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Finally. After 9 months the babies were being born. His and Harry's children. They had already decorated the nursery that was big enough for the three babies that Harry was carrying. Supposedly, it was two girls and a boy. They picked out the names and the names were definite.

Remus Lupin was married to the greatest man in the world, who was giving birth to his children.
He barely registered the sound of a door opening and closing as he was lost in happiness and worry. Happiness of his pack growing, and worry of something happening to his babies and/or husband.

"Mr. Lupin... Mr. Lupin, would you like to see your husband and children now?" a Medi-Witch asked him.

"What? Of course." Remus jumped up out of his seat and rushed to follow the Medi-Witch to his husband's room.

Immediately, three new scents hit him. The scents of his cubs.

He rushed over to where he saw his husband sitting up with two bundles in his arms and another Medi-Witch holding the third.

"Mr. Lupin, would you like to hold your son?" the Medi-Witch smiled. Silently, he nodded and she handed him the bundle.

Remus looked down to see a baby boy sleeping peacefully in his arms. Once in his arms though, the baby snuggled close to him.

"Todd seems to love you already." his love said softly to him.

Remus just nodded and looked at Harry. Carefully so he wouldn't wake up the baby boy he walked over to him and sat down on the edge of the bed.
"He's adorable." Remus stated.

"I'd hope so. He's our kid." Harry joked.

The Medi-Nurse came into the room holding a clip-board.
"I just realized that I never asked you what the children's names were. I need to record them for medical purpose." she told them.

"Remus has Todd Oren... The girl in my right arm is Lillian Mackenzie... and the girl in my left is Camilla Arcadia." Harry informed her.

"They are very lovely... Later on we're going to have to check up on Camilla to make sure she's healthy enough for you to take home." she told him.

"Alright." he said and she left.

"Did something happen with Camilla?" Remus asked quickly.

"She almost didn't pull through. It was hard to get her breathing and she doesn't weigh as much as a newborn should." Harry told him.

Remus nodded as he started to think very hard. It could be very easy for Camilla to die.

'You wouldn't be able to take it if one of your cubs die.' the Wolf told him.

'I know.' he told the Wolf.

'You can't let yourself get attached to her. You heard our mate. She almost didn't pull through. She could still die.' the Wolf reminded him.

'But... She's still our cub...' Remus thought confused.

'Yes she is. She still has our mate to watch her. It'll take time to tell. But you can't get attached.' the Wolf demanded. 'If something does happen, we will have to console our mate as he grieves.' he reminded 'it wouldn't do if we were mourning as well.'

'I know... I'll wait.' Remus sighed.

"Is anything wrong Remus?" Harry asked Remus quietly so he wouldn't wake the babies.

"Oh, no. Why don't I call the nurse so you can sleep?" he suggested.

"Sleep sounds good right about now." Harry chuckled before giving a small yawn.

"Okay." Remus kissed Harry on the forehead before getting up, still being careful because of Todd, and walked away to get a nurse.

'I'm sorry Camilla... I'm so sorry.' Remus couldn't help but think.