The bright purple bus stopped in an average looking street in the heart of London. There seemed to be nothing special about this street, nothing that would suggest that this was where the ministry of Magic was but it was here that Remus and Sirius got out, followed by Vernon and Petunia with the two boys.

The Muggle couple were a tad confused as to why they were being ushered into a telephone box. They were meant to be going to the Magical world's government buildings. Surely they would be huge like the Muggle government?

Sirius and Remus pressed a few buttons once they were all inside. A voice floated through the speakers.
"Please state your name and reason for visiting the Ministry"
"Sirius Black to see Alastor Moody. Remus Lupin, Petunia Dursley and Vernon Dursley to register their adoption of Harry James Potter" Sirius spoke into the micrphone. The box jerked a bit cauing Dudley to giggle and soon they were moving downwards and into the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic. Remus and Sirius handed their wands over to be weighed and tester. They weren't quite sure why this was done because if anyone strolled in with a wand that had been used to cast a dark curse then the person testing probably wouldn't notice. He was a near squib and spent most of his time doing anything but his job.
"You can continue," he said in a bored tone. Sirius and Remus seperate at the lifts. Remus going to floor 5 and Sirius to floor 8.


Sirius strolled into the Auror Division. It was his day off so he didn't need to be here. Well he did, just not for work. He went to find his supervisor, Alastor Moody. He would be impartial and thorough in his investigation. Even after death Lily was right, everyone would think that he was the secret keeper so he should get that fixed right now. Thank god Prongs had managed to settle down. Otherwise they'd all be in trouble!

Alastor was sitting in his office when Sirius knocked on the door and stuck his head around. So far he hadn't seen anyone. He was thankful for that because he didn't know how they would react. He hadn't seen the Daily Prophet this morning to see who's blame the Potter's death was on.

"What you doing here boy? Shouldn't you be hiding? After what you did!" Moody growled with his wand out.
Obviously I should have read the paper. they must be blaming me, thought Sirius. He moved his hands up into a surrender position.
"Alastor, I wasn't the secret keeper! Peter was. Dumbledore said that I would be too obvious a choice so they shouldn't chose me. I'll take verisateum to prove it. Just give me a chance. You know I would never do anything to the Potter's. They rescued me from having to join You-Know-Who. I wouldn't betray them. I owe them a life debt!" Sirius pleaded with the man that was like an uncle to him. Moody had helped him through all the Auror training and given him a place to live. Moody had been friends with James' parents and taken on the role of paranoid Uncle.
"Fine. I'll give you the potion. One that you can't have touched. But if I find out that you did betray the Potters, well let's just say that Azkaban won't get to see you..." the gruff man threatened whilst removing a vial of clear liquid from a pocket inside his coat. He shook three drops onto Sirius' tongue before the younger man could reply. The potion took affect almost instantly. This was a slightly illegal and more potent version. However, with times as they were the Ministry wouldn't care.

"What's your full name?" the older Auror questioned.
"Sirius William Black"
"How old are you"
"Where were you last night"
"At a Halloween party with Remus Lupin and a girl I met in Diagon Alley until I heard the news. Then I apparated to Godrics Hollow and gave Hagrid my motorcycle"
"Where you the secret keeper for James and Lily Potter"
"No. Peter Pettigrew was"
"Are you a Death Eater"
"Were you a Death Eater"
"Where were you this morning"
"Hunting for Pettigrew. I wanted to make that son of a bitch pay"
"Did you find him"
"No. I got a call on a mirror Lily enchanted from her sister Petunia. It was delivered to her this morning and she said that she wanted me to go over to see Harry"
"Is there anything I should know about Pettigrew that will help us search for him"
"He's an illegal rat animagus. He has a secret and warded house in Cornwall. Right on the beach,"

The potion had worn off by the time the last question had been delivered. The increase in strength meant that it couldn't be used for so long without running the risk of damage to the victims health. Alastor believed Sirius though and would run all the offical paperwork. Crouch would accept the proof from him. So long as Sirius didn't go and do anything stupid like hunt the rat down and kill him whilst he wasn't on duty as an auror.

"Right. I believe you. Let me fill in this paper work and I'll call the troops back in. He'll be our top priority. Just don't do anything rash. Catch him whilst on auror duty. Don't kill him though. Just stun him. We don't want you to get the blame for it," Moody warned his younger partner who could, on occasion behave without thinking. He didn't have the experience yet. However, he wasn't far off it. None of the new recruits were. War did terrible things, Alastor mused. Terrible terrible things.
"I'll be careful. Harry's new guardians received a letter form Lily this morning. It said that they should include me and Remus in his life. We can help him learn about the magical world. It'll be a bit of continuity whilst he's growing up. Not going to risk anything. Promise!" Sirius replied. He couldn't remain serious for long so the last part was said with a mock salute.
"I'll go tell Crouch now and I've no doubt that he'll put news in the Prophet about Pettigrew's crime. I'll be seeing you tomorrow then for work," Alastor said opening the door and limping off to the lifts. Sirius just shook his head and followed after him.


Meanwhile, on level 5, Remus and the Dursleys were running through the paperwork that would cement their guardianship of Harry. It would mean that Harry would be seen not as their nephew but as their son. They had decided, however, that Harry should keep the name Potter. Remus had explained on the way to the department for Adoption Of Magical Children the importance of lineage in the Wizarding world. It sounded a bit Medieval to them. Still, the people wore dresses and relied on bits of wood. Importance on family seemed quite admirable in comparison.

"So Mr Dursley, if you wouldn't mind signing and then dropping some blood here," the official said to Vernon handing him a quill. Vernon, being rather perplexed as to how he was meant to use such a thing took a biro out of his pocket and used that instead. Really, how behind were these people? Remus then used a spell to cause a small cut to appear on Vernon's finger. He dabbed his right index on to the page. the writing turned silver and seemed to become part of the paper. "Mrs Dursley, if you would like to do the same," the official went to give her the quill but she just took the biro from her husbands hand.

When she had finished, the parchment rolled itself up and sealed. It then started to copy itself. The official handed one to Vernon who was the only adult with a free hand whilst the other two held onto the young boys. The other floated over to a filing cabinet where it sorted itself. The boys found this hilarious and tried to grab it as it flew past them. The paper aeroplane memos in the lift had barely survived the two terrors.

They had taken so long in the adoption department that they bumped into Sirius in the lift going up.
"All sorted. May-Eye has gone to tell Crouch. Pettigrew is now public enemy number one. Yes Remus, I promise not to do anything rash. I have my little boys to look after now though," Sirius said before Remus opened his mouth. He knew his friend very well. He knew exactly what the lecture would be. Of course that didn't mean to say that he actually listened to it.
"Very well. Shall we go on to Gringotts then? We'll need some money and to find out about those houses. We can inquire about Lily and James' will whilst we're there..." Remus trailed off. He was going through a mental checklist as to what they needed to do. Most of the short term tasks left to them were easy. The adoption and Sirius' guilt was cleared up. Next was just the inheritence to sort out. He knew the Dursley's would probably move house. After reading Lily's letter and having friendly feelings to Dumbledore he would, these people didn't know the old wizard so were more determined that he shouldn't find them. After the necessary basics, Remus would change some money into Muggle pounds and Petunia could direct the shopping of new baby stuff.

A/N Sirius may seem slightly out of character here but if you think about it, this is him before years of torture and coldness. He would be carefree. He's also just been told that his godson may be in more danger than that of a traitorous best friend so he is unlikely to go running into danger. The Dursleys are obviously controlled mostly by Petunia, almost all families are! they can't be horrible monsters though because they love their son lots. Harry was just dumpedon them though. It would make sense that they weren't fond of his presence.