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Summary: What if Lily Potter nee Evans had sent her sister a letter to be delivered upon her death?

An old man had just laid the infant at the front door of the house A perfect house on a perfect drive which contained an almost perfect family. The husband was a bit too fat and the wife a bit too thin. The young baby they had was a large boy for his age. The husband and wife doted on him nonetheless although they wanted another child so he had a friend. However, for them this was not possible. Their young son had only been born through medical intervention.

The old man rang the doorbell and left a letter on top of the infant outside. An infant with a lightening strike scar on his forehead. An infant that could one day be very famous. The husband went to see who could be calling at this time of night. the man opened the door and looked around, seeing no one, he was about to close the door when the baby whimpered. The man hurried to pick him up as it was far too cold for any child to be left outside. He lifted the baby with bright green eyes and the letter written in ink of the same colour.

"Who's there dear?" the woman asked.
"Someone left a baby on the doorstep. Looks like he's the same age as Dudley," the man said shutting the door with his foot and carrying the baby into the kitchen, "There was a letter with him,"

The couple sat down at the table. The man still had the baby in his arms to warm them up with his bodyheat. The letter was on material thicker than paper and was written in a flowing script.

Dear Mrs Dursley,
I am writing to inform you that your sister and her husband, James and Lily Potter, are dead. Their son, Harry, did not die with them suprisingly. As you are his last living relatives, custody of him has been granted to you. He will be eligible to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he turns eleven. He will receive a letter explaining about the school nearer the time.
Please do not spoil him as he will be very famous when he enters the wizarding world and we do not want that fame to go to his head. It is very likely that Harry will perform magic between now and then. This is harmless unless performed in front of other non-magical people. If that should happen then you or your husband could be sent to prison. It would be best to tell Harry that his parents died in a car crash as the real reason that they died was very traumatic.
We look forward to seeing Harry in ten years.

Albus Dumbledore

The couple were in tears by the end of the letter.Whilst Petunia did not see her sister often since she had joined the wizarding world, especially since she had had to go into hiding to escape from a madman who was trying to kill her, they had remained in contact and did love each other. They had arranged to meet up after Lily's war had ended and introduce their boys to each other. Vernon, having only met the Potters once when they had come to his and Petunia's wedding, was more upset for his little nephew Harry who was now an orphan.

"Come on dear, everything will look better in the morning. Let's put little Harry in with Dudley. They aren't too big so they can share a cot for tonight," Vernon said holding his wife with one arm and Harry in the other arm.

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