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The Sun and the Moon
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

He was the Sun and she was the Moon: they were destined never to meet in reality, only in each-other's dreams. He came to her in dreams and love, for both, came at first sight. True love is a rare thing but in this case it happened, yet the Sun and the Moon were so far apart that they could never truly meet face to faceā€¦ or so they thought.

There was one link between the sun and moon: the Earth and the enchanted lands beneath it, Elysion. The Moon shone her light upon the Earth, while the Sun and his golden light protected Elysion, and it was in the Sun's enchanted forests that they were to meet again, this time for real.

The Moon had fled from Earth, ardent tears muting her light as she wept for the corruptness of humanity. Soon she found herself in a land of beautiful golden light where sin itself had never touched. She saw a dome in the centre of the gardens, its golden light almost blinding to her as she walked. She had never seen such beautiful light so she was confused as to where it truly came from: and then she found her answer; it was him. The Sun's golden rays showered down upon the weeping Moon as he held her in a tight embrace, their silver and gold intertwining to create the purest light ever seen.

Soon the Moon knew she would have to leave but she couldn't bring herself to part from the Sun. Without the Sun purity would leave Elysion: without the Moon darkness would spread across the Earth. But wasn't the Earth already too corrupted to be saved? Why should she not stay here, in purity, in love? The temptation was too great; forbidden fruit is forever the sweetest to taste.