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Before I start, a bit about the main character (who is NOT me):

Avalon Rain is a 17-year-old high school senior (the youngest in her class).

Build: Thin-ish (not anorexic thin: natural, curvy thin), about 5'1''.

Hair: Think Kiari's new haircut (I actually had this idea before that, but w/e). Gold-ish, strawberry-blonde color with natural variations.

Eyes: Long lashes, naturally dark. Bright blue eyes (sorta like Cloud's color). These eyes stand out.

Alarmingly bright lips (sorta ruby colored), full.

At the beginning of the story Avalon is wearing a black tank top that tends to show some cleavage and stomach (not on purpose), and pink plaid pj pants with black and white (which tend to ride a little low). Black & pink tennis shoes.

Onyx cross necklace (rather large) that falls right above chest.

She's wearing rings and 3 earrings per ear, but I'm sure you don't want me to describe'em.

Forgot the disclaimer, doing it now! I own nothing but Avalon. I DO NOT own Kingdom Hearts, as much as I love it.

kk. On with the story!

"Hmmm…" Avalon's eyes were bright and attentive as she studied her surroundings. "Not bad!"

Avalon was standing in the center of a four-room cabin just outside of the Pennsylvanian mountains. There was a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. "Everything a person needs," she mused happily. It was small, about the size of a large apartment, but it was more than big enough for one person. Plus, it wouldn't cost much at all: Avalon's uncle would be selling it to her at a reduced price seeing as her immediate family was a bit tight on money.

Why buy the place, then? Avalon was going to college in a few months, and somehow a five-person household with a 12-year old brother and 3-year old sister didn't seem like the best college environment. Even her parents agreed with her on that fact.

At any rate, Avalon was going to spend a week or two at the cabin to get used to the area. Provided an ax-murderer or rapist didn't attack her in the meantime. Avalon grinned at her mother's warnings as she'd left the house that day. (Things like "Don't talk to strangers," "Don't answer the door at night," and "Don't go wandering in dark streets without a can of mace.") She'd left late and arrived at 11 at night (thus, the pj's).

Avalon dropped her belongings in the bedroom and carefully extracted her Gameboy Advance and Playstation 2.

"If I'm gonna be isolated," Avalon grinned, "I might as well get some good gameplay in." It wasn't so much a result as a perk. Avalon had been looking forward to playing in peace forever. "Hmmm…" Avalon scratched her chin. "Replay Chain of Memories or start Kingdom Hearts 2?" She cocked her head in thought. She hadn't started her Kingdom Hearts 2 game yet, and she was itching to do so, but she wanted to make sure she remembered all the details of Chain of Memories… "I have plenty of time for both… I think I'll replay Chain of Memories as Riku to gather clues. It's fun trying to predict what'll happen later."

With that, Avalon laid on her bed and turned on the Gameboy Advance, then selected New Game under Reverse/Rebirth. She had only played through the last scene in Hollow Bastion (where Riku fights Maleficent) when sleep overcame her.


"Whaaaa?" Avalon jumped out of her fetal position and looked around quickly. "Where the heck am I! How did I get here!"

Her surroundings included pink walls and pillars, stained glass windows, and odd pipes sticking out of the walls and ground. The girl shivered and folded her arms. "It's sooo cold."

All of a sudden, shadows covered the floor and moved toward her with a life of their own. The girl gasped as a realization hit her.
#(Heartless,)# she thought to herself. #(These are Heartless attacking me!)# Though shaking with fear and cold, Avalon backed toward a pipe lying on the floor and picked it up, holding it like a baseball bat.

"It's a fight you want?" the quivering girl asked the Heartless swarming around her. She adopted a fighting stance. "It's a fight you'll get!" She lunged at the nearest shadow Heartless and hit it across the room, but somehow managed to do no damage whatsoever.

"Crap!" Then Avalon remembered: only certain weapons can harm the Heartless, not just random pipes. "Oh man, what am I supposed to do?" The word that came to mind was "die", but she didn't particularly like that one. So, she continued to hold the Heartless at bay, keeping a circle of Heartless-free floor around her, but that was all she could do: hold them back, not destroy them. #(How long can I keep this up?)# she wondered to herself. #(I have to rest eventually!)#

This went on for a long while. Avalon was panting and sweaty, but determinedly hitting the Heartless swarm away from her. "I… can't… keep this up…" she panted, hitting two more away. "What… … … What can I do?"

Just then, a familiar silver-haired boy dashed into the room and looked around.

As Avalon conked another Heartless, she looked up. Her strikingly blue eyes met the lighter blue of Riku's.

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