Case File #001: Maiev Shadowsong

Siegh peered into the room with great caution. He had barely taken a glance before a swarm of daggers flew directly toward his face.

The clanking sound of metal upon metal echoed the room as Siegh had narrowly escaped an unfortunate fate that would have left him with a few new holes in his face. Siegh saw a few of his hairs that were clipped by the daggers floating in the air.

"Damn, I missed…I knew I should have aimed more left!" A voice said coming from a dark corner in the room.

Siegh drew himself more inward and saw a night elf woman in chains.

Siegh was apprehensive to talking to a dangerous patient but mustered enough courage to speak.

"A-A--Are you the patient?" Siegh asked.

"Oh wait…you're not one of the doctor's are you? My apologies, I thought I sensed one of those vile bastards coming here." The night elf women said as she stood more poised and presentable.

"But I am one of the doctors."

"Oh I see…I knew I should have aimed more left." The night elf women cursed under her breath.

"May I ask why you are in this heavily protected room and why are you in those chains?"

"Court order."


"I was brought here on a court order by the Alliance Secret Society of Corrections Association and Parliament. ASSCAP for short if I remember correctly. Apparently I portrayed some example of disassociation with reality with my obsessions of revenge. I can't believe they could find me out in Draenor."

"You mean to say they crossed over to another world just to hunt you down?"

"Well I had done the same thing for a certain horned demonic bastard. And they happened to have a branch office working there."

"Uh…I see."

"I don't like to be reminded of my capture however…"

(Flashback, Draenor, Lo Sheng's Hellfire Brewery, 1 month ago)

A beaten, dusty warden walked into a bar. She marched up to the bar table and sat down. A pandaren barkeep came to take her order.

"What's your poison, my fine lavender lady?" The pandaren, Lo Sheng, inquired.

"Something strong and on the rocks" Maiev growled.

"Hmm…Aged Black Dragon Spit with golem cubes?"


"Strongest stuff we have."

"Whatever! Just get me the drink!"

The pandaren set off to get the drink. He took a set of gloves, a mask, and a pair of tongs with him as he went in search of the dangerous liquid.

A two headed ogre walked up the bar table where Maiev was sitting.

"Hey pretty lady, why so purple? Hur ha ha…" One of the heads spoke.

Maiev said nothing, just massaged her already aching head.

"You know it looks like you could use some company" The other head belched.

"Hey lady! If you've been with guys who had one head, imagine what you can do with a guy who had two" The two headed ogre laughed loudly.

Immediately the peeved nightelf revealed her deadly hidden glaive and edged it very close between the ogre's legs.

"I am not in the mood for shoddy pick up lines from ogres. But I am gracious enough to allow you to lumber yourself away from my presence in three…two…"

The ogre immediately started to shuffle quickly away. Maiev slowly and patiently drew out one of her daggers. She checked the edges with her fingers tips and then flung it out to the other side of the bar.

A high pitched scream was heard afterwards.

"One." The warden whispered.

The pandaren set down the drink with the tongs he held in his hands. Maiev took the drink up quickly and drunk deeply.

"Sigh…it's…good…hic…how much do I owe you?" Maiev asked drunkenly.

"Oh nothing! Nothing at all…but are you driving?"


"I asked are you driving."

"No, why?"

"Oh we have strict DUI rules here in Draenor. No drinking while operating large felhounds or nether drakes and things like that."

"Well…thank you for the concern…" Maiev muttered dismissively.

"In fact, you seem to be headed somewhere."

"What? No, I'm--"

The pandaren quickly slipped shackles on Maiev's wrists with lightning fast paws.

"I think you're going on a ride in the near future…to jail!"


"Maiev Shadowsong under the order of the Alliance Secret Society of Corrections Association and Parliament, ASSCAP, you are under arrest for portraying disassociation with reality through obsessive behavior and injuring an officer of ASSCAP!"


"Agent Bumbley! Are you seriously injured?"

The ogre limped into the scene with great pains.

"I can't feel my left buttock!" The ogre whined.

"Well I hope worker's comp covers that…come along now!"

The pandaren started to drag off the confused Maiev.

"This is insane!" Maiev protested

"According to this warrant, you're the only one who's really insane. Come along now!"

(End Flashback…)

"What stung worse was the sheer irony of my arrest! I was jail warden sitting in jail! And for what!"

Siegh took a few cautious steps away from his patient. He was unsure if she had any more daggers hidden on her. Still he made his way to a chair which he settled himself on and tried desperately to look professional.

He opened up the paper file that Ari had given him previously. He first noticed the large bold red lettering on the paper saying to "watch out for projectile daggers while approaching this patient".

"That would have been helpful a little beforehand…" Siegh muttered to himself.

"How long have you been in here?" Siegh asked the obviously dangerous patient.

"I've lost count after five miserable days." Maiev replied dryly.

"If you were locked in here for five days then how did you manage to sneak daggers into the room?"

"You would be amazed where I can hide things."

Siegh was becoming increasingly disturbed with his patient. With each passing moment Siegh had already started to regret signing his contract to Dr. SunnyDale. It would seem that he had taken up a deal with a demon that lacked any sense of remorse. But he had only himself to blame to be put into such a desperate situation.

"I still don't see the reason for the chains. They seem to be a bit excessive as you're already in this room."

"They're magic restrainers. It keeps me from blinking out of here and causing a mass slaughter of everyone who resides in this building. You would be hearing more blood-curdling screams here than you would ever want to hear in a lifetime."

Maiev started to glare maliciously at the new doctor. Siegh averted from her gaze by pretending to write something down in the case file.

"I'm seeing a lot of resentment gathered up in your regular mannerisms." Siegh attempted to analyze.

"Resentment is not a word worthy enough to describe how I am feeling right now."

"Would you care to explain why?"

"Where do you want me to start?"

"Well I guess we could start with your childhood?"

Maiev finally settled herself on the long padded bedding that was set up for her.

"Well I still remember hunting with my girlfriends in the woods. Happy and cheerful those times were. I must have not been more than the 700 years old at the time."

Siegh slapped himself on the head. He forgot that elves had very long lives. Still he listened intently in fear of having daggers thrown at his head again for interrupting. He quietly suffered as Maiev droned on for several hours.

"And then I flowered into my adolescence bathed in the blood of the first kill of the morning…"

"Ah…I don't mean to disturb your recollections but we could move on to more primary memories that associate more to your…'problem'."

"I do not have a problem."

"But clearly--"

"I do not have any problems." Maiev pronounced firmly as she glared again at Siegh.

Siegh averted his eyes again by jumping back to the case file. He actually took the time to read it again and notice a few lines mentioning the name "Illidan".

"It says here that you have some issues with a nightelf by the name of Illidan?" Siegh asked.

At the very mention of the name, Maiev shot up out of her once docile position and came very close to Siegh's face.

"That bastard ruined my life more times than one!"


"First, he tried to kill my younger brother, Jarod! Then he went on to create another pool of magical after all the hell we went through trying to destroy the first one! I wanted to have him killed but no! Furion wanted to have a life-time imprisonment! We're night elves! Do you know how long it takes for us to die by age! But that was fine! Just fine! I volunteered to watch that bastard for a millennium or more to come! I would watch and torture the bastard for that long if I had to! And I did! You wouldn't believe the number of whips and burning candle wax I had to go through just to see him squirm! I ask do you know why he went blind?"

"I thought demon hunters ritually blind themselves to--"

Siegh stopped when he saw an unnatural grin come across Maiev's face. Maiev took a few breaths before she started again.

"I was fine being stuffed up in a cave for a couple thousand years. Until Tyrande had to come along." Maiev continued to rant.

Maiev started to pace across the room now.

"She came in while I was away and slaughtered my girls when they were just minding their own business."

"So…where were you at the time."

(Flashback, Barrow Deeps, several months ago…)

Maiev was outside in the eastern area of the caves. She was conversing with a Druid of the Claw, Boogie.

"For the last time Boogie, I do not know where your chewing shoe went." Maiev repeated tiredly.

"Grawr!" Boogie answered angrily.

"It could be anywhere by now! Are you sure one of those Kobolds didn't take it?"

"Grawr! Grr! Grawr!"

"You're saying a gigantic pandaren took your shoe, Boogie?"


"By Elune…where in this cave can a gigantic pandaren possibly hide!"

"Grawr! Grark! Grawrrr!"

"Where did you find that shoe in the first place?"

"Grawr…grawr. Grawk!"

"Ugh…I can't believe you put that in your mouth!"

"Grawrg grawk!"

"Listen, I've already missed my watch duty for this, Boogie. Wherever this shoe is you're going to have to find it yourself because I don't have any more time to spend to look for it."

"Grawr! Grar! Growar!"

"I'll be sure to inform her of that, Boogie. But for now I must take my leave."

(End Flashback)

"Wait, are you saying you missed your watch because you were talking to a bear?" Siegh asked in confusion.

"It was a Druid of the Claw." Maiev corrected.

"But how were you able to understand him? He was after all in bear form not--"

"I was in a cave for about 10,000 years. After a while, you start to pick things up."

Siegh just shook his head slowly and wrote down some notes in the case file again. He thought that his patient had gone insane long before her arrest.

"So Tyrande freed Illidan and you found this out only later?"

"Yes, it was a nice surprise Tyrande left me. After 10,000 years, I was expecting some sort of greeting at least! Maybe a nice pie and some hygiene products from above. But instead I find my prison in ruins, blood spattered everywhere, and she stole some of my clothes! This was just like when we were younger! I was rooming with her for a while and she did the exact same thing!"

"I see…"

"I still can't believe her! Damn her and Illidan! If I had the chance to get my hands on either of them alone I would…ARGH!"

Maiev started to rip the padding from the bedding with her bare hands and started to toss it around the room.

Siegh felt that it would be a good time to leave. After it seems like he had made some form of progress. She was obviously venting her range openly…

Siegh quickly shuffled away to the door and let himself out. As he was out in the hallway he pushed the heavy metallic door shut and locked it quickly.

How many more patients were like this, he wondered.