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"Optimus, we're bored."

Carlos laid back on the sofa, his feet on the coffee table with his arms holding his head for balance. Rad sat left of him while Alexis sat right. Billy was leaning against the wall next to the couch, while Fred sat on the floor, cross-legged. Optimus was next to the balcony they were on, along with a sleeping Scavenger.

It was ten o'clock at night on a rainy Saturday and very quiet. There must have been no readings on the minicon panels which were waiting to be found. The Decepticons probably didn't receive any signals either. Or, probably the rain was blocking any transmissions and signals, for both factions of the war. Also, a storm warning was about through the whole entire town, since there was a large storm which caused the television cable to go out. And Hotshot was preoccupied with Smokescreen to annoy Red Alert, who had seemed to have gone off somewhere. So, none of the kids could actually play and have fun. Well, not for the time being.

Optimus looked beside him at a halfway asleep Carlos, who was beginning to nod his head to sleep. "I'm sorry kids, but the power is out for the moment and it won't be back until tomorrow morning."

"Great…" Billy grumbled, "How are we going to kill time until then?"

'These kids are going to drive me crazy one day…' Optimus thought silently as he tried to think of a solution. 'Where in this fraggin base is Hot Shot when you need him!?"

"Relax guys. You're not here just to have fun." Answered Alexis, lifting her head from crossed arms. Optimus would have praised the young human female is it weren't for the fact that she was the reason why they had came here instead of to their own homes. Why the heck did the slagging human reporter have to tell the citizens to stay where they are until morning? Even he had to admit, the humans were getting quite annoying and burning his circuits ever so slowly.

Rad, who had just fallen asleep, woke up quickly with his half lidded eyes centered on the Autobot leader. "Can you tell us a story from Cybertron?"

"Hm?" Optimus looked down at Rad, who had curiosity in his eyes.

"Or even a fairytale?" Fred asked.

Optimus' left optic had seemed to narrow a bit at that question, as if raising an eyebrow. "What is a fairytale?"

Alexis placed her hands on her lap and looked up at Optimus. "A fairytale is a story made up about things that could never happen."

"But, we're too old for stories like that Fred. What are you? A baby?" Billy asked, glaring down at his dimwitted friend. The "fat one," as Blurr had named him, seemed unphazed.

"No," Fred answered, "It's just that fairytales talk about delicious food."

The other kids sighed in annoyance at their friend's obsession with food. It was as if, all he could think about was food. He was probably the most annoying organics that had joined the team. He was whiny, ravenous, and probably even plain stupid.

"So that's what those stories were."

The kids looked back at Optimus who seemed to have a full understanding about the 'fairytales' that he had heard from what the children had called 'television.'

"…Alright kids, I will tell you kids a story."

"Huh?" The humans asked in unison, looking at Optimus wide eyed. Optimus turned around and sat on a transformer-sized chair. The humans went down the stairs attached to the side of the balcony and sat at his feet. "This is bound to be interesting…" Billy said quietly to himself.

"Alright kids, I will tell you the story of…Screamerella." Optimus said. He had remembered the story a bit, but forgot some parts of it and had only remembered the partial part of the title. 'It was something-ella…but who cares?'

"Um, Optimus?" asked Carlos, "Don't you mean Cinderella?"

Unfortunately, Optimus had ignored his question. No sooner had Carlos said that, he started his "accurate" story.


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young maiden fembot named Screamerella. She was young and her family was very wealthy. Sadly to say, she had a cruel and evil stepmother. Her name was Megatrocia. Screamerella's father must've been horribly desperate since he had married her. Megatrocia also had two children of her own. They were Cyclonia and Demolishina. They were very mean to Screamerella because they were jealous of her beauty. Also, Screamerella had sliced their dresses in half due to its horrible ugliness.

One day, Screamerella's father had died of disease. But it was actually because her father had kissed his horrible wife. Poor Screamerella was stuck with her stepmother and stepsisters. Her only friends were the little minicons that had scurried about the house. Also, her stepmother danced happily around her stepfather's tombstone, because she had inherited her husband's fortune.

They moved to a mansion on the largest grassy hill of Cybertron…



Optimus Prime paused and looked down at Rad, who had a confused look on his face. "Why did you have the Decepticons be the main characters?"

"And I thought Cybertron was made of metal." Alexis said with her hands on her hips. 'Slaggit, I should have seen this coming.'

Optimus was quiet for a minute or so. He soon broke the silence. "Do, you kids want to hear the story or not?"

The human teenagers nodded their heads for Optimus to continue. "Very well then…"


They moved to a mansion on the largest METAL hill of Cybertron. Poor Screamerella was forced by her evil family members to leave all her belongings she had left to a hobo who seemed to love to eat them, despite the fact they were not food. She had to live in the attic for the rest of her life and the things she had left were her recharge bed and her little minicon friends.

Poor Screamerella was forced to clean behind her stepsisters and stepmother and do their bidding. To add to the humiliation, they had her dress as a maidbot.

Screamerella had tried to get rid of her evil siblings and mother. She had poisoned their energon drinks, set a large ax over their beds, and even hired a mafia to take them out when they would go out. Sadly, fate would not let them die.

Surprisingly, poison was considered sugar to them and it actually fueled their power. The axes had not even left a scratch on them while they had slept, and Megatrocia's looks had scared the mafia away. When they had soon found out Screamerella's intentions and had severely restricted her bathroom privileges.


"Since when did Transformers use the bathroom?" Billy asked, scratching the back of his neck.

Optimus Prime fixed his optics onto the freckle-faced human. It took Billy only a few seconds to realize it was a glare. And Billy knew it was the Just-Go-Along-With-The-Story glare. Billy closed his mouth and nodded his head, to let the leader know he had received the message. Optimus grinned under his faceplate.

"Now, where was I? Oh! Now I remember…


Screamerella had given up hope of ever removing her evil family off the face of Cybertron.

One day, while Screamerella was mopping the floor with a mere toothbrush, there was a knock at the door. Demolishina rushed to the door, just to be tackled by Cyclonia.

"Get off Cyclonia! I got here first!" growled Demolishina, trying to pry her equally ugly sister off of her back.

"No! The door's for me!" Cyclonia shrieked into her sister's audio receivers. As they fought, Screamerella walked passed them and answered the door. When she opened it, she saw a jet transformer dressed in dark red boots and hat. He had golden optics and a yellow faceplate, while the rest of his body was white, silver, and red.


The children could not help but chuckle. Jetfire would not be pleased to know that he was dragged into the story. Their attentions were dragged into the story. Optimus may not have gotten the story completely correct, but he did make it very interesting.


"Good day miss." The male jet transformer greeted, getting on one knee while swerving his hat off his head and to his chest. He grabbed Screamerella's hand and tried to kiss it, but remembered he had a faceplate. Screamerella realized what he had intended to do and slapped the poor robot across the face.

"What did you do that for?"

Before the femme could answer the male jet's question, she was pushed to the side by her stepsisters. Their optics were pink with hearts.

"Why, hello handsome!" giggled a flustered Cyclonia, her optics flickering.

The poor jet only shuddered before gaining the courage to take a step closer to the ugly femmes. "I'm just the messenger. I'm here to tell you that everyone is invited to the Transformer Ball."

"Will you be there cutie?" Asked Demolishina, hugging the disgruntled Jet transformer while running her finger over his chest. Cyclonia latched onto his back burying her head into his shoulder.

The messenger went wide-optic and pushed the two sisters off of him before running back down the hill, howling in sheer horror of the treatment he was given by the hideous femmes.

The two sisters sighed romantically until they saw a sheet of paper fly across their lovestruck faces. Cyclonia grabbed the paper and began to read it.

"Hey! The paper says there is a Transformer Ball! And we're invited!" Cyclonia exclaimed.


"But Jetfire already said that already!" Carlos stated.

"I can stop this story right now if I get one more interruption." Optimus told them. 'If these kids wanted to, they could become movie critics.'

Alexis placed her hand on Carlos' lips, silencing the spaniard. Optimus nodded his head towards Alexis to signal a thank you.

Rad just shook his head and leaned forward into a better position. 'This is going to be an interesting story…"


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