The following story is a joint fic written between myself and fellow SP author Oyaji291.

South Park high school was abuzz with speculation. A month earlier an announcement was made that students could form after-school clubs. Everyone who cared wondered what clubs would be created, who would join, and most importantly what the first problem would be.

It was a good idea in theory. The clubs would serve as a deterent to joining gangs and allow students to socialize with like-minded people, while also giving students something to put on a college application. In execution, however, it was a good idea being done in South Park. Because it was South Park, something was bound to go horribly wrong. On day one, the club idea was proven to be flawed. At least in the eyes of one very angry Jewish boy.

A frustrated Kyle Broflovski was punching the hell out of his school locker when Stan Marsh approached him.

"Hey" Stan greeted, drawing Kyle's attention away from destroying school property.

"Hey" he spat back bitterly.

Stan blinked in concern. "You okay?"

Kyle sighed. "No. You know how they're letting us form after school clubs now?"


"Well that asshole Cartman started the 'I hate Kyle' club!"

"Of course." Stan nodded in understanding. "Well maybe you could start the 'I hate Cartman' club."

Kyle shook his head. "I refuse to sink to Cartman's level."

"what other clubs do they even have?" Stan asked. He didn't actually care, but he knew that asking would keep Kyle's mind off of comitting further acts of rage.

"They have chess," Kyle said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Stan's eyes lit up ever so slightly.

"Chess! Sweet! I'm in!" Stan replied with an excited grin on his face.

The grin quickly faded once Kyle was snickering at him. Attempting to save face, Stan corrected himself.

"...I-I mean that's cool I guess."

Kyle smiled at his pal. "S'okay. I knew you'd wanna join anyway."

The redhead reached into his banged up locker and produced a chess club signup sheet for his friend. Stan pulled a pen from his back pocket and eagerly signed his name.

Their minds now both focused on clubs, the boys looked around the hallway. Fliers, signup sheets, and even banners for clubs adorned the walls. One club name in particular caught Stan's attention.

"The slash club?"

"The what?" A curious Kyle replied.

Stan walked over to the brightly colored banner advertising the group. Kyle followed him. They stared at the current list of members.

"Wow, a lot of the girls joined that." Kyle observed.

"What is it?"

Kyle blinked. "I dunno. Some horror movies are called 'slasher' films. Maybe it's a club for that?"

Stan shook his head. "Nah. Then it'd be the 'slasher' club."

Kyle shrugged. "Well, so far it looks like some stupid girl thing."

Stan shook his head and pointed his finger. "Nah-uh. Butters is in it too."

Kyle looked at the paper again. "You think we should join?"

"Why? It's just a bunch of stupid girls and Butters. It'll totally suck."

"Yeah" Kyle agreed. "Anything with Butters in it usually does."

"Well the hell with it then, we're not going."

And that was that.

Or was it?

The slash club members met up after school in the designated classroom. The group, with the exception of Butters, was composed entirely of girls.

"Rabble, rabble, rabble!" the girls chattered as they took their seats. Finally, the person who started the club pounded a gavel on a desk to get everyone's attention.

That person was Wendy Testaburger.

Wendy flashed a smile toward the group and began the first meeting.

"Hi everyone!" she greeted. "Thanks for coming. I'm the founder of this club."

Bebe raised her hand. Wendy was her best friend, so she knew she could get away with questioning her authority right off the bat.

"I thought teachers usually formed these clubs?" the blonde asked.

"They do." Wendy admitted. "Or they supervise. But the teachers here happen to trust me. Now, I'm sure you all know why we're here."

"We sure do!" Butters announced cheerfully.

Everyone briefly stared at him, since he was the only male member of the group.

"...W-what?" he asked, embarrassed.

Wendy continued. "We're all here for the first meeting of the slash club!"

"YAY!" the girls exclaimed.

"Y-yay!" Butters said too a second later, desperately trying to fit in.

"Now then, we have to attend to the first matter of business." Wendy said.

"Paper hats?" one girl asked.

"Macaroni pictures?" Bebe said.

Wendy shook her head. "Something much more important."

Everyone in the room leaned forward in their desks, anxiously waiting to hear the first official matter of the slash club.

"Getting Stan and Kyle together."