Disclaimer: I do not own so please do not sue. Summary: Harry is stolen.

Harry woke up with the feeling that someone or something was in the room with him. He sat up. He couldn't hear anything. Suddenly something came up behind him and put a hand around his mouth so he couldn't make a noise.

"If I take my hand away do you promise not to make a noise?" a familiar voice whispered. Harry nodded. The stranger took his hand away and Harry turned around.
"Professor Snape!" he exclaimed.
"Shh!" Snape hushed him putting his finger over Harry's lips, "I'm not meant to be here!"
"What are you doing here sir?" Harry asked.
"Stealing you. Now gather together all your things. You're never coming back here," Snape said. Harry instantly got to work packing.

"Sir?" Harry asked quietly.
"Yes!" Snape whispered.
"My magic things are locked downstairs in the cupboard under the stairs," Harry said as quietly as he could manage whilst still being loud enough for Snape to hear.
"You finish here and I'll go get them," with that Snape set off down the stairs with a warning from Harry to "Watch the bottom stair. It creaks,"

Snape came back a few minutes later with the trunk. He gave it to Harry who opened it to check that everything was in there. He then put all his belongings from under the broken floorboard in there.
"Why are you stealing me sir?" Harry asked suddenly.
"Because the ministry and Dumbledore won't let me have you," Snape replied briefly, "Now are you ready?"

"Yes sir,"
"Come with me then and try to be quiet," Snape said whilst he shrunk Harry's trunk and broomstick.
"Where are we going?" Harry asked.
"We are getting away from the wards and aparation barriers around here and then we are going to be aparating to my house,"

The sun was beginning to rise over the horizon when they arrived. They apparated to a place which looked like a moor. All you could see for miles around was moor land. In the distance however you could just make out a big black blob that could have been a castle or a hill.

"Welcome to my grounds Harry," Professor Snape said from beside him, "That is my house over there in the distance and we are in the moors surrounding it. All you can see is moorland.. I'm sure if we wait a second one of my house elves will be over to fetch us," Severus said and sure enough a house elf appeared in front of them.
"Good Morning Master Sevvie. How are you?" the elf replied in perfect English.
"I am very well thank you Fizzy. How are you? And how quickly can you get us to the house?" Snape asked.

Suddenly they were in a spectacular entrance hall.
"I am very well thank you Master. I hope that was quick enough for you," Fizzy replied to Severus' questions.
"Yes thank you Fizzy. If you could get together a group of elves to help Mr. Potter here," Severus started implying that Harry would need a lot, "Then that would be very good of you. He will be staying here some time,"

"Master Harry Potter I have not had the pleasure of meeting you before. I am Fizzy. One of Severus' best elves," Fizzy said but was interrupted by Severus snorting. This didn't seem to faze the elf and he continued, "I hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Do you mind if I contact Dobby? Hi is a good friend of mine and would love to meet you again as he said he missed you when you left Hogwarts?" Fizzy asked.
"That would be brilliant Fizzy," Harry said.

Fizzy turned to Severus. "Will you be needing a guest room set up?"
"Yes. That will be all thank you Fizzy. I am sure you are eager to get Dobby," Severus said seeing that Fizzy was bouncing on his heels with impatience.
"Thank you sirs," Fizzy said before disappearing with a pop.

"I am sure you are wondering why you are here Harry. Follow me and I will explain," Severus said pulling Harry into a living room decorated in black and silver only Harry couldn't see this.
"My partner and I have recently found out that we are not complete soul mates. We have another soul mate as well. You have probably guessed that person is you. The ministry has known for years apparently and so has Dumbledore. They would not allow you to come with us or even be told when I asked so there was no other option but to kidnap you. You will be educated here from now on I am afraid but will be able to go out occasionally. My partner should be here soon. I hope you two can put past differences behind you for all our sakes,"

"You never told me you had a soul mate professor!"
"It never came up Harry or I would have done," Severus sounded almost sad.
"Who is the lucky man?" Harry asked.
"Who told you I was gay?"
"No one I just assumed but I was correct. So who is..." Harry's scar started throbbing like mad answering Harry's question.
"Hello Mr. Potter," another voice drawled out. The owner of the voice receiving a patented Snape glare and a silent threat. "I'm sorry. I meant Harry," the voice tried to amend but Severus still refused to budge. It seemed almost funny to Harry, his soul mate was the man who had tried to kill him 15 years ago. In fact he had started laughing during this and was receiving some strange looks from the arguing men.

"Sorry...It's just of my soul mates most hated teacher...and the other one tried to kill me...It's just so funny..." Harry managed to gasp out between laughs.

"When you have finished your bout of hysteria, perhaps we could show you your room and let you get settled in Mr Potter," Severus' silky voice intoned. It was shortly followed by Tom's protest of "How come you can call him Mr Potter but I can't!" which did nothing to help Harry's current emotional state.

Severus started walking up the grand stairs and down a long corridor. He stopped towards the end and opened up a door for Harry. The room inside was decorated with light blue walls and ceiling which had fluffy white clouds that moved. The bed was massively huge and when tested for bounce-ability, passed quite highly. There was also a desk and chair towards one wall. In the middle of the room was two sofas in front of the fireplace. The wood was painted white and was cracked slightly. The drapes, bed covers and upholstery was all a tasteful light blue. It reminded Harry of the pictures he had seen of Victorian decorations.

Harry was slightly puzzled as to why he had let Severus take him in the first place but then again, he supposed, the reasons were quite simple. Over the past three years, even with Severus being awful to him at every opportunity, he had grown to respect him. He had saved his life almost every year. In the first year he had even saved it twice! There was also the fact that Dumbledore was responsible for him staying at the Dursley's house. Whilst they didn't hate him, they didn't like him either. He could understand them though. He wouldn't be too happy either if he had a kid forced on him who was the child of someone you didn't like much. the Dursley's had never stopped him from going out though. They just stopped him from going out with them. Now Dumbledore was keeping him locked inside. It was almost as if he didn't want Harry to be happy or have contact with any of his friends. Here, it seemed, he would be able to be himself and do what he wanted to do. Except leave. At least they wanted him here and he would be learning things instead of staring into space.

Severus had left the room during this time and had found Tom nursing a drink in the library. The fire was on as it was quite cold outside. He knew what Tom was thinking. How are we going to explain this to a 14 year old? They had both agreed not to touch or do anything with him until he was of age. They weren't going to let him be manipulated and put into danger though. Therefore they would keep them with him until he could legally stop all the manipulations. Well he already could being the last Potter heir but he needed to be trained in law and traditions before then.

"How are you holding up?" Severus asked his lover.

"I just don't know what we're going to tell him. We're meant to be his enemies remember? And yet he still came with you willingly. He hasn't tried to kill himself or anything. What does that say about his home life? How could Dumbledore do this to a child?" Tom asked. Severus had found an old and bordering on illegal ritual that had brought him back. Most times it would have made him a deformed monster with very little humanity left but Severus had two tools at his disposal. He was in love with Tom and was a world famous Potions Master. He had changed it so that Tom came back looking like the handsome fifty year old he should have been. He still hated Muggles but was less inclined to kill every one of them. He didn't want to kill Harry any more either.

Tom couldn't believe that 14 years ago he had believed Dumbledore's interpretation of the Prophecy made about him and Harry. Though he doubted it was Dumbledore's interpretation. It was probably just what they had decided to tell him. Dumbledore knew about Harry's status as his and Severus' soul mate since he had been born. Harry was not destined to kill him as Dumbledore wanted him to think but instead was to stop him with love. It was love for Harry that would stop Tom's destructive behaviour. It wouldn't stop the few illegal spells now and again though.

"Let's go to bed love. I'm sure Harry didn't appreciate me waking him up and is probably asleep already. Besides, old men need lots of sleep!" Severus joked. He knew Tom needed to get out of his depression.

"Watch who you're calling old! I can still function perfectly thank you very much! Without the aide of a potion unlike some..." Tom was cut off by a pair of lips being placed over his own. He allowed himself to be pulled into a passionate embrace and was soon returning the kiss.

"Let's take this up to our room shall we?" Severus gasped in a deep voice husky from kissing.

Harry woke up the next morning of his own his accord. He looked around at the large room he was in and wondered where he was before it all came back to him. Professor Snape had taken him from his room to his manor house. Voldemort was his soul mate. Only it wasn't really Voldemort. It was an older version of the Tom Riddle he had seen in the diary two years ago. He looked quite hot. Wait, where had that come from? Since when did he think that men were attractive? Much less Tom Riddle and Severus Snape. Ah well, that could wait. He had more pressing matters. What time was it anyway? 11 o'clock! Oh shit! Well at least I know that they don't plan on killing me, thought Harry, I've been asleep long enough for them to do it. Now, to find shower and then find the kitchens.

Harry stripped off the night clothes he had worn the night before and went into the bathroom attached to his room. If he had had any education into Wizarding customs then he would have realised that he was in the guest suite reserved for the most important of guests. However, he had been kept naive of that by Dumbledore so just thought that all the guest rooms were like this.

When Harry entered the bathroom, he was confronted by a giant bath. It looked like a family sized paddling pool! the last time he had been given the opportunity to use a bath was when he was five. That bath had been a lot smaller as well. As soon and he walked down the steps into it, water began to fill it. At the other end there was a giant shower head. There were multiple taps underneath it. One of them said 'Shampoo' so Harry turned it. Soapy water shot out of the shower head and into his hair. Next he went for 'Conditioner' and then 'Morning Body-wash'. The other two taps left were 'Relaxing Body-wash' and 'Stimulating Body-wash'. He assumed that the latter was like the morning body-wash, only not for the morning. It would wake you up if you were sleepy.

Harry wrapped a towel around his waist before shaving. It wasn't really big enough but he assumed that it would do as no one would see him in it. Once he had removed the stubble from his chin and attempted to flatten his hair, Harry walked into the bedroom. Rummaging through his trunk, Harry pulled out the smallest and least hole-y jeans and t-shirt. He would have put on a robe but he only had school ones. Now all he had to do was find the kitchen. It had to be downstairs so he went down the long corridor that he had been brought down by Severus. When he reached the stairs he noticed that there was a pair of trousers on the floor. Halfway down there was another pair. In the entrance hall was a shirt. As he went down a corridor in search of the kitchens he encountered a black robe much like the ones Severus wore at school. Realisation dawned on him as to why it was there just as Fizzy popped next to him.

"Are you hungry sir? You are very red sir. Do you have a fever?" Fizzy asked concerned by the colour that Harry had turned.

"I'm fine Fizzy. I'm a little bit peckish though," Harry stammered.

"This way to the kitchen's then Master Harry," Fizzy said and was then off down a long corridor to the kitchen.