It's A Vicious Cycle

summary- Paris and Rory contemplate why they go back to their boyfriends. RoryLogan and ParisDoyle mentioned.

Rory sighed as she flopped down on the couch in the apartment she and Paris shared.

"Men suck" she grumbled as Paris walked in from her bedroom.

"Yes, they do, I thought we already established this last night, remember? I hate Doyle, you hate Logan. Doyle is horrible and Logan cheated on you. Ring a bell?" Paris bit out flopping on the other end of the couch.

"Well, yeah, but still, it's the idea of it. Men suck" Rory tried to explain

"Oh, I get it," Paris said nodding, "You mean the idea that all men suck not just our men"

"Yes! Exactly!" She nodded, happy her slightly crazy roommate got it.

"You know what I think? It's a vicious cycle" Paris said, jaw sticking out in a thoughtful, yet angrily stubborn way, "We give them our all. We love them and take care of them and stop them from doing incredibly stupid things and what do we get? Broken hearts, baby, all the way!" Paris continued, standing up and pacing, really getting into her rant.

"Yeah!" Rory cheered indignantly on her broken heart's behalf.

"So, we break up and a couple weeks later they're back apologizing, saying they'll never do it again. And us, being the saps that we are, believe them! And take them back! And they're great for a while, the perfect boyfriend... until you find out they've been cheating on you since... what was it, Thanksgiving? It's unbelievable!" She had by now turned to face Rory in her spree of indignatation.

"Yeah!" Rory agreed again.

"They're jerks... horrible, terrible, disgusting, filthy, no good, god damned, SCUMMY JERKS!" Paris yelled.

"YEAH!" Rory cheered.


"uhhh... yeah? Well, I dunno, Paris, syphillis?"

"Thanksgiving, wedding party?" Paris reminded


"I HATE MEN!" Paris reiterated.

"Me too"

"...Wanna go stalk Logan and see if he's already with another girl?"

"Yeah, and if he is..." Rory growled

"It's a vicious cyle, you know that right?" her roommate asked as she grabbed her coat on her way out the door, "You know that in a couple of days, Logan will be back with flowers and candy and jewelry and some kind of bogus explanation and you'll take him back. You know that right?"

"Yes, Paris, I do" Rory sighed as they climbed down the stairs.

Paris stopped suddenly and in a small voice suddenly asked, "Why?"

Rory, shocked at Paris' softer side, asked "Why what?"

"Why, after everything he did, would you take him back?"

Rory sighed, "Because, no matter what he does, I still love him and deep down, I know exactly how much he loves me."

"Do you think Doyle and I will get back together?"


"Because, while Doyle can be on the dense side, he knows how much he needs you and how much he loves you"

"Why do we keep letting them back in? We'll just get hurt. Vicious cycle, remember?"

"Because we love them, because we need them, because part of the greatness of love is the pain that precedes it or follows it. Because how can you enjoy the good times without the bad times to remember it with."

"So, we just keep getting hurt?"

"Yes, because nothing's real, if it doesn't hurt"