Notes: References to past episodes notably the episodes in season five, and a few Terra references. Also some of the characters might be acting a bit different, but I will try to improve that. Another thing is that this story is making a reference to the story (hopefully) in progress known as "Tournament of Heroines." Her uniform for her job is just a white shirt and apron with a long skirt, and later she changes into civilian clothes, which is a polo shirt and jeans, with the brief case she carried with her from, her original home, New York. In the comics she more powers, but since this was the kid version, I took away some of those powers, such as her having the power to erase memories and making them into fog.

I'll describe Lilith later, but I drew her, and she looks like she could fit into the group.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, nor the show, or the comics, and if I did the show would have ended better, PWNED to Cartoon Network! Now on to the show!

The Hive students are seen in the park (from "The Sum of His Parts"), and we see them in front of a girl whose pushing a cart.

"What do you want from me?" The female cart pusher asked.

"Your cart of food!" Mammoth yelled.

"No, stupid!" Gizmo scolded him; he then turned his attention to the girl.

"(No wonder Jinx left us)" Gizmo thought.

"We've been sent on orders to capture and deliver you to our client." Gizmo said.

"I'm not going down without a fight!" She told them.

"You're kidding, right? You are out numbered." Gizmo, smirked.

"(Shoot, he's right.)" She said, with while the camera focused on her face, but mostly her eyes.

The Hive students start to laugh and close in on her.

Theme Song

Robin's boomerang flew in between them, and hit the cart, and the "Hive Five" stepped back to see the Titans.

"Ah! The cart, I have to pay for that!" She screamed.

"Then why don't we try to even it up?" Robin said, entering the park.

"Crud, its the titans!" Gizmo yelled.

"How did you get free from being frozen?" Cyborg asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He said.

"Attack pattern Alpha!" He yelled.

"Titans, go!" Robin yelled as they did the same.

Gizmo, Mammoth, Private Hive, Kyd Wykkyd, Billy numerous, and See-More spread out and attack the titans. Before Mammoth began attacking, he went to the food cart and empties it and after he crushed it.

"Hey, Robin, it's still not even!" Beast yelled counting on his fingers, while dodging the attacks of Private Hive.

"Then I'll help!" The push cart girl said.

Mammoth started to fight her, and she ducked, but he grabbed her with both of his arms and squeezed her, like he did with Kid Flash.

"I didn't know you cared." She said struggling.

Mammoth let go because the last time this happened, he got burned and also he didn't know what powers she might have, because their client wanted her. The girl teleported about 20 feet away from him and ran to take on an opponent her own size. The titans switched opponents, as the girl did.

Robin ran up a tree and jumped and threw a disc at Gizmo's back-back. The explosive hit and Gizmo was sent ground bound. Robin then tied him up with a rope from one of his boomerangs and proceeded to help the others.

Beast Boy turned into a T-rex and hit See-More with his tail, knocking him out. Beast Boy then helped Raven with Billy Numerous.

Starfire picked up Private Hive, with both her arms above her and twirled him until he was dizzy and threw him into a tree, knocking him out. Robin and Cyborg tricked Mammoth into falling, by Robin kicking him, and Cyborg kneeling.

Raven was surprised to see Lilith again. The last time she saw her was at the tournament of heroines. They switched targets and Lilith using her mental telepathy found out with was the real Billy and called for any of the titans to help her defeat him. Cyborg and Starfire went to help her, as Beast Boy and Robin helped Raven with Kyd Wykkyd, because the last time she fought him, she lost.

About ten minutes later, they defeated the Hive students. (Because those last two are such cheaters.) Anyways, the guys didn't know who Lilith was, so Raven introduced her.

"This is Lilith Clay. I met her at the tournament of heroes." Raven informed them.

Lilith shook hands with the guys only, since she knew Starfire and Raven.

"How did you know which was the real numerous?" Robin asked.

Lilith sort of winced, but decided to tell them.

"I have physic powers."

"Like Raven's?" Beast asked.

"Mine are different." She responded.

"Can we do this later? I have to finish my job." She said.

They all turn and see the cart broken.

"I'm so fired…"She said, with her body hanging.

After Lilith returned her uniform and paid for the damaged cart, she was fired. The titans took her out for some pizza and they wondered why she was working so hard. She told them to save the Q & A for later. When they got into the living room of titans tower, Lilith told them now was the time to answer questions.

"Where are you staying?" Raven asked.

"At the park, on any of the benches available"

"Why did you leave home?" Starfire asked.

"My "real parents" happened to be my foster parents."

"How did you find out?" Beast Boy asked

"I read their minds"

"Friend, Lilith, you didn't really answer my question fully." Starfire explained.

"I'm searching for my real parents."

Beast Boy looked down, remembering his parents and how they had died.

"The reason you take on so many jobs is to raise money to find them?" Cyborg asked


"Anything else to ask?" Lilith asked.

"Can you control your powers?" Robin asked.

Beast Boy looked at him, and Robin knew why. Raven growled angry, yet softly, and Cyborg looked on with a serious expression.

"I can only control my teleportation and telepathy, but sometimes my power of reading minds gets loose."

"Robin, if you don't mind…" Raven started.

"Lilith, you can stay with us until you find your parents or you feel like leaving." Robin said.

They all stood up and Lilith was shocked.

"You really mean it? You're going to help me look for my parents?" She said shocked and at the same time, her eyes tearing.

"We can try, but we can't guarantee anything." He said.

She hugged everyone and she moved in.

Later that night, Robin and Raven had a meeting.

"Raven, there's something I need to know…why did the Hive Kids try to capture Lilith, and who freed them, and why?" He asked.

Raven couldn't responded, but she to knew that something was troubling.

Sorry Cliffhanger…