Title: It's a Wonderful War

Author: Sony_Mouse


Warnings: Angst, violence, ignorance, hatred, (you know, stuff war brings), AU, language, and SHOUNEN-AI

Disclaimer: GW not mine, WW2 not mind, but the story is mine.

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Author's Note: I'm rewriting this fic right now out of a sense of guilt. For a long time I kept promising to write the final chapter and just... never did. This story is finally being rewritten because of all those out there who kept pestering me for it, and have done the impossible, led me back to a lost fic of mine. All my notes, and a good deal of my original ideas for this fic have now been lost due to time, and moving over the last year. The only thing I want to make clear is that although I've tried to make this fic as accurate as possible, it's not perfect history, or by any means close to it, no matter how much I wish it were. But it was originally written with that intent in mind, and now as I rewrite it, I'm hoping to fix those mistakes I gave up on so long ago. I've lost MANY readers with the wait, but I hope those few who have stuck around will still be interested in reading this fic. Thank you.

Do NOT take any of the insults seriously; I tried to write it from the perspective of people who were not as politically correct as we are today.

It's a Wonderful War by Sony_Mouse

Part One

"Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your compactness that of the forest.

In raiding and plundering be like fire, is immovability like a mountain.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." [6:19] - THE ART OF WAR

Date: March 1945, nearing the end of World War 2...

Place: Undisclosed Location in waters outside of Japan...

Taking a deep breath of the fresh, salty air, Duo Maxwell walked onto the aircraft carrier in awe. He had just been posted to the carrier a few days ago and was thrilled to be getting a glimpse of its high tech aircrafts and elite crew.

It was WAR! And Duo would finally get do the thing he loved most in the world, being paid to fly.

He could see anticipation for battle in the eyes of every young man aboard the mighty carrier. In some, it held a sort of wide eyed innocence that could only come from someone who'd finally made the age restrictions and joined up as soon as he could to get a piece of the action before it was all gone. In others, it was a bored look of someone who'd been ready to give up his life at a moments notice, and had been denied again and again due to delays and changes in battle plans. But they were still ready to get out there and fight.

However in most, the look betrayed a deep sense of loss revenge. These were the men who'd somehow managed to defy the odds and survived countless missions in the air. The ones who had watched every single one of their training buddies die ten times over, just to get a new batch of inexperienced, under qualified pilots who managed to get themselves killed at an even quicker rate. These were the men who wanted to see blood spilt in the worst way.

It was war! And like every other wet-behind-the-ears pilot, Duo was reading to kick some ugly cowardly Japanese ass.

Folding his arms and nodding his head in approval, Duo felt a friendly arm clasp him on the shoulder.

"Don't just stand there with your mouth open, you might catch some flies." Duo spun around and stared at the older pilot with as much awe as he could muster.

" You're Captain Solo!"

"Gee kid, looks like you're one of the smart ones. You managed to get ALL that info from reading my rank and nametag alone."

Duo just continued to shake his head in denial.

"No... no sir!" He managed to gracefully stutter. "I've known about you before I even started to train. I've heard nothing but great things about the invincible Captain Solo, and I just want you to know that I'm ready to shoot the enemy and am honored to be in your squadron."

"Well shucks kid, you'll make me blush. You're young, have good taste, and I like you already, which is never a good thing in war. But I must ask... what the hell is up with you're hair?"

"Military regulation sir, I'm allowed to keep it long if it's for a religious purpose."

"And is it?"

"Yes sir, it is."

"Can you even fit your helmet on with that ridiculous hair?"

"YES sir! The braid just fits under my flight suit."

"Well that's... great." Reaching down into his uniform pocket, Captain Solo pulled out a sore looking cigarette and worse looking lighter. Preparing to get all the nicotine he could into his body before he went up for another flight, and Roosevelt only knew when that could be. "It's ok, I read the report on you, don't worry, I won't make you cut it. Now just let me make a few things clear."

Staring up at the tall brown haired officer, Duo nodded in excitement. "First of all, don't make too many friends, we're pilots, and we're walking dead. In fact, avoid learning their names if you can, it'll just make it harder on you. Second, those Japs out there aren't some wimpy target practice, they know how to shoot just as good, if not better than you new pilots do, plus they ain't afraid to die, and neither should you be."

Duo started to look a bit confused and stared questionably at the Captain. "But I was told we were winning the war at this point? Aren't the Japs using their last resources by now?"

"Sure kid, whatever. That may be true, then again it may not be. I'm not told everything over here in the middle of nowhere, but one's things for sure; the Japs aren't on their last legs quite yet. I just lost more than half of my best pilots in my last meeting with them. Hell, that's why they flew your sorry ass up here."

Duo nodded to show he understood what was being said, but nothing could be further from the truth.

"Now then! Rule number one in my squadron, NEVER underestimate the enemy, it makes you cocky, and you end up dead real quick. Rule number two, watch your own ass, we'll do our best to help you, but there will be times when we have to fight to survive and have no time to help you out. Rule number three, ALWAYS listen to my orders, this ain't no academy and things are different out here, you wanna live, then listen to the people who have survived this long. Is that all clear so far?"

"Yes sir!" Though Duo's once confident voice had subdued somewhat by now.

"Now get some sleep, we're expecting to head out in three hours. Oh, and that's rule number four. 'Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie? Why lay when you can sleep?' Whenever there's a chance to rest, you rest. Got it?"

"Yes sir... but I just got here sir. I haven't even unpacked yet. I don't even know where to sleep!"

Solo smirked slightly at the new pilot's naïve response before taking another long puff from his almost dead cigarette. "How old are you?"

"Ummm 18, sir."

"And don't you just look it, you're nothing but a baby face. I won't say you remind me of myself, cause that's a lie, but you do remind me of the good folks back home, and I hope they stay just as damn naïve as you are. I wouldn't have it any other way. But I'm afraid to say that the war waits for no man, we go out when we go out, but if it'll make you feel better, I will personally watch your back. I like you kid, you've got this innocence to you that I don't' want to see you lose, no matter how much I know you will. Now get some God damn sleep before I have to drug you, cause you might not be getting any damn sleep for at least another year."

Duo smiled up at his long time idle and saluted with the most amount of respect he could show before heading over to his sleeping quarters and getting some ordered sleep.

Yet despite all of what the Captain had said, Duo still felt like nothing could kill him, he would prove to the Captain that Duo Maxwell was the best damn pilot they had, and not even some dirty underhanded Jap was going to shoot his bird out of the sky. Feeling even better than when he'd arrived, Duo slowly drifted off to sleep.

Duo was rudely awakened by the sound of a loud siren. His only thought before he fell out of his temporary cot was that it was finally time to attack. Dumping the contents of his duffel bag onto the floor, Duo quickly found what he was looking for and jumped into his flight suit as fast as he could, fully aware that the planes were going to take off any minute now. Looking up at a clock, he realized only one hour had passed since he'd gone to bed and wondered briefly if it really was time to go up, or was this some kind of drill?

Running to the top deck, Duo quickly found Captain Solo and was briefed on the attack plan, giving more details then they'd allowed before. The squadron was going to attack some part of mainland Japan with a swift blitzkrieg.

"Captain, I thought you said we would attack in three hours?"

"Like I said kid, the war waits for no man, if we wait any longer, the Japs will know what we are up to, if they don't already. Now lets get this show on the road."

"Wait, which plane is mine?"

Solo did a quick scan of the area before spotting a sorry looking mess of a plane. "That one."

"But-but, can that even fly?"

"Oh sure kid, not only can it fly, but it's survived the longest out of all our planes. It's been shot down 3 times, and each time we've always been able to retrieve it."

"And the pilots?'

"Twice, either way that Death Scythe over there is one lucky craft. But now's not the time to talk about history, let's go!"

Buckling into the aircraft, Duo prayed to any God that would listen that his plane would actually take off in one peace. He watched as each pilot revved the engine took off in succession. Soon enough it was his turn to go up, and Duo did so with out a second thought.

Once in the air, it wasn't long before they reached mainland. Over the intercom, Duo could hear various orders being given, and was just itching to get the chance to bomb the target. As soon as he heard the order to attack, Duo let loose with all he had.

He could here the cries of happiness form the other experienced pilots over the radio, and wondered how long they'd been doing this for.

"Pilot 02, pilot 02, get ready, the Japs are starting to retaliate, and they look pissed." Looking to the side, Duo could see incoming aircrafts, and started to aim towards his sworn enemy.

Just as he was about to shoot, he could feel his plane take a few small hits. None seemed to make him lose control, but it did work as a reminder that his life was on the line.

Bringing his attention back to the target at hand, he could just make out Solo's voice over the radio, telling them in no uncertain terms that this was the drop-off point. As if on cue, dozens of bombs dropped in union from the allied planes, it gave Duo the impression of the planes being nothing more than rain clouds, and the bombs being nothing more than harmless water falling towards the dusty ground.

"02, watch out, the ground also has anti-aircraft weapons and aren't afraid to use them."

"Acknowledged!" Flying lower, Duo swept dangerously low to the ground forces, and swept by in a flurry of bullets. The sound of metal hitting metal was music to his ears.

Reentering a more secure air space, Duo rejoined his fighting comrades, many of whom he still didn't know. Duo noticed that four planes were already missing, they had been shot down near the beginning of the onslaught, but the Japs weren't doing much better, in fact they were already starting to lose the air battle.

"Target Secured! Return to home NOW, no time for games." Duo was about to comply when he spotted a few more Jap planes trying to cover his tail. Deciding to ignore his orders, Duo flew straight at them, dodging the oncoming bullets. He was able to shoot down one of the enemy planes, but the other still stayed locked on him. Seeing little way out, Duo tried to maneuver himself away from the plane, but it was of no use.

"02, you damn idiot!" Coming from above, Duo was more than happy to see his Captain take aim at the enemy and shoot down the remaining plane on his tail.

"GREAT SHOT! Thanks for the help." Duo replied enthusiastically.

"02, enough funny business, let's get the hell out..." the transmission was abruptly cut off as Duo watched in horror as Solo's plane was blown up by a new Japanese plane still in the air.

"YOU FUCKING JAPANESE BASTARD!" Duo could not believe what he'd just witnessed. There was no way Solo could be dead. All Duo could now see was red as he watched the rest of his squadron being shot down one by one as the new wave of Japanese planes took them by surprise. He tried unsuccessfully to get in another kill, but there were just too many of them.

He knew it was the end when he felt his tail being shot to hell by one of the enemy aircrafts. Duo prayed a thousands times, as his ship quickly began a tailspin and time seemed to stand still.

All Duo could think of were Solo's last words. It was his fault for not listening to orders that Solo was dead, NO, it was those bastard Jap's fault! He hated them now more than he could ever had imagined before. He wanted to send each one of them into the worst possible hell.

But in the end it was still him who was going to crash into the earth any second. It was him that was really going to go to hell, and that just made him hate them all the more.

As the impact of the landing hit Duo, everything went blank. This plane itself skidded across a forest, churning anything in it's path, before abruptly crashing into some stronger trees, and leaving it's new pilot for dead


Unfortunately for Duo, he wasn't dead, and three hours later, he proved this by slowly opening his eyes. Moaning as pain rushed over him like a wave on his fragile and beat up body. He could almost make out the surrounding items. He was in... a cockpit. that had tress around it... or in it.

His senses suddenly seemed to be magnified. He could make out the sounds of birds chirping, cool wind chilling the moist blood dripping down his forehead, and something else that must be moving in the bushes near by.

Trying to move himself, Duo found he couldn't even lift his arms without feeling instantly dizzy and nauseous. He felt a head rush as he moved his head to the side, and almost yelped when he found himself staring into the coldest and most deadly eyes he had every dared look upon.

He would have screamed, but the soldier, obviously Japanese, had other plans. Without even a warning gesture, the soldier smashed the butt of his gun hard onto the top of Duo's head, causing him to pass out from the blow.

The forest seemed to quiet as the American's head slumped forward into unconsciousness.


Gee, Can you guess who the soldier was?? Just a few notes for you guys,

The Hair thing is true; you can't make them cut their hair if it is for religious purposes.

When I first wrote this way back I loved writing Solo's character for some reason. When I was editing it I thought to myself "Gee... that sounds like I'm talking about Han Solo from Star Wars... I'm not. I'm talking about Solo from Duo's oh so sorted past.

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