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It's the next day and I haven't heard anything from Ren. Of course, I don't expect him to call me every hour of the day, but I still am worried sick about him. I hope to see him at school, but when I arrive at my English class; he's not there. Maybe he's just late, I keep chanting inside my head. He's late. He's just late. Nothing happened. He's just late.

He doesn't arrive at English. Nor does he arrive at any of the other classes. He's not there at lunch- he's not there for the entire day. The growing feeling of dread and fear keeps rising within me. I'm silent through everything.

At two o' clock, even though I have class until four, I stand up and run towards Ren's house. I have to know what happened- I can't stand this. Not knowing what happened, being worried about him constantly; I can't do it. I'll apologise to Ren if nothing has happened and if he's just sick, but I need to know. I mean, what if his father has killed him? Or locked him up? Or threw him out of the attic again? He could be dead! I can't… I couldn't…

What if he was dead?

What then? How am I supposed to live without him? I'd rather die myself, than live without him. I never thought I'd feel so strongly about someone else, let alone another guy, but I do. I can't ignore this.

Arriving at the Tao mansion, I knock on the door. Nobody answers. I ring the bell. Nobody answers. I knock, ring, knock again and ring once more- but nobody answers. Shit. Luckily, Ren once told me about the basement of the mansion- that the door to the side of the house was never locked and that you could enter the house through that way. If you ask me, it's not such a smart thing to do when you have a big ass house like that, but I guess there are enough guards here to keep thieves from entering.

Anyway, he told me that so I wouldn't have to face his father every time I came to visit him. I immediately run to the back of the house and enter the small hatch; the basement is completely dark, so I have to find my way in the dark. With no time to waste, I hastily hold my arms in front of me and try to find the wooden stairs leading up to the kitchen. I find them and climb up- I open the door and… the kitchen is entirely empty. Not a pot or pan, not a spoon lying on the huge counter. Even when it wasn't even near dinnertime, there would still be a cook busy in the kitchen, or pans lying on the counter. This isn't right.

I walk through the door to the living room and again, there is nothing. Not a couch, not a chair. Everything is empty. I panic- they're gone! Ren's gone. Ren's gone. His father took him, against his will, I know it. I know it. Against his will, I keep saying over and over again in my mind. I pant heavily- maybe it's because I'm panicking or perhaps it's from the running, or maybe because of both.

I hear something coming from the hallway, someone's walking down the stairs. It could be Ren. I immediately run through the other door. It's Ren, it has to be. It's Ren, it's Ren, it's Ren. I face the staircase, but what I see is not Ren: it's his father.

"What have you done to him?" I say, immediately, almost yelling it. His father just gives me a creepy smile. "Tell me! Where is he?"

"You mean the little faggot?" I feel my blood boiling.

"Do not call him that," I grind out, through gritted teeth. His father just laughs at me. "Where is he!"

"He's in the Cell. He's been in there for twenty hours," his father replies. The Cell? Ren told me about that once- it's a small box where he was put in when he was smaller, but not much longer than only one hour, because the space is so small, has only one small hole for air and doesn't have any light in it. He also told me he was scared to death for tiny spaces because of that and that, whenever you're in that space, it feels as though you're choking. En had a sadistic smile on his face. "He stopped screaming about two hours ago. I don't need a son who can't bring honour to us," he adds.

"He's your son! You shouldn't care about goddamn honour, you should fucking care about him!" I yell at him, but it seems as though he's not listening. He just continues.

"When I am satisfied with his punishment, I'll take him back to China with me. It was wrong to take him here. He'll pay some more after we arrive in China, of course, and then he'll marry the daughter of Mao. He'll forget all about you and he'll bring us honour," he says to me. I can't take it anymore and I launch myself at him, even though it isn't the wisest decision I have made in my life. The guy is three times as big as me, but that might mean I also have an advantage- I'm shorter and quicker.

I manage to land a few punches on him; he punches me too, but not enough to knock me out. I hit him on the nose and I hear something crack- I hope I broke it. I hope I broke it good, like the way he keeps trying to break Ren. I manage to keep the fight up, even make him pant, but then he pulls out something silver from his pocket. It's a knife. I try to dodge it, but he hits my arm. I yell in agony, but don't stop trying to punch him. I land another one on his jaw and he strikes back with the knife, this time pushing it into my stomach.

"Hasn't your father ever taught you to pick your fights, boy? Or was he a faggot like you and couldn't even knock out a two-year old?"

"Don't you dare talk about my father like that," I grind out.

"So now you want to defend your father's honour? First you- you behave like that, sinful, and then you don't want people to insult your father?" He asks me.

"My dad would be proud of me no matter what!" I yell right back at him, though I keep feeling weaker. I pull the knife out of my stomach and press my hands against the wound, trying to stop the bleeding. "He was a better man and father than you'll ever be!" He laughs at me, before suddenly launching himself at me and punching me right in the face. I fall to the floor and, before he can hit or kick me again, I grab the knife that's still lying on the floor and stab it in his leg. He screams as I pull it out again, scrambling to my feet and holding the knife in front of me.

"Tell me where he is," I pant, saying the words slowly to En. He has fallen to the ground, because of the wound on his leg and obviously can't stand up because of it. "Tell me, or I'll kill you," I add, taking a step closer to En. He swallows and nods to the staircase.

"His room," he says simply and I don't need to hear anymore- I run up the stairs immediately, to the right, to his room. I throw the door open and see a chest-like thing standing in the middle of it. I can't hear any sound coming out of it, but I quickly undo the straps and unlock it. Ren's lying there, wide awake, but his eyes are hollow, as if he's dead. I can see him breathe though, so I lift him up out of the box and lie him on the bed, even though my wound hurts like hell.

Right when I collapse on the bed, I can vaguely see someone else enter the room; actually, two persons. One with green hair and the other one with black hair. I pass out.


I wake up in a hospital bed, bandages all over me. I quickly glance around, still having memories about the fight with En and… Ren. Was he alright? Was he okay? I shake my head and try to climb out of bed, before a hand stopped me. I follow the arm and see Yoh standing and smiling lazily from the chair next to my bed.

"Don't worry Horo, it's alright," he says, his voice comforting. "But damn, you gave us quite a scare." He nods over to Manta, who is sitting next to him, and then to Jun, who is smiling at me, though with tears in her eyes. Pirika is lying on a bed next to me.

"Yoh," I grab his shoulders. "Where's Ren? What happened?"

"Calm down," Yoh says, gently pushing me back on the bed. "Like I said, it's alright. I saw you running away from school and I figured something was wrong, so I followed you. When I arrived at Ren's house, Jun was also there and she let me in. We saw a big guy- Ren's dad?- lying in front of the staircase. Jun briefly looked if her father was going to live, before we both ran up the stairs. We saw you and Ren and immediately called for an ambulance."

"And Ren, is he alright? And what about En?" Yoh waved his hand in front of me.

"I'm getting to that, take it easy," he says. Sometimes, I want to strangle him and that damn laziness of his. "Jun also called for the police and they took En with them. Ren was in shock for a while, but he's alright now. He's lying in the other room, but he's sleeping. He's been awake though, but wasn't allowed to see you, since he was still weak from being locked up in that chest."

"And Pirika?"

"Oh, you were out of it for two days, so she slept here. She's just exhausted because she stayed up the whole time," Yoh grins at me and I sigh. Everything's alright. Suddenly, Jun comes up to me, with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you," she says as she hugs me. "Thank you." And then, as sudden as she had given me a hug, she smacks me. "But you're an idiot," she sobs again. "You could've died!" I grab her hand and look at her.

"I'd rather die than leave Ren," I say honestly. She nods at me and gives me another hug. I stand up, swaying, but I keep my balance. "I want to see him," I state firmly. Yoh nods and offers me his arm so I can walk.

"Just be careful not to tear your stitches," he says to me. I nod, but don't really listen. He guides me slowly to the room Ren is lying in. He is lying by the window, sleeping peacefully on the white sheets and, finally, I feel relieved; he really is alright. I just had to see it with my own eyes. Yoh lets go of me and leaves the room, after setting me on the chair besides his bed.

As soon as Yoh is out of the room, I reach out to stroke away a strand of hair from his face. His eyes flutter open and he looks at me- his face pale and his eyes widened.

"Horo!" he exclaims, sitting up straight immediately and pulling me on the bed. I grin at him. "Idiot!" he says, smacking me on my head, tears in his eyes. I blink. "Idiot!" he repeats. "Fighting with my father like that, damnit Horo, you could've gotten killed!" I wrap my arms around his neck.

"You're the idiot here," I tell him. "Telling your father about us like that, without me. If-if I had been there, he might've-" But I'm not able to say anything more, as he silences me with a kiss.

"I told him, because I wanted to. I wanted him to know," he says, pulling back. "I need to do that more often to prevent you from talking," he adds. I smack him on the head playfully, before diving in for another kiss from him. "Thanks, for not leaving me," he says; I lie down on the bed, which is in fact way too small for two people, but we can squeeze ourselves in.

"So, what now? What are you going to do?" Ren's eyes darkened.

"Grandfather offered me to take me in. Father… it's hard. Jun is staying in Japan, she's buying an apartment here in the neighbourhood. She offered to let me live with her too, but I have my own money as well," he said, hesitantly. "So, I thought that I'd buy my own apartment and maybe, you- you'd like to come live with me," he rambles on and my inner-chibi is skipping around merrily. But, then I remember Pirika. I don't want to leave her; she's the only family member I have.

"I can't leave my sister," I say to him. He scrunches his nose.

"Although her attempts at getting me to go out with her, are very annoying, she'll be moving in with us too. I already thought you'd say that," Ren states and I laugh, kissing his forehead.

"I'll help you pay it though, I'll just use the money my uncle gives us every month," I grin at him. "He owes me money for babysitting Pirika all these years." Ren smirks at me.

"You really are hopeless, Usui Horo."

"Why, thank you, Tao Ren."

The End


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