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Camping Horror
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Chapter one
Camping, Heather and horrible tents

"NO! NO CAMPING! I AM NOT GOING CAMPING!" Gloria screamed as soon as she got into her room.

"I think it will be fun" Sachi, who had followed Gloria into her room, grinned and leant against the wall. "Just us and the great outdoors."

"What do you know about the 'great outdoors'?" Gloria snapped back, still annoyed at the prospect of this, what she had deemed a 'helloday'.

"Plenty" Sachi replied. "There wasn't exactly much to do in the orphanage so some of us would sneak off the grounds sometimes. Oh yeah, and the annual trip to the countryside was the only holiday we ever got, so I'm used to it."

"That's not even a holiday," Gloria replied without thinking. "A five star hotel in, I dunno, Europe or America, that would be a holiday, but camping's just rubbish."

"To me it was fun" Sachi sounded hurt. "Not everyone's as lucky as we are now, just remember that."

Gloria looked away from her brother, embarrassed; why of all her mother's traits had she had to inherit the ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time?

"Oh yeah, and Mom said that even though all of us are going there's someone called Heather coming with us too. Any idea who she is?"

Gloria looked up at Sachi, horrified.

"Please tell me you didn't just say Heather."

"I did."

"Well this day just gets better and better" Gloria spat. "First I find out that we're going camping, then I find out that that stupid, no fun, cry-baby, spoilsport, annoying, babyish drip Heather is coming with us!"

"Right" Sachi said, nodding sympathetically. "Who is Heather?"

Gloria sighed, "Oh she's only my, no our cousin"

"She sounds too sweet to be related to you" Sachi smirked and Gloria glared daggers at him in return.

"Will this holiday have no good points?" Gloria mused, flopping backwards onto her bed.

"There will be one good point", Sachi said.

"And what would that be?"

"We'll be sleeping in a lovely, huge, warm, comfy, luxurious caravan. No more tents for us!"


"You will, Gloria" Minako sighed.

"Then how come you get to stay in that huge caravan?" Gloria asked.

Minako was spared of having to make an excuse, when Heather came out of the tent, and said, "Gloria, at least this tent is really big. Besides it's only going to be me, you, Annika, Daisy, Tama, Maggie and Faith in there. Hope, Ariel, Mari, Madelyn, Kimiko and Gemmei are staying in the other tent with Rini and the boys have their own tent, so it'll be fine."

Sachi snorted, "Who was the genius who decided to stick my dear carrot top of a sister in the same tent as Daisy Kino and Faith Tenn'oh."

He'd already set up the tent they'd brought for the three boys and had done a surprisingly good job of it, and was helping Asai fix the one Gloria and Minako had just tried to put up. Soon enough they had all three tents set up.

Gloria flopped back lazily onto the grass; she was exhausted. It had taken them nearly three hours to get there, then they'd had to set up the static caravan Minako and Asai were renting, then they'd just finished putting the tents up. Gloria honestly thought she had a right to be so tired. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Gloria opened her eyes and tried to sit up, only to find that she couldn't move. Her first instinct was to panic – what if a youma had captured her while she slept? Then she saw the youma-culprit, who happened to be standing over her laughing his head off.

"SACHI!" she bellowed as he dissolved into tears of laughter. "What in the world have you done to me, you irritating little… gah!"

She looked down and saw that one of the tents was collapsed on the floor; he'd obviously used the strings and pegs from the tent to pin her to the ground as she dozed.

"As soon as I get free of this you are so dead," she growled, tugging at one of the strings with her foot: needless to say it didn't work. "Where are Mom and Dad?"

"They went off with the drip to look at the campsite," came the reply.

"You'll be in deep trouble when they get back if you don't help!"

"Like they're gonna come back any time soon," he smirked. "Besides, we're still at prank-war, no? I just couldn't pass off this wonderful opportunity."

"Look stop scoffing and help me outta this!"

"Maybe later," he replied.

"SACHI!" a voice yelled, and this time it wasn't Gloria.

"You are so busted," Gloria smirked.


"That was a cruel joke to play on your sister," Minako was scolding her son. "As creative a prank as it may have been you shouldn't do that sort of thing in public."

As soon as her back was turned Sachi rolled his eyes. "Old spoilsport."

"I don't see why I had to help you put up the tent after that," Gloria muttered. "It wasn't my fault that you decided to bloody prank me."

"So? It was funny."

Gloria glowered at him. 'It won't be so funny soon, I assure you of that.'

"Hey, look!" Heather smiled, "The others are here, oh this is gonna be so much fun."

"It would be even more fun if we didn't have her with us," Sachi muttered. Gloria grinned at him; at least there was one thing they agreed on. Perhaps Heather could be fun if they worked together…

Maggie, Daisy and Tama were the first to arrive. They were all chattering excitedly about their trip and Daisy didn't even seem to care that she had to sleep in the same tent as Gloria. Next to arrive were Annika and Koyo, then Hope, Faith and Eizo – the latter two had about ten different sets of sports equipment between them. The Gemmei and Rini arrived – Rini taking the opportunity to thank Minako and Asai for offering to take all of them on holiday, and finally Madelyn, Kimiko, Ariel and Mari. Mari looked thrilled at the prospect of a holiday; she had never been on one before. Ariel, Goria noted, had a huge rucksack on her back.

"What's in there?" Rini asked as Ariel dropped the rucksack.

"Is it another tent?" Gloria asked hopefully: perhaps she would get to sleep apart from Daisy and Faith, especially Daisy.

"No" Ariel replied confused as to why Gloria would so desperately want another tent.

"What's in there then?" Annika asked.

"Just necessary provisions" Ariel replied.

"Necessary provisions for what?" Gloria asked. "A five week expedition through the Amazon?"

"Less of the lip, Gloria Kathryn Aino" Mina warned.

"Yes, less of the lip, carrot top."

"Sachi be quiet, you're in enough trouble already."

Hope's eyes widened, "Are we staying in that caravan? It can't be big enough for all of us, can it?"

"No, you lot are staying there," Asai pointed over to the tents.

Hope looked as though the end of the world had come; Faith however looked like a kid let loose in a toy shop.

"I'm gonna enjoy this" Faith grinned.

"Well I'm not", Hope said. "I'll end up breaking my nails and my hair will get messy and my clothes will get covered in mud and…"

"And it will be fun!" Faith cheered. "Come on!"

She dived headfirst into one of the tents, which then collapsed all around her.

"Hey!" Sachi grumbled, "I've already had to make, disassemble and reassemble that tent once today! I'm not doing it again."

"Don't worry," Faith poked her head out from under the mass of tarpolin, "I'll do it!"

"Actually," Koyo sighed, "I'll do it. The rest of you just stay out of my way."

Eizo grinned, "Nice one, Faith."

What a brilliant start to their holiday. Gloria only hoped that things wouldn't get worse.