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Pandemonium Ensues

Chapter 16

" Hit and Run "

Humming slightly to herself, she paused, made sure she had picked up the right syringe. Smiling devilishly, she reached out and slammed the needle into Vexen's neck.

"You really don't have to smash the syringes into my neck," the scientist grumbled.

Larxene shifted her weight from her current position (which was the back of Vexen) and laughed. "This is more fun, Vexen," she said with great enthusiam. "Definetly one of my new favorite activies!" She reached out for the next – and second to last – syringe to pound into Vexen's neck.

- - - - -

Outside the lab, Marluxia blinked as he slowly regained consciousness.

It took roughly ten seconds for him to become aware of the searing pain echoing throughout his body. It seemed that what had taken a split second to perform was taking much longer to reverse. As the bones of his human form grew quite painfully back to their full size, his muscles stretched and weaved their own pathway around them.

Marluxia did the only thing that could make its way through his pulsing brain at the moment.

He screamed.

- - - - -

Larxene looked over at the doorway briefly.

She shrugged, then jammed the last syringe into Vexen's flesh. Standing, she stretched, and ambled to the door, throwing it open and stepping over the screaming Marluxia and continuing down the hall without pausing.

- - - - -

"What was that?"

"Who cares?"

"It was loud."

"And? You're always loud and you don't see people complaining about that."

"That's not true! You burn me every day!"

"You don't know when to shut up, it's your own fault, now shut the hell up and stand nice and still while we wait for the great late and "Superior" Xemnas, 'kay?"

Demyx fidgeted, pouted, and remained where he was, which was standing - rather impaitently - in front of nine other members while he waited for Xemnas to show up and hand out his punishment. The other members - minus Axel - were standing stock still in a neat line. After about five more minutes, a dark portal appeared before Demyx and the leader of the Organization stood there.

"You're late, man," Xigbar said instantly.

Xemnas ignored him and focused his bright orange eyes on the one in front of him. "Number Nine," he said calmly. "To redeem yourself for what you have plunged this Organization into, you will do anything I ask of you with no complaining."

Demyx nodded. "Yes, sir."

"You will have no access to anything that even remotely deals with music until I allow you to."


Xemnas's eyes narrowed and the musician fell silent. "You will help the other members with whatever they request of you," Xemnas continued, ignored the squeak emitting from Demyx. "Number Two suggested that one, you may thank him on your own time. The rest of you need to make sure Number Nine is kept alive."

There was a brief silence as Xemnas vanished once again, then Larxene promptly said, "I get him first."

"If you get him first, Number Twelve," Xaldin said. "There will be nothing left for the rest of us."

Larxene scowled. "You act like I'm completely going to massacre him," she said. "I'm not stupid, Xaldin. I have self control, unlike some people," she added.

There was another brief moment of silence as the other members all looked at Axel.

Said pyro blinked once, then glared at Larxene. "Oh, you little bitch," he growled. "I have far more self control than you."

"Neither of you have very much self control," Luxord cut in.

"True," Lexaeus agreed. "Axel, you've burned down fifteen rooms in the past week."

Axel glowered and resisted the urge to burn him.

"And Larxene," Xaldin said. "You send more of us into the infirmary than is really needed when all we seem to be doing lately is planning."

"Are you doubting the Superior's ways?' Saix asked calmly.

"...Demyx left," Roxas said loudly before anyone was brutally hurt by anyone else.

The nine standing members of the Organization XIII looked and noticed that Demyx had indeed fled the scene.

"...I'll inform the Superior," Saix said. "Everyone else should search for him." No one bothered to disagree as the berserker vanished on the spot and instead fled the room themselves.

- - - - -

He almost tripping over the figure hunkered down in the hallway, and would have if not for the almost-doglike growl that rose from it. Demyx paused and looked down at Marluxia, who was not looking too happy about all that the musican had put him through.

Demyx stared at the Nobody before him, blinked, and then grabbed his arm and tore down the hallway and into another portal.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?!" Marluxia snapped, wrenching his arm out of Demyx's grasp.

Demyx grinned and swept his arm out over their current landscape. "Fleeing to another world," he said happily. "No way they can find us here!"

Marluxia blinked and looked out over the current world, squinting at the currently setting sun as a train rumbled by them. "...Xemnas is going to kill you, Demyx," he said.

"But freedom is great," Demyx protested gleely, pulling Marluxia onto the train as it stopped and its doors flew open. "And no one knows we're here!"

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