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Timmy Turner nestled into his bed, getting comfortable, before he fell asleep. He closed his big brown eyes, and let a small giggle escape into his silent, darkened bedroom. He was thinking back on that day, when he and his fairy godparents had gone into Fairyworld again, and Cosmo had been staring at all the gorgeous fairies walking by. The look on Wanda's face was hilarious.

And after that thought, Timmy Turner slipped into a peaceful, calming sleep.

If only it were that easy for Cosmo.

Cosmo sat at the kitchen table, his chair facing away from the table, and at his wife. Wanda was pacing, no... more like storming, around the kitchen in front of him. Her hair had fallen out of her bun, and left in a messy ponytail. Pieces of the pink hair fell down in her natural loose curls around her neck. Everytime she took a breath from yelling at him, she would swipe her bangs out of her pink eyes, and Cosmo's heart would skip a beat.

It's just the cutest thing
When you get to fussing (cussing)
Yelling and throwing things
I just wanna eat you up
I don't mean no disrespect
When I start staring
Knowing that it makes you madder
I'm sorry but seeing you mad is so sexy

Wanda turned and saw his dazed little smile. She knew exactly what was happening - he did it everytime she was mad. But not this time. She refused to let him get away with it. "Don't even go there!" she threatened him. "I let you get away with every-"

Cosmo leaped off his chair, wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close and kissing her deeply. Her hands pushed his chest, so he broke away, still with that look in his eye. "No." she said, her eyes flaring up. "You can jus-"

He kissed her again, and her knees gave way. She cursed at herself, as she pushed him against the kitchen table.

Could it be the little wrinkle over your nose
When you make your angry face
That makes me wanna just take off all your clothes
And sex you all over the place
Could it be the lil' way you storm around
That makes me wanna tear you down
Baby, I'm not sure, but one thing that I do know is

Cosmo grinned into the kiss, happy that, once again, his plan worked. He pulled his hand away from pulling out her ponytail, and slid it down her hair and rested it on her neck. He pulled her on top of him, laying on the kitchen table. He found her tongue, and led it into his mouth. She moaned back, her hands working on throwing away his tie. He answered that with his hands leaving her hair, to unbutton her yellow blouse.

This was probably the only plan that worked all the time.

Every time you scream at me
I wanna kiss you
When you put your hands on me
I wanna touch you
When we get to arguing
Just gotta kiss you
Baby, I don't know why it's like that
But you're just so damn sexy
When you're mad

Wanda knew she had just fallen into his little trap again. He used to do it every once in a while, but lately he was getting on her nerves everyday, just to come home to this. It was also the reason he always said his good nights to Timmy quickly. She bit her lip, as she broke from Cosmo's kiss to take of his shirt.

She barely had enough time to throw his shirt to the floor, when he flipped her over. He smiled from above her. She glared back at him, and pulled him into an angry kiss. God, she loved that man. But God, she was going to kill him.