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Chapter 11: This Year's Love

February 14 – Same Day

Draco Malfoy made a quick exit as the evening drew nearer and nearer for he had only minutes before he was to see Hermione.

He got changed into a pair of ivy green sweatpants and a white tank before heading up to the Astronomy Tower. His anxiety and excitement grew with every step he took on the stone stairs.

You can't afford to blow this, Draco. There's no way you can. If you do, then you deserve to be unhappy for the rest of your life.

When he made it up to the Tower, he looked around and saw Hermione Granger sitting on a plaid blanket that was surrounded by white votive candles.

"Hey, come over here."

Draco slowly walked towards Hermione, admiring the whole environment. The vanilla scent of the candles filled his nostrils as he sat in front of his girlfriend.

"Am I late?"

Hermione formed her mouth into a smile and shook her head. "No, Draco. You never were."

Draco smiled as he felt her hands on his face. She got on her knees easily and started kissing his neck. Suddenly, he got an uneasy feeling; but it was more like her uneasy feeling.

He thought about her situation for awhile. She had been abused by those who she thought loved her. Was she really ready for this so soon? Nevertheless, he let her neck him. Hermione hands reached under his shirt and took it off.

Draco grabbed her hands gently and looked her in the eye. "Hermione, we don't have to do this yet."

Hermione looked at him, almost hurt. "Draco, I was beaten, not raped. I'm alright..."

Draco let go of her soft hands and let her untie his sweatpants and take them off. He grabbed the bottom of her pink tee and slipped it off ever so delicately, as if he was afraid it would shatter into pieces. After every piece of their clothing was off, Draco brushed his fingers up and down her arms. While he did this, Draco started to take in her nervousness as she started to shake slightly.

If she really didn't want to do this with me, she would tell me to stop.

The two star-crossed lovers began to kiss passionately, their tongues playing tag inside and outside their mouths. Draco brought his hand up to her cheek and started to caress it lightly with his thumb. He took in the beautiful lavender smell of the Gryffindor's curly locks as he took her onto her back and simultaneously, Hermione slowly opened her legs as he pulled himself into her.

His arms caressed her breasts, and then her stomach as he began to thrust himself into her. As he did this, Draco suddenly saw tears slide down her face onto the blanket, and he felt her whole body shake.

Draco then stopped and gently took himself out of her as she laid there on her back, sobbing.

"I'm sorry, Draco..."

He sat her up and then wrapped his muscular arms around her naked body, holding her as she continued to cry. He didn't even have to ask her what happened to know what had happened.

In fact, she had been raped. By who, Draco still had yet to find out. He didn't think right now was the appropriate time to ask her so he just held her. Hermione pressed her body against her as if she would parish if he ever let go of her.

After about ten minutes, Hermione seemed to have pulled herself together but a few tears escaped her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Draco. I know how much you were looking forward to it..."

Draco looked at her in disbelief. "I don't want to do anything until you're ready. I'm not going to force you, Hermione."

She sniffed and nodded, but didn't seem to believe him. Draco pulled his clothes back on and then watched as Hermione started doing the same. Once they had both put their clothing back on, they laid side by side, holding hands.

"Was it Potter that did it to you?"

Hermione was quiet for several minutes before she spoke up. "Yes, yes he did. He took it in my fourth year. I wanted to wait, you know? I just wanted to wait until I was married and I wanted it to be with that special someone..."

Draco smiled a small smile and squeezed her hair. "That's what every girl wants, to wait for that someone, her knight in shining armor. It's not a bad thing to want. You shouldn't have had to lose it at such a young age, Hermione. It seems so wrong, and he had no right to do that to you."

Hermione sniffled again and then turned to face Draco and rested her head on his chest. He placed his arm around her small, frail body and kissed her forehead.

"I'm so sorry, Draco. I'm sorry for being so...messed up."

Draco shook his head. "Look at me, Hermione. You are not messed up. You were just caught up in a wave of physical and sexual abuse that you had no right to receive in the first place. Behind every heartbroken girl is the bastard that made her that way, alright? I'm here now, and I won't let anyone hurt you anymore."

This statement seemed to make Hermione relax and smile. Draco kissed her hand gently and then slowly began to close his eyes.

"Hey, Draco? Do you think our love will last forever?"

Draco opened his eyes halfway and kissed her hand again. "Yes, Hermione. I do think it will. True love does last forever..."

"I just...I don't want us to end up like how Harry and I ended up."

Draco twirled her hair around his fingers and smiled at her. "There's no chance of that happening. I promise you that you don't have to be afraid of me or anything else. Potter won't hurt you and we're going to get married, have lots of kids, and we're going to live happily ever after."

Hermione kissed his lips and then laid her face back down on his chest as she slowly began to drift away from reality into her dreamland.

As Draco too began to drift off, he couldn't help but think about their new life after Hogwarts, and where it would take them. He thought whether they would live in a mansion or a shack, or if they would be successful or not. They both drifted off in oblivion, each of them holding their love, in their hand and in their heart.