Sephiroth broods.

In that particularly typical Sephiroth way of brooding, Sephiroth broods and brood he does. He doesn't even notice the sudden appearance of a rather over-grown dog… type thing… behind him. Standing on his usual cliff over the entirety of Radiant Garden, the silver-haired warrior simply broods.

"A'hyuck. Wots wrong Mister Sephiroth Sir? Ya look sad."

Sephiroth snorts, ready to punt the dog right off of the cliff. Instead, the aged anthromorphic dog simply stands beside him, looking out upon the horizon. It would seem like a clichéd scene, until Goofy starts talking again. "Ya know, Mister Sephiroth Sir, Sora says ya gots a really nice, long sword."

Sephiroth broods.

Unlike a very silent, other man we've discussed in the past, Sephiroth is far more talkative. Well, more talkative than Leon, at least. "What are you even talking about?"

"Yeup! A very long, smooth sword. A'hyuck. He says he'd jest LOVE ta be impaled on it! I dunno why Sora'd wanna git stabbed, but oh well!"

Sephiroth doesn't brood, this time. Instead, he smiles. "Oh, really?"

Goofy nods and suddenly envelops Sephiroth in a hug. The silver-haired man freezes, but hesitantly hugs Goofy back. After all, it's the first amount of contact he's had… in a while. Save for that little 'meeting' with Queen Minnie. That woman could do the strangest things with her tail.

"Well, why don't we go pay Sora a visit?" suggests Sephiroth. Goofy nods.

Hand in hand they go off to meet Sora.

Sephiroth doesn't brood anymore.

After all, it's hard to brood when you've got a lovely piece of Keyblade master sandwiched between you and Leon.

And Leon looks rather nice in leather. But better with his clothes off.