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Chapter 1

It had been a great mission Jack thought as he sat in the SGC reminiscing about an old mission. Ra had been the supreme system lord of the Goa'uld, a race of parasites that use humans as hosts. Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson had been on the original mission to Abydose where Ra was in control. After destroying Ra's ship and killing him in the process, Daniel stayed on Abydose to marry Sha'ra when Jack told General Hammond he was dead. Ra's death shock the balance of powder between the system lords but he was not gone forever.

It had been a quiet afternoon in the SGC after the mornings briefing on P365-958.

"Sam I still don't get this Stargate idea" shouted Jack

"Sir I think we should gust give up"

"But I ne… what the hell"

Suddenly the Stargate began to dial in

"We can't close the iris." Guards flooded into the gate room ready to fire. "Chevron eight locked!" said the technician.

"It's the Asguard" Explained Jack, and just as he said it Thor walked through the Stargate. Thor was an Asguard, a race of aliens against the Goa'uld.

"Thor how are you doing?" joked Jack.

"You are in grave danger O'Neill."

"What System Lord have we pissed off now?"

"It's not a system Lord but was. Said Thor

"Well Seth is the only one we know of or knew of."

"Not Seth, Ra"

"Ra!" shouted Sam "He's dead."

"He is not; he has been massing an army of 50 ships and is coming for you." Explained Thor

Daniel Jackson had heard none of this as he had destroyed the alarms in his room; SG11 had brought back an amazing artefact back from P666-952.

"Still looking at that rock?" laughed Jack

"Its not a rock it's an important archaeological find, see" explained Daniel

"All I see is an old, broken piece of rock!"

"It has the eye of Ra carved onto it" said Teal'c

"Well isn't he the topic of the day" Jack joked

"What do you mean?"

"Well Daniel it seems Ra is alive and has a little grudge with us so Thor told me"

"Oh did I miss Thor again …I mean Ra! He's Alive" shouted Daniel

Teal'c's and Daniels faces both went white; suddenly Teal'c got up and left for the gate room.

"What's up with him?" asked Jack.

Teal'c had not gone far; he had gone to the Stargate and was deep in thought.

"Teal'c what's wrong?" asked Sam

"Are you sure Ra is dead?" Asked Teal'c

"Yes we are, the Asguard don't lie and that rock Daniel found is only 6 years old" answered Sam

Later on in the Briefing room SG1 got a very strange mission.

"P2z5-524 is your next destination" explained General Hammond

"Err sir why are we going there? It's a ball of sand…sir" said Jack

"This is the thought new base of the Tok'ra, in short we need there help" replied General Hammond. After hearing the word Tok'ra jack immediately thought 'not more snake heads', which in tern conjured up the memory of Jacob giving him a lecher on the difference between the Tok'ra, a snake and the Goa'uld.

"Sir I suggest that we don't go to P2x5-524 but instead send a message to them telling them to come here" suggested Daniel

" Well we do always seem to be bad news to them" said Jack

" Well than SG1 you are dismissed"

At 1600 Jacob Carter and to Sam's delight Martouf came through the Stargate to be greeted by armed guard's. As Sam called the stand down the Stargate suddenly started dialling in, as the Iris closed Jacob and Martouf were guided to the briefing room.

"Jacob it's so nice to see you" Said the General

"Same to you Gorge"

Than his head dropped as Selmak took over

"Now why have you called us at this very stress full time"

"Stress full time why?" asked Daniel

"We believe there may be a Goa'uld spy in the Tok'ra ranks but that is not the reason you have called?" explained Selmak

"No it is not …we have some very bad news, we have been informed form Thor of the Asguard that Ra is not dead and" General Hammond was stopped by the amount of shouting from the Tok'ra

"Ra!" shouted both Selmak and Lantash , but continued further in Goa'uld

"Err translation please" shouted Jack over all the gibberish as Jack called it

"This is imposable Ra is dead is a sacred day within the Tok'ra this is not real!" shouted Selmak storming out of the briefing room and with Martouf in his wake

"Dial the coordinates for the planet of where we came" ordered Selmak before blazing down into the gate room. Meanwhile Martouf was still in the briefing room.

"I am sorry it is gust that Selmak fought against Ra and was the most happy one when we herd of his death, we hope we will see you soon…Samantha" said Martouf as he departed the briefing room.

After the explosion of Selmak the hole of SG1 and General Hammond were transported onto a ship and into darkness. Suddenly the room was alight and four Asguard were around them on high chairs. One was Thor two of them they dident now and the third was Freya, Thor's mentor.

"you have been brought before the high council of Asguard to discus the Goa'uld Treat" spoke one of the Asguard

"The Tau'ri's involvement in this matter would have grave consequences in the future" said Thor

"The first attack on Ra and the destruction of Apohis's ships has placed the Tau'ri as the most dangerous threat to the Goa'uld" explained Freya

"May I say something?" asked Jack

"You may" replied the Asguard

"If we don't do any thing we will be destroyed but if we do something we may defeat Ra"

The Asguard talked in there language for a while until finally

"The Council of Asguard has decided that the Tau'ri have the choice to choose there out come, the coordinates to Ra's position is here in this stone we hope you succeed" announced Thor.

Just as they arrived they had gone and they found they were back on Earth with the stone to Ra.

At 2000 Teal'c was asked to go an a near to impossible mission to

"Chulack I want you to go and find Bra'tack and others to help" asked General Hammond

"The people of Chulack will not help you General Hammond"

"The people of Chulack Worship Aphois an enemy of Ra why won't they fight?" said the General

"The people of Chulack will fight if they are threatened but will not get into a battle with a Goa'uld they have no reason to fight" answered Teal'c.

General Hammond suddenly burst out of Teal'c quarters as if he was a bomb and ready to blow.

"Well you pissed him of good , hears a hint don't annoy him he has a short fuse" asked Jack

"I do not understand General Hammond dose not have a fuse, dose he?" wounded Teal'c

"My god, Teal'c it's a phrase meaning he has a bad temper when pissed off, ok" said jack as he walked away head in his hands. After Jacks total melt down over Teal'c's lack of sense of humour, SG1and SG2 were called in to the infirmary for a full check up.

"Sir what is the point were not going to pull a sickie are we?" asked Jack

"No colonel but I want all of SG1 and SG2 fully ready for what's ahead" replied

Before there was a live debate of the check up an alarm sounded

"In coming traveller" it repeated many times Read lights were flashing all around there were giant thuds coming from the Gate room. By the time every one had got there the thuds had stopped, there was an eerie silence as the Worm Hole was still open and then with out any warning the Iris begat to glow red the temperature soared into the hundreds into the thousands

"The Iris is beginning to break up" echoed a voice

"That's impossible it's Titanium!" Shouted Sam

"Look there are holes in the iris" said the technician

Suddenly the glowing stopped the temperature fell but the iris had holes big enough for a man to enter. The thuds began again but some Jaffa made it through, soon all the Jaffa were coming through.

Sir this is impossible" worried Sam

"Obviously not" replied Teal'c as he was running of to fight staff weapon in hand.