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Chapter 19

After the students were finally allowed to leave their classrooms, they all reported to the Great Hall for lunch with their teachers.

Albus stood up to make an announcement.

"If some of you have noticed, Professor Potter is not present at lunch right now. I am saddened to inform you that he will not be in lessons, for those who take Muggle Studies, until further notice. I must also insist that those who were in Professor Potter's class today to not speak of what has occured for the sake of his privacy. Thank you." He said before sitting down.

"Minerva, what happened?" Remus asked him.

"Poor Harry. He had a seizure during his class. He's still unconscious. Thankfully Poppy thought it would be better for him to be in his own rooms instead of the Hospital Wing." Minerva told him.

"And Cami?" Remus asked, closing his eyes.

"Sirius came and picked her up. We thought it would be too distraughtful for her to sleep in those rooms with him still unconscious," she replied.

"Does Poppy know what's wrong with him?" Remus asked.

"She... thinks it may have to do with you." Minerva admitted.

"Me? Why?" Remus asked, startled.

"I thought that would be obvious, wolf." Severus sneered. "Potter's bonded to you and you've been seperated for 11 years. Think about it."

Remus went quiet. While he had obviously been affected by the loss of his mate, he did not think Harry had been really affected by it. Yes, during the first few weeks there must have been yearning on Harry's part... but to damage his health to this extent? He would have thought that the void could have been filled and he wouldn't need Remus any more.

That was one thing that worried Remus. Ever since him and their children came to Hogwarts, they didn't discuss rekindling their relationship. In fact, Remus only really talked to Harry during meals, and when he went to drop off Cami. He had shown no interest...

"Can't this kill him?" Minerva asked Albus quietly, after she saw Remus lost in thought, knowing he wouldn't pay attention to her words.

"Unfortunately. Unless one of them make the first move. It just may kill Remus as well. But slower of course." Albus told her, honestly.

"Merlin... Isn't there anything... Albus?" Minerva whispered, full of dread.

"It's not in our hands Minerva." Albus shook his head sadly.

Remus stood up from the table and left the Great Hall, two set of young eyes watching as he left.


Lily and Todd sat on Todd's bed in the first year boys' dormatory. The curtains were drawn and a silencing spell was placed around the bed so no one would hear their conversation.

"Da- Professor Lupin really cares about Mum." Lily said, catching herself before she accidentally called Lupin 'Dad.'

"It's his fault he's in this condition anyway!" Todd scolded Lily. "Why shouldn't he care? He's the one who did this. Mum was perfectly fine before coming here."

"I... You're right." Lily sighed. Her brother was being irrational, which meant she wouldn't dare suggest what she were thinking. "He'll be alright though." She had no clue if she was trying to reassure Todd, or herself though.

"Of course he will! He didn't fight Lord Voldemort and win for nothing!" Todd stood up on the bed, striking a pose, wand pointing towards the ceiling. "Mum's the best ever! He'll recover quickly and be up and fighting again!"

"Um, Todd... He teaches Muggle Studies... Not Defence, or Dueling." Lily pointed out to her brother.

Todd plopped back onto the bed in defeat. "I know. But he should. I mean, it'd be better than Lupin teaching. We don't even get to see him because we can't take Muggle Studies until our third year. And since we practically grew up Muggle, there's no reason to take that class." he stated.

"We should go visit him in his rooms! He should be awake by now." Lily smiled at the thought of visiting Harry.

"Let's go!" Todd grabbed her hand, and practically dragged his sister out from his bed and out the door of the dormatory.

They ran down the stairs, dodging Connor Finnigan on the way, before running across the common room and leaving through the portrait.

"Hm. Do you remember where the rooms are?" Todd asked Lily, sheepishly.

"Come on Todd!" Lily led him to a portrait of Sir Cadogan. "Tiger Lily." Lily said to the sleeping knight. He snorted and woke up.

"Indeed my dear Lady!" He bowed, armor clinking as the portrait swung open, allowing the two first years to go through.

And then they noticed... They were not alone.