A Semblance Of Appearance

Gar nuzzled the hair at the nape of Raven's neck. It bristled at his touch, and he smiled, purring not quite like the cat he could become.

"Garfield, that tickles," Raven scolded him, but playfully, indigo eyes flicking momentarily away from her book to smile at him with hidden amusement.

Gar smirked, but stopped, instead wrapping his arms around her waist so as not to prevent her from continuing to read her book. "I can't help it; I love your hair," he said, nosing her gently behind her ear. Pulse points got more blood flow than the rest of the human (or, in this case, half-human, half-demon) body, and thus were warmer, which the animal in him liked.

Brows furrowing together slightly, Raven slipped a finger between the pages of her book to mark her place. "Why?"

"It's so pretty and soft and it smells so good…" Gar inhaled deeply; the warmth of the pulse points also meant that the scents were richer, and Raven always smelled so good to him. No fire and brimstone for his little devil; she smelled like hazelnuts and dark cherries, overlaid with a subtle flavor of wood smoke.

"Pretty? It's violet," Raven objected, frowning slightly.

Pulling back and leaning to the side to look at her, Gar said, "So? I'm green, does that mean I'm ugly?" And though it was said in Gar's usual jovial tone of voice, Raven could sense the worry in him.

"No," Raven replied, laying a hand on his arm. "I just… No one's ever said…" She faltered, remembering someone who had said things like that – and had been lying.

But Beast Boy had never lied to her. "You really think my hair is pretty?" she finally asked, ducking her head to hide her flushed cheeks behind the loose purple locks.

"Very pretty," Gar responded instantly. "Just like you," he added with a fanged grin, pressing a quick kiss to her chakra.

Raven was still skeptical, however. "Really?"

"Yeah, Rae," Gar said, voice taking on a serious tone. "So your hair is a weird color. So what?" he said with a shrug. "I love you, and that's the only thing that should matter."

Raven's cheeks pinked, and to quell her blush from going any farther she concentrated on making sure her candles didn't explode as she said, "I love you, too, Gar."

Gar grinned. "Green is a really good complement for purple, you know," he said softly, taking one of her pale hands in his own furred ones.

Raven smiled ever-so-slightly back. "It is," she agreed.