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Neptune's Mirror
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

She stood on the edge of the lake, her features illuminated by the moonlight. She had always loved the lake; she could see things within it, strange things, perhaps even visions, she didn't know. Often what she saw would scare her but she soon got used to that: she didn't care anymore; all she wanted was to see what her lake would show her.

One evening as the sun was setting she was sitting at the edge of the lake as usual. Then something unusual happened; she heard a voice that seemingly came from the lake itself.

"Come," it said, "your destiny is near."

She didn't know why but she somehow knew that she could trust this voice. She stepped forward towards the lake, into it… no, onto it. She knelt down on the water when she reached the centre and peered down into the depths: what she saw took her breath from her. She saw her own face, yet somehow it was not hers.

"Who are you?" she whispered.

"I am you," came the reply. "I am guardian Neptune, princess of the planet Neptune and sworn protector of this Solar System."

"Then how are you me?" she asked; "I am none of those things."

"You were before and you will be again," came the reflection's reply.

She was confused but soon her breath caught in her chest once more as a mirror appeared within the lake, a mirror so beautiful that it seemed unreal, the glass within it as ever shifting as the waters of the lake itself.

"Take it," the reflection said. "Take the mirror, it is yours to keep and always will be."

She reached down into the lake and took the mirror as she had been told to do; it shone as brilliantly as the sun when it emerged and she found herself momentarily blinded. Then she opened her eyes again and felt a burning on her forehead: she looked down and saw her own face but the guardian's at the same time. The symbol of Neptune shone brightly of her forehead as she sat there: then she moved back from the waters and onto dry land. Suddenly she was exhausted; she passed out. The talisman of Neptune had awoken; a senshi had been reborn.