Hey this is a Jommy story!Its set in Scotland coz i live there and its easier for me to relate to buildings places etc.It will eventually go back to Canada if that makes any sence!

Disclaimer:I dont own instant star if i did tommy and jude would be together!

Chapter 1

Should it of happened? Tommy and Jude were sure of it . Nobody else was. Why Tommy had crossed that line nobody understood.They love each other it was as simple as that.The papers had had a field day their pictures were all over every paper in canada. Her mother had shiped her away to boarding school in scotland to get her as far away from tommy as possible.Tommy had been fired from G-major and nobody knew where he was.

"Jude Harrison please pay attention" her physics teacher yelled.As per usal she was day dreaning about tommy this paticular dream was about a day four months ago.


"Baby.Are you ok?"Tommy asked her

"Yeah just happy!"she replied smiling

"Oh is that right" Tommy grinned rolling on top of her and kissing her hungrily.

"I love you girl" tommy told her awhile later.

"I love you to Quincy" She told him. As he ran a finger down her stomace her phone rang.

"Hello" she said.

"Jude Elisebeth Harrison the hell are you?" her mom yelled.

"Sorry mom i fell asleep at the studio i'll probably just stay here untill morning. I know how much you hate driving in the dark."she told her mom hoping she would by the lie.

"Ok but get tommy to drive you home the minute he gets there tomorro.I love you honney."her mom told her

"Love you to bye" she said

"I get you all to myselve till morninng." She told Tommy happily. With that she kissed him goodnight and fell asleep with her head resting on tommys chest.

End of flashback

"Jude are you ok" Willow asked

"No how can you even ask me that. I lost the love of my life and my music the only things in my life worth living for. How can i ever be ok."She told willow and burst into tears

"Oh i never knew.I'm sorry"Willow said looking shocked

"How could you i never told anyone.I could't. I just miss him so much. I miss music.I miss Canada i just want my life back."She said still crying

Two days later in Edinburah where jude is at school.

"So these are the famous princes street gardens."She said looking at her new found group of friends.

"Yep and at Christamas theres an ice rink and fair and it all lights up. It looks beautiful." Cindy told her

She looked around sure the gardens were amazing but she just wanted to be home.With Tommy.With Jamie.With Kat. Hell even with Sadie. She still could't belive her mother had shiped her off to Scotland. Ok she woke up one morning to find a picture of her and Tommy kissing on the front of every paper in Toronto probably Canada.Then found her in bed with Tommy the very same day.So she sent her to Edinburahs finest boarding school to finish up her seinor yeah or as they call it her sixth foarm.

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