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"…Yes Fred?"

"I really need to go to the bathroom!"

Optimus let out a small sigh, his optics dimming a bit to signal a blank. "No one is keeping you."

The overweight teen stood up and waddled through the automatic doors as he uncomfortably tried to hold his bladder. The others watched as the doors slid behind him.

"Will we wait for him?" asked Sideswipe, shuffling into a more comfortable position.



As Screamerella made way to her home, she noticed her dress withering away as particles fell from the sky as she flew. Her horse friend had already shrunk back into a minicon, who was trying to keep up with by ground, but ended up colliding with a building.

As soon as Screamerella reached home, she quickly jammed the code for the lock, literally denting it, before entering her home. She didn't realize that she had stepped onto her stepmother's minicon, Leader-One, as she trudged up the stairs.

Screamerella just sat onto her bed…well, ashes of her bed, which had been vaporized for unknown reasons. She daydreamed about the food that she had received during the night at the ball. It was wonderful and the prince. Now, she didn't really think he was good looking, but he reeked of riches and power. He was a doofus, but hey? He was a RICH doofus!

After about an hour or so, Screamerella heard the door fall, clattering against the floor before sliding to the wall. "I guess their here, the little ba-…"


"Coming mother dear!" Screamerella answered, trying to use her most gentlest voice he could muster before opening the attic door and going down the ridiculously long flight of stairs.


The door reopened, revealing a satisfied Fred, who began to walk towards the group. But was cut short.

"Did you wash your hands?" Optimus asked, one optic growing wider than the other, as if lifting one eyebrow.

As Fred stood in place, a black expression placed upon his face, he silently hesitated to himself and turned back around, exiting the doors.

"That's just disgusting…" Alexis said, grimacing about the boy's poor sense in personal hygiene.

"…Alright. I'll continue now."


When Screamerella reached the bottom of the stairs, she was greeted by three furious femmes. Megatrocia grabbed Screamerella's head before shoving it into a wall.

As Screamerella unsteadily stood up, rubbing her head with left arm while trying to keep her balance with her right, she glared at her mother, teeth clenched. "What the heck was that for!?"

"To release anger fool! Now, go make us some energon tea!"

Screamerella grumbled as she made her way to the kitchen, but stopped short to see her stepsisters' wet dresses, covered by mud head to toe. "What the slag happened to you guys?" Screamerella asked.

"None of your slagging business!" shrieked Cyclonia, who, along with Demolishina, trudged up the stairs to their rooms, slamming the door in causing a few cracks to appear near the doorframe. The doorknob fell off, and rolled down the stairs by Megatrocia's feet. She roughly scooped it up and shoved it into Screamerella's face.

"While you at it, go fix the door!" demanded the hideous stepmother.

"But I didn't break it!" Screamerella complained, only to have the doorknob snatched from her arms and shoved into her mouth. "No 'buts!' Just do it!"

And with that, Megatrocia stormed down the hallway as Screamerella went to the kitchen. However, Megatrocia glanced back. She narrowed her optics to see a shining object on Screamerella's left foot. Magnifying the image with her optics, she was able to make out a glass shoe.



The door slid open yet again. Fred walked through the doors and made his way to the others, who gave him a disgusted look. When he sat down next to his nest friend, he scooted over to the opposite direction. The others followed his actions, until Fred was in the middle of a circle.

Fred looked around and sighed before looking up to Optimus. "What I miss?"

"Not a lot. Anyway…"


The very next day, there was a knock on the door. However, Screamerella was in her room, trying to replace a light bulb.

Demolishina, however, decided to answer it. "I'll get it!"

She walked down the hallway and opened the door, and to her surprise, saw a handsome blue, red, and white mech. "Well now, how are you doing sir?" She asked in her smooth voice. However, it seemed the guest hadn't picked up the message. "I'm fine madam. Excuse me. I am Duke Red, and I would like to ask if you could bring all femmes here please."

"Sure, whatever you say…Red." The green femme giggled before turning around.

"GUYS, GET YOUR SLAGGING AFTS DOWN HERE!" Demolishina called. "Except you stepmother! You don't have a slagging aft." Demolishina corrected, hoping not to enrage her superior.

Large stomps were heard quiet loudly as Cyclonia and Megatrocia trudged down the stairs.

"What is it Demo- ooh!"

Defying all logic, Cyclonia appeared behind the bot, even though she was right in front of him, examining his physical features. However, the duke wasn't amused. "May I help you madam?"

"Yes," Cyclonia exclaimed, "you can! How's about you stay over here for a little while, hm?"

"I'm sorry ma'am. But, I have a job to do. Now, um. Is this everyone?


Demolishina was never able to finish, since a large purple hand swiftly covered her mouth. "Yes, that is all the femmes in this household."

The duke looked at the "queen" of the house. "Very well then. Please take a seat." The duke directed them, pointing to a long blue couch.

As the three femmes made their way to their own couch, Demolishina leaned next to her mother.

"Mother dear, where is Screamerella?" she asked, whispering into her audio receptors. Her mother smirked.

"Oh, don't worry. She only in her room.


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