Note: I neither promote nor encourage rape, pedophilia, or anything of the like. Because that stuff's bad.

He expected the kiss—of course he expected it; he knew something like this would happen when he first even thought of joining—but for some reason, when Orochimaru's mouth leaves his own, it's nearly impossible to stop the shaking in his legs.

A pale hand is run through his hair, Orochimaru's lips quirking up into a grin the could only be described as inhuman. He suddenly seems much more sinister and snake-like than ever before, his long tongue darting out to lick the tip of Sasuke's ear. "You're a very beautiful boy, Sasuke-kun…"

When Orochimaru kisses him again, Sasuke can't keep his whole body from shaking.

- - -

Kabuto's not surprised to find him sitting alone in the dark corner, shaking, legs drawn up to his chest. His eyes are set wide in fear, and it's then Kabuto's suspicions are proven true.

"You'll get used to it eventually, Sasuke-kun," Kabuto says casually in passing, not even bothering to look at him. "He does this with almost all his younger subordinates. Besides, he stops when you get too old for his liking."

Kabuto stops walking for a moment to send a backwards glance over his shoulder, giving Sasuke the cruel half-smirk he's so well-known for.

"Well, unless you're special, that is."

The "I'm sure you won't need to worry about that" goes unsaid, and Kabuto thinks Sasuke might have been angry if he hadn't been so numb.

Okay, part one in a three part microfic series thing. There will be OroSasu, OroKabu, and KabuSasu as pairings. Because OroKabuSasu is an awesome OT3 and needs more written about it. Yep.

Next microfic will contain some consenual sex thrown into the mix, too, so... yeah. Since it's a microfic series, all three chapters/parts/whatever will be rom 200 - 300 words. Next part will be posted later this week, probably after Thurdays because that's when I get out from school.

Critique is very much appreciated on everything, but please don't flame. I know the difference between fiction and reality, so calling me a sick fuck or whatever is just stupid.