Silver maiden of the sea

Of wind and tears engendered

Through cold, bleak day and darkling night

Have I your sleek form tendered

And yet you're yearning for the sea

The salt-waves of your birth

Through tears of white you shall take flight

And show us all your worth

Though you've the visage of an angel

No heart beats in your chest

No chance here for redemption

Or for eternal rest

On your rock you sit and wait

And yet no way have the

Cries of those both drowned and damned

Of ever haunting thee

Your high clear voice enraptures them

And lures them to their death

You are but a Siren, old

You are the heroes test

Your golden hair is wind-tossed

Your eyes are clear and fair

You are their desire, though

Their doom lies in your stare

You pull them down into the sea

Those both weak and strong

In a strange way you are innocent

You don't know that it's wrong

And yet you are but lonely

Though you have eternal life

The eyes of men are clouded

And veiled to your strife

They scupper on the rock-sides

And fall into the deep

Though they are long both dead and gone

For you, not them, I weep