classes are already over!"

In response, he did the very last thing in the world she expected him to do.

…He smiled.

She gaped at him. He actually smiled! Not a knowing smirk, nor a mocking sneer, but a sincere and genuine smile!

Oh dear gods in heaven, she thought as her mouth unwittingly fell open. The world is coming to an end!

He raised an eyebrow at her, and that Sawada-like countenance made her return to her senses. She snapped her jaw shut and shook her head. And… I must be going crazy.

"Why aren't you with Kuma and the others?" she asked him. She dropped her gaze as she pretended to rummage through her bag. She wasn't sure why, but seeing him smile at her like that made her knees feel suddenly weak.

And I'm not even going to pretend that the reason why my cheeks feel so hot is because of the heat in the room…

He shrugged. "I had to pick something up," he said with a suspicious gleam in his eyes. "To claim something."

"A-And what would that something be?" she managed to say, more because she couldn't think of anything else to say.

Please go away, she frantically thought. Please go… or I'm going to come down with a fever…

Gentle fingers slipped beneath her chin, urging her to look up. She stiffened in surprise, and her breath caught in her throat. Slowly, her gaze traveled upwards to meet his eyes… warm, tender eyes that were gazing softly at her as if… as if she was the most precious thing in the world for him.

Her eyes widened at that thought. Sawada…

He was leaning slowly towards her, his eyes never leaving her face as he held her gaze in his. Her heart started to pound so loudly against her ribcage that she was sure he could hear it. He tilted her face upwards, and he noted with a quiet satisfaction that she was blushing quite beautifully. His face came to rest inches from hers, and she could feel his warm breath against her already heated cheeks.

He gazed at her through half-lidded eyes, their lips now merely a hair's breadth away from each other. The hand that had been cupping her chin moved to stroke the side of her cheek with a finger, and her skin tingled from the trail it left. He then gently pressed his forehead against hers and, to her surprise, grinned at her in a very Sawada-like fashion.

"I'm here…" his eyes fluttered close. "For my reward," he breathed against her lips before he closed the distance between theirs.

It was subtle, brief and surprisingly gentle; a mere press of his lips against hers. Before her mind could even register what was going on, he pulled back. His lips still touched hers, but just barely. He lingered there for quite a while, and he seemed to relish the feel of her lips against his. He slowly opened his eyes to look at her and he was amused to see her blush deepen adorably.

She felt him smile against her lips. "Thanks," he whispered, and her lips felt his mouth form the word. He stroked her jaw softly with the back of his hand before he finally pulled away.

And just like that, he let her go and turned to leave.

She stood there frozen. Her mind refused to process a single coherent thought. She stared blankly at the spot where he had been standing just a moment ago. Through the sudden haze that seemed to have enveloped her, she distantly registered him walking away from her as he moved to leave the room. Forcing herself to snap out of her daze, she blurted out the very first thought that came into her mind.

"I thought you said you would never kiss me."

Her eyes widened as it suddenly dawned on her what exactly she had voiced out, and it made both of them realize the reality of what had just happened.

He stopped in his tracks just as he reached the door. He was silent for a few heart-stopping moments, and for an instant she swore she could hear the seconds ticking by loudly.

"That's right," he suddenly spoke, breaking through her thoughts. He reached for the doorknob.

"I said…"

He opened the door.

"…I would never kiss you…"

He threw her one last look over his shoulder. He was grinning.

"…in front of the class."

He pressed two fingers against his lips and held them in the air facing her in a pretense of a flying kiss and stepped out of the room. And before she could even work out exactly what he had meant by that, he had already closed the door.

As she stood there in a state of shock, her fingers slowly moved to touch her still-tingling lips. Everything suddenly seemed so surreal that she failed to notice a few things about her student who had just left her with a bold, enigmatic statement she had yet to figure out. Had she looked a little closer, she would have noticed the pink tinge in his cheeks. And had she touched them, she would have known that they felt just as warm as hers.

Yamaguchi Kumiko, 23-year-old female adviser of the notorious Section 3-D of Shirokin Gakuen, known "affectionately" to her students as "Yankumi," devoted teacher with a guarded secret of being Ojou and sole heiress of a highly-organized Yakuza clan, fell to her knees and sank on the floor of the now empty classroom where she taught, unable to comprehend the fact that the one student who had always been a puzzle which she couldn't quite decipher became more of a mystery than ever, because he had just shown a side of him she never even knew existed… and because he had shown it to her.

Sawada Shin, 17-year-old male student of Shirokin Gakuen, estranged son of a Senator, looked upon and respected as the unsaid leader of section 3-D for his unpredictable temperaments, clever mind and discreetly caring nature, had to duck his head as he walked outside his school's compound to hide his flaming red cheeks, still unable to believe that he was finally able to do what he could only dream about before, and despite numerous scenarios that ran in his head for days which fed and played on his fears on what could happen if he boldly acts on his feelings, he found that, surprisingly… she didn't seem to mind.

Both of them would have a hard time sleeping that night. Both of them would have trouble dealing with their muddled and disoriented thoughts later, with images of what just happened playing over and over in their mind. Both of them would have to cope with a myriad of confusing feelings that suddenly surfaced out of nowhere, and they won't quite understand their meaning. And both of them would wonder how the hell they could ever face each other tomorrow in class.

But right now, only one thing was running in their minds. And if they only knew, no matter how different from each other they may seem, right now… they were thinking the same thing.

From now on, things are definitely going to get more interesting.

End of chapter one

A/N: This story was actually inspired by the drama episode when Kumiko promised the boys of Section 3-D a kiss if they win the intramurals. The idea kept niggling at me and wouldn't leave me alone. That's the reason why I just had to write this down. I like the way I wrote this chapter so much that I seriously considered leaving this as a oneshot. However, the plot nagged at me relentlessly in my mind, and I decided to expand this into a full-length fic. I hope this had been an enjoyable chapter for you guys, and I hope you'll find the succeeding chapters equally entertaining as well. :)

- shirotora-san

Japanese Glossary:

Che - used as a mildly profane expression, much like a curse word.

Mou - said when expressing frustration or exasperation; usually uttered by females

Oi - roughly connotes to the English expression "hey!"

Ojou – literally means "Princess". The people of Oedo refer to Kumiko this way both as respect and affection towards her. Since she's the granddaughter of their boss, they call her "princess" much like the same way one would address the child or grandchild of a king or a ruler. Though Wakamatsu Kouzo is the 2nd-in-command, Kumiko is the one next in line to rule over the clan, since she's Kuroda's only living relative left.

Shirokin Gakuen - translates to "Shirokin Academy." Gakuen literally means school or academy.

Japanese Honorifics:

-chan - suffix added to a name to connote familiarity or closeness with the person being referred to; usually used within family members or close friends. Usually, females use this only among themselves, but they could also use this to address men, with the condition that the woman who uses it has a close relationship with the man she's addressing, like a brother or a boyfriend or a childhood friend. With men, they can use this to address any person, whether it may be a man or a woman.

-sensei - suffix added to a name to connote a professional position; usually used with teachers and people in the line of medicine