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Chapter 4: Blast from the past


Dean sighed quietly from his place on his bed as he watched Sam confront their dad. This was going to turn into another big argument, just like it had last time.

Sam wanted to go on a camping trip next weekend, he hadtalked toDean beforehand. It was a free trip and would last for three days. His friend Jason had asked him if he wanted to go a few days ago. Dean had warned Sam that dad would never go for it, but he just didn't listen.

It was the day before fathers day. Sam and Dean had argued if they should get something for him this year. Sam had made a good point, that their dad wouldn't even know what day it was, but after so many years of not trying, they had at least decided to buy him something that would help with hunting. A new steel knife, since his had started to look very worn.

Of course, John had made a commitment for them to go on a hunt tomorrow (something else him and Sam had almost argued about).

He was getting sick of them, they never stopped arguing anymore. He looked up as he heard John utter a sharp 'no.'

"But why dad?"

"Sam you know we're going on a hunt that weekend, we're heading up to Waupaca for that werewolf case!"

Sam sighed. "You just told us that today dad."

"It doesn't matter."

"It matters to me!"

John took a step closer to Sam. "Are you saying you'd rather hang out with some kid you've only known for a month? You'd rather sit at a fire eating marshmallows then having your bothers back! How could you feel if you weren't there and it got Dean killed!"

That was a low blow. Sam shot a glance at Dean before turning back to their father. "That isn't fair."

"Why? It's perfectly fair, and completely possible."

Sam shook his head. "Dad Dean is to good a hunter for that. It isn't fair of you to say that, or to keep me from having any idea what a normal life is."

John almost laughed at that word. "Normal? Nothing in this family has been normal since…since your mother…"

"That's only because you wouldn't let anything be normal!"

John grabbed Sam by the shoulders and pulled him closer. "You think I wanted this for you boys? You think I wanted this to be our lives! Bad things happen Sam, and you can't go on pretending we're a normal family when-"

John was cut off as Dean broke his hold on Sam. "Would you both calm down?"

Sam sent one last glare at John and stormed out of the door.

"Where are you going?" John yelled.

"To Dean's car!"

The door slammed shut behind him. Dean turned from the way his brother had gone to look at John. "Dad it's no big deal, we can handle it. Why don't you just let Sammy take this weekend off?"

John turned incredulous eyes to Dean. "Not you too!"

"Dad come on give the kid a break."

"A break?" John asked, as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Dean you know we don't have a life like that! You know-"

Dean interrupted him again. "I know but…is it so bad once in a while?"

Obviously frustrated, John paced around the room for a few minutes before turning back to Dean. "If he gets a good enough taste of this he won't stay with us Dean. Is that what you want?"

"What I want is for this family to not be torn apart because you won't let him have a life!" Dean finally said. "I want to not have to worry about Sam getting killed at least once a week! I want us to be a family and not arguing all the time!"

John gave him a hard look. "We don't get everything we want Dean. It doesn't matter anyway. I am his father and he will do what I think is right, not you. You are not in charge of this family."

"Sometimes I think I am," Dean said without thinking.

"Excuse me?"

Neither noticed the door open slightly as Sam came back in, but froze when he saw the scene before him. He took a step backward, realizing that Dean was standing up to their father for him.

Dean kept his eyes on his father. "As a kid, I was the one feeding Sam and taking care of him. You were always out hunting, and I was always the one watching over him. Where were you when he had a nightmare, or when he won the spelling bee during school? Do you even know his grades on his last report card?"

John didn't.

He faltered for a second, surprised at the words coming out of his mouth, things he had wanted to say for so long but never had until now. "You haven't been there for Sammy or for me, and if you keep pushing dad, Sam's going to hate you, and if you hurt Sam like that I'll hurt you to."

"What are you saying?"

"Don't mess with my brother, and don't act like you know him better then me because you don't, I doubt you know him at all."

That was the final straw for John. Before he could stop himself his fist shot out and caught Dean squarely in the jaw. Dean stumbled back and looked up at John, shocked.


Then Sam was there by Dean's side, anxious eyes turned on the small trickle of blood running from his split lip. He turned angry eyes to John, more angry then he had ever seen in his life. "What the hell is your problem?" Sam asked, moving forward.

Dean grabbed him and pulled him away from John, as if scared John might strike him too. He took in the site of his two sons, standing side by side…against him.

Without warning John snatched his keys from the table and headed towards the door. He couldn't believe he had just hit his son, he'd never struck either of his boys. I need to get out, I need to get away from here for a while.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"I'm leaving for that hunt."

Dean seemed to have gotten over the shock of the blow and turned to face his father. "You're not going alone, this is a family deal!"

John shook his head at that. "Not tonight, and it won't be by tomorrow either. Consider it your fathers day present to me. I'll be back in a couple of days, stay here." The door slammed behind him.

John stopped outside the door for a second and took a deep breath. "I'm so sorry Dean," he said quietly, then continued to his truck.

Sam continued to glare at the door. "Happy fathers day," he snapped, before turning back to Dean. "You okay man? I can't believe he hit you, he's never…" he trailed off.

He shook his head. "I know, I'm fine."

"You don't look fine."

"Well I am!" Dean stormed over to his bed and laid down. "Just go to sleep Sammy," he said softly, not having the energy to get up and change.

Sam sighed. "It's Sam," he said to quietly for Dean to hear. Ever since they had been kids, fathers day had been bad luck for them. It would either end in an argument or be completely ignored. The only good fathers day he remembered was that year he and Dean had been alone, and he had made breakfast on his own…

That gave him an idea.

Sam racked his memory for what he had done that fathers day and smiled, getting ready for bed. He had a plan, he just had to make sure he woke up early enough.


The next morning Dean awoke to someone shaking him. His first instinct was to go for his knife, but then he heard Sam's voice calling for him, and quickly relaxed at the grinning face of his brother. "Sam what time is it?" he asked, still half asleep.

"Eight in the morning."

"Eight in the morning? Are you freakin serious?" he asked, letting his head fall back to the pillow. "I'm not in the mood today Sam, fix your own damn breakfast."

Silence, and then "I made breakfast."

Dean took in his brothers excited expression as he gestured to the bedside table. Sitting there was a few slices of buttered toast,a bowl of lucky charms, and a glass of orange juice. It was just like when Dean was eleven and Sam had made him breakfast. "The only good fathers day we ever had," Dean said, surprised.

Sam nodded and handed him a homemade card. On the front was a sketch (not perfect but not half bad) of him and Sam standing together and holding guns, a small speak bubble coming from Dean saying "Let's kick some ghost ass."

Dean smiled and opened the card, where it abruptly changed from Sam's more skilled drawing to the words 'I love you Dean' written in crayon, and underneath it said 'Happy fathers day."

Dean shook his head, turning soft eyes up to Sam. "Sammy, I don't know what to say."

" It's Sam," Sam said, grinning. "And say thank you, jerk."

Dean grinned. "Thank you bitch."

The memory of last night was forgotten for now, because they had each other, and they had finally had another good fathers day. Sometimes, it isn't your father who needs the recognition, but the one who looks after you in more ways in one.

Sam could always count on Dean to be there for him, just like Dean knew Sam would always be there for him, and that is the greatest gift of all.

The end


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