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Chapter 1: I Hate Your Guts And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

Ren was, for the bigger part, a very quiet, calm person. He usually just thought things through- thinking, before acting. He usually didn't like yelling too much; he hated loud things. Ren enjoyed reading books and training his body- he hated music and television as they were simply a distraction. He hated his family, with maybe the slight exception of his sister Jun- family was just a word. He had never experienced the true warmth a family could give you. His father was abusive and his mother… well, she just let his father have his way with him. He hated her too.

In fact, there weren't many things he liked.

Ren was a complicated person. He had many walls surrounding his heart, which was in fact a very caring one. He didn't like people invading his personal space; if he didn't like you, even a mile in his neighbourhood would be too much. Ren was also scared of a lot of things, even though you would never notice- he hated small spaces as his father used to lock him up in a small cell, even smaller than the smallest broom closet you could ever imagine, as punishment for whatever tiny thing he had done wrong. Or whenever his father would just feel like it, of course. Ren wasn't too fond of heights either and he absolutely despised the dark.

Ren wasn't proud of the things he had done in his life; he practically hated himself. Hours of training and reading were merely to keep his mind occupied and were only to refrain his mind from wondering to the everlasting question: why do I even live?

However, training and reading would not help him at night, when he was alone in the dark with only his thoughts to keep him company. He was practically an insomniac.

Of all the things that he had done in his life, transferring to another school had been the worst decision he (or rather, his father) had ever made. Or so he thought in the beginning. Later in his life, he would think back on those days and would say that they had actually saved him.


I hate my life. Well, not really, but I hate life right now. Coincidence? I think not.

In fact, this is where my story actually begins.

I guess you could say that I wasn't too happy about being forced into a play. It's not like I am the most talented actor in school and, even though that damn teacher, Mr. Silva, knew about it, I still got the main part for the damn Romeo and Juliet-play the class is going to perform six months later. Guess what part I'm playing? Oh yeah. Juliet.

Perhaps that is why I'm very mad at the moment.

It wasn't as if I have any choice in the matter- thing is, I'm actually failing English. And I do not want to go to summer school. So, the teacher came up with something else- I have to be in the play, playing a big role. And just to spite me (and I know he's spiting me!), Silva actually gave me, Usui HoroHoro, the part of Juliet, saying that I looked like a girl and that there were no other girls who wanted to play Juliet- seeing as there were no girls at all who wanted to be in the play. I do not look like a girl, by the way.

Everybody disagreed though.

The girls in my class (and I mean the really girly girls, whose faces have enough make-up on them to paint an entire Picasso) had actually begun making a nice dress for me to wear and were already talking about which lipstick would be perfect to bring out my 'beautiful eyes'. Of course, I know I have beautiful eyes, but that doesn't make me a perfect Juliet!

Of course, the news went all over the school and everybody was talking about it ("Do you think he has to kiss another boy?" "I heard they're going to have an entire sex-scene!" "Does that mean Horo is gay?" "Whose going to play Romeo? You think it's that hot guy, you know, his friend, Yoh-something?"), which is very bad for my reputation.

Seeing as this is high school, it is very bad for my reputation. I mean, I'm going through puberty, for crying out loud! Doesn't Silva know that puberty is the most important period in a man's life? What do you think wearing a dress in front of the entire school is going to do to me anyway? I'll be lucky if I don't have to see a psychiatrist for the rest of my life.

And then, of course, there's also the little fact that, if you're not popular, you'll be laughed at for eternity. Well, at least until high school's over. Let me just tell you something right now: High school is all about popularity. High school is made out of cliques, it's the place where you can either become a God, or a total loser. There is no gray area. It may sound cliché, but it is the truth. If you belong with the cheerleaders and jocks, then you're a God, even though you might not be the brightest light. If you belong with the chess players and computer freaks, or any other 'clique' people don't want to belong with, then you are a loser. And wearing a dress when you're actually a guy, does not make you popular. Just for the record.

Anyway, back to the problem at hand: my everlasting quest for popularity and the man who smashed it into pieces with one simple blow. In other words: that bastard Silva with his stupid play.

I am actually quite curious as to who his 'Romeo' was going to be, to be honest. I hope he's at least a bit hot. I mean, don't get me wrong, but if I really do have to kiss a guy, I need to make sure it would be a handsome one.

Not that I'm gay!

Don't get the wrong idea here- I'm very manly. I am, in fact, a very manly man. In fact, I am the manliest man around. Nobody can ever beat my manliness. I love girls- in fact, I probably couldn't even settle with one hot girl, because I want so many of them.


I'm just curious.

At least, that's what I kept telling himself.


"Class, let me introduce you to our new student, Tao Ren," Mr. Silva states happily, pointing his finger at the boy standing next to him. The whole class looks up, curious to see their new classmate (and the girls are, of course, curious to see if a new potential boyfriend had arrived- or, as I like to call it, curious to see if they had a new target for their deadly Trap Of Deadly Dating…Death. TODDD.). I look up and my blue eyes lock with golden ones.

The boy- Ren- looks at me briefly, a face without expression; he seems to be not very interested in me and looks down instead. I can't stop looking. He seems cold, though his eyes hold a certain warmth within them, if I squint my eyes really, really well. He wears the regular school's clothes- dark blue trousers, a white shirt and a blue jacket, which suits his body very well. His hair is a dark shade of purple and he has one, weird point on the back, which looks rather nice, though it is quite different. He is rather muscular- more so than I am, simply because I'm too lazy to work out. Clearly, the new kid did. And his face… for a brief moment, I have the feeling that I could look at that face forever.

That moment was over when I remind myself that he I'm not gay.

I love girls. And boobs! Girls and boobs- things can't get any better.

"Well, Ren, would you like to tell us something about yourself?" Silva says once again, still as happy as ever. He clearly doesn't see the glare of death Ren is giving him.

"I'm sixteen," he finally says. It's one year younger than I am, but he might turn seventeen soon. I have no idea. The girls are swooning over his deep voice which cuts through the silent classroom. Silence follows and Mr. Silva blinks, waiting for Ren to say more. Ren looks at Silva and continues, figuring the teacher is waiting for him to say more. "I enjoy reading. I came from China, my parents thought it would be good to learn some more of Japan and sent me here." Silva nods in approval. Okay, so the guy didn't like a lot of things. Or he doesn't like sharing them with perfect strangers. Understandable.

"Good, does anyone want to ask any questions?" I can clearly see Ren rolling his eyes and I find some form of irritation welling up inside of me- the guy was obviously an arrogant prick, next to being shy and maybe, just maybe, a bit nice. I hate arrogant people. One girl, the poor thing, raises her hand, giggling.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" She giggles some more and her friends join her. Even Marco, one of the jocks who doesn't have an intelligent bone in his body, giggles along. If the guy had any dignity, he would have at least laughed. But, since he is a mindless doll being controlled by Jeanne herself, he giggles.

"I'm not interested in girls. I think that they are stupid, mindless and weak beings with absolutely no use at all, with the exception of bearing children." Well, that certainly silences the whole class. Tip number one: When one wants to silence a classroom, one must insult half of said class.

The same girl raises her hand again, still a bit startled.

"Then… are you, like, gay?" I nearly choke to death from laughing at that stupid question. Of course, it came from one of the most idiotic girls in their class, but still- Ren's face is priceless. Before Ren could answer the question, Silva interrupts nervously, patting said, now very annoyed, boy on the head. Ren's scowl becomes even worse at the touch and he quickly shakes off the hand.

"Well, take your seat. Why don't you go sit next to Horo over there?" Silva points at me. I am sitting next to the window with the most idiotic grin plastered on my face. It is amusing to see Ren scowl.

When he sits down, I decide to say at least something. I have to keep up my wonderful reputation of being friendly! "Hey," I hiss, still grinning. "Don't pay attention to Jeanne, she's one of the idiots in class." My grin becomes even wider, but falters a bit as Ren rolls his eyes at me.

"You're the other one then?" I look offended, but before I can say anything more, Silva tells us to get out our books. I grumble, but don't say anything more- the arrogant bastard isn't even worth it.

"Very well, where did we left off?" Silva mumbles to himself. "Ah yes! We were reviewing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Let's see, Horo, you'll play Juliet of course-" I grumble in response, "- And as for Romeo… Let's hear Ren! We'll start from Act one, Scene five. Go ahead Ren." The whole class breaks out in whispers as I stand up, along with Ren, both with a scowl on our faces. However, it is completely silent as Ren's deep voice speaks.

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." Some girls sigh and I look surprised at the way Ren spoke the words with so much emotion, but as soon as Ren finishes, I begin speaking as well, surprising the entire class, including Mr. Silva.

"Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, which mannerly devotion shows in this; for saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss." It was so flawless, it nearly shocked Silva. Of course, he has never heard me perform before, but he was still shocked that a guy like me could do it so well. The same went for Ren, who looks at me with widened eyes. God, do I really look like an idiot? People sure treat me that way.

"Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?"

"Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer."

" O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; they pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair." By now, the whole class is gaping at us, including Silva. The teacher is holding his book to his chest tightly, as though hugging it, and he has the most peculiar sparkle in his eyes. I know that look, of course, but Ren didn't. The poor guy.

"That was amazing!" He squeals. It was weird how a grown, tall man like him could actually squeal like a girl. But then again, with that long black hair, he kind of already looked like a girl. "Ren, you must play Romeo! You have the talent, you're simply perfect!"

"WHAT!" Me and Ren both slam our hands on our desk as one as we shout the word. I refuse to kiss Ren! He is a bastard, he is arrogant, he's ugly! … Ok, maybe not that, but he certainly is a bastard! How can Silva expect me to perform love scenes with this guy? It's impossible!

"It's true," Silva says, a little calmed down by now. "Horo, your performance was amazing, I would've never expected you to be so gifted, but Ren's performance was wonderful as well! You two would make the perfect Romeo and Juliet. You can't refuse Ren- trust me, you can't. I will eventually make you play the part, so let's just spare us both the time and agony and accept it." Ren's eye twitches in annoyance. I let out a sigh- if Silva wanted something, he would get it. It was like gravity- you can't escape it.

"Fine," he says quietly. The whole class immediately starts talking about it. Fantastic. There goes my reputation. Not that I had one or anything, but there goes my chance. Why does God hate me? Was it because I sprayed graffiti on a church wall once? That was five years ago, get over it man!

"Fabulous! Rehearsal starts in one month, but I'd start sooner with rehearsing at home," Silva says happily, clapping his hands together. Honestly, he looks like a child when he does that. "You can make appointments on when to rehearse after class, we'll continue with Act one, Scene one. Yoh and Manta, will you please stand up."


"Oi, bastard!" I yell after class, jogging after that bastard- AKA Ren. "I suppose we have to rehearse soon. Your place or my place?" I need to keep this conversation as short as possible, I don't want the bastard-germs.

"Yours." He doesn't seem to want a long conversation either.

"When? Tomorrow?"


"That'll be a problem," I mutter, scratching my head. I must've looked like a monkey trying to figure out a puzzle, because Ren seemed to be quite amused when I did so. "My sister is having some friends over and I'm kind of banished," I give him a grin. "At least until 8 p.m., I originally would stay with a friend, but I guess that won't be necessary now." My grins seem to have a certain effect on the boy. Annoyance, probably, which is good. Since I like annoying him.

"We can't rehearse at my place," he answers.

"Why not?"

"Because I say so."

"That's not a reason!"

"It is, when I say it is."

"Damnit Ren, we will rehearse at your place and you're going to like it!" Probably not the most mature answer I could come up with, but, then again, I'm not really the most mature person around and, frankly, I don't care about maturity right now. Ren just gives me a scowl, before nodding reluctantly and walking off. I sigh- how can I ever stand this guy for six months? I probably can't. And I'm not kidding.


"He's such a bastard!"

"Come on, he can't be that bad."

"He is!"

"Remember what I always tell you, Horo?"

"Yes, yes," I scrunch my nose in disgust, before making a very bored-looking face. I've been imitating Yoh for so long now, I practically am him. " 'Always look at the good side of people, because no person is really bad. And if they are, then they are vampires.' What kind of logic is that anyway? I mean, what if there was a person who raped somebody- does that mean that they are nice people?"

"No, that makes them vampires," Yoh says, smiling lazily from his seat in the grass. It is lunchtime and Yoh and I are sitting outside underneath the tree, our regular place. Manta and Ryu will probably join us pretty soon. This is actually the place where me and my lazy friend met each other; Marco was beating me up and he came to my rescue. So we could both get beat up.

Good times.

"Whatever. How did I end up with a weird friend like you?" Yoh is about to say something, before I raise a hand in order to stop him. "No, wait, I don't want to remember. Does it make Anna a vampire too?" Yoh seems to contemplate that question for a moment.

"Yes. I believe it does," he chuckles. I laugh along with the poor guy.

"I can't believe she's your fiancée though, your family must be crazy," I give my friend a sympathetic smile, as he looks horrified at the memory.

"Horo, let's talk about something else. Like your hatred towards this new kid. How come you hate him so much? He didn't do anything, right? Or is it just because Silva made him your Romeo?" Yoh chuckles at the thought and laughs even more when he sees my red face.

"That is not the reason!" I yell indignantly.

"Yeah right," Yoh laughs, before waving. "Manta, Ryu! Over here!" The small boy smiles as both of them sit down.

"You don't have to yell, you know," he points out. "We know where to sit by now, since we've been sitting here for the past year."

"It's tradition, I can't help it," the lazy boy replies, making me roll my eyes. Yoh would never change.

"By the way," Manta says suddenly. "I've invited that Ren-kid to come sit with us. He'll get here (Me: "You did WHAT!") soon, said something about finding milk. Anyway- would you stop banging your head against that tree Horo? You're killing it- he didn't know anyone, so I figured he could sit here."

"Sure Manta, I think Horo would find it fabulous," Yoh replies, which makes all three of them chuckle. I, however, don't see the humour, so I just ignore them. "Ren! Over here!" For a moment, it looks as if Ren looks over the group sitting there. He gives us the 'I'm-better-than-you-but-I'll-just-humour-you-look', before walking slowly to me and the others and sitting down as far away from me- not that I want him to sit with me. In fact, I don't want him here at all.

"So… Ren, how is school going so far?" Manta asks, smiling at him. Yoh looks up briefly from his spot in the shade- he has already finished his lunch and was now 'relaxing'. As if he never did that.

"Hm." Silence. Manta's smile widens a bit, this time forced. I just look annoyed, trying to keep my temper. Which is a very hard thing to do.

"Is that-"

"You know, you can just answer someone's question!" Okay, so I lost my temper after five seconds. That could happen to anybody! I vaguely see Yoh opening his eyes and smirking- I don't really pay attention though. My lazy friend apparently thinks that things are getting interesting, but not interesting enough; he's already lying down again.

"And why should I?" Ren asks in return.

"Because Manta here invited you out of politeness, and you're not even trying," I counter. He just smirks again.

"I never asked him to invite me." Ren retorts. "Idiot," he adds, smirking when he sees me turning red. I'm so bad at insults, so I can't come up with any. Don't you hate that? When you are being insulted and you can't come up with anything until one hour later and you think 'Damn, I should've said that!'? I always have that, I'm sure it sounds familiar to you guys. If it doesn't: then teach me how to insult people. I really need some lessons in that.

"Guys, it doesn't matter," Manta says, grinning nervously at us. He didn't like fights that much and I know it, but I don't really care at the moment. If he sees a lot of blood, it'll turn him into a man.

"Why you- Gr- Gha-Bastard!" I yell, ignoring Manta completely.

"Very articulate of you, Horo," Ren smirks. I think my head is about to explode; I just know my face is bright red and I feel a vein throbbing on my forehead. I mumble something, before I stomp off towards the school's entrance, leaving the others staring. With the exception of Ren, of course, who is drinking his milk calmly as if nothing has happened.