Oh how I wish for soothing rain

To calm my aches, to dull my pain

To pick me up, to set me down

Yet I am but blind fortune's clown

Oh how I'd love to fly away

To travel far is what I pray

To hear you laugh to feel your kiss

That's the thing I truly miss

Oh how I yearn to taste fresh air

To laugh and love, without a care

Yet I look back at my prison cell

This isn't heaven, only hell

Oh how I need to break the bars

To smell your breath to see the stars

To touch your face I'd give my life

Memories come, sharp as a knife

I see your eyes, their shining bright

As river diamonds in the light

I hear your voice, sweet melody

By your side I swear I'll be

Shrouded is the future, love

I feel your hair, soft as a dove

I may never see you more

Just know you all that I adore

I may die here in the dark

No trace of my passing, not a mark

But my angelic light, know that I

Will love you, yea, until I die