Sesshomaru's Secret.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru!" yelled Jaken, the green skinned goblin-thingy, as he ran to catch up to the regally clad white demon.

"What is it, Jaken?" sighed Sesshomaru, who had had enough of Jaken's blabbering (like he ever couldn't have enough). Sesshomaru did not slow his pace up the mountain path, leaving the vertically challenged Jaken to scramble his little legs like mad just to keep up.

"I-I know your Lordship's sentry atop this mountain is of uh-utmost importance… b-but…"

"But WHAT, Jaken? Get to the point before I end your insufferable blabbering permanently" Sesshomaru interjected.

"Y-yes… of course. I bear a messenger" said Jaken as a miniscule speck leapt from his hat to the Lord's shoulder.

"Greetings, Lord Sesshomaru" said the speck before being squished under the Lord's hand.

"Myoga… I expected such groveling filth" said Sesshomaru.

"Pardon me, my lordship" said Myoga, brushing himself off "But this date would begin your 2100th year, would it not?"

"What of it?"

"Well… to be frank I'm not entirely sure."

"You didn't come to just wish me a happy birthday. Did your cowardice fail to inform you that I don't take well to suck ups? This better be important"

"Well… of course… it is… Your great father told me to give you this message on this day: ahem Dear Sesshomaru, my son. I ask of you to go to the hot springs of Edo on 2100th anniversary of your birth. There you will learn the truth…"

Sesshomaru looked towards Myoga. "What truth?" he glared.

"I…I honestly have no idea. All I know is that you're supposed to g-go alone. To prevent… unwanted attention."

"Why should I listen to a vermin that hides behind half-breeds and flees from mice?"

"Why would I look for you unless it was very important?"

"Fine… I'll humble you for now. Be gone!" Sesshomaru said, casually flicking Myoga into the night. He then turned around south, for Edo.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Are you sure it is wise to listen to him?" asked Jaken.

"Do not question me. Just go back to Rin and keep her safe until I return."

"Yes m'lord" said Jaken, looking down.