"I don't get it where could Speedy be?" Aqualad asked, as The Herald, Lilith and Bumblebee exited a void and reunited with the other titans.

"Well, Herald can blow his way there, since he can only get to a place by thinking about it, but he doesn't know where it is so that not much use." She said

"Hey Mas, Menos, do you think you can find the Speedy?" She asked.

"(We can try)" They said, and after they zoomed off.

"What do we do about Rancid?" Aqualad asked

"We could teleport him to jail" The Herald suggested

"We first need to separate him from his bike" Cyborg said.

Everyone else looked at Lilith

"I get it, but does it really need to be me?" She asked, with disbelief

In the pocket dimension Johnny was just floating, in a relaxed pose. Rorek, and Punk Rocket were there as well, but they were just chilling, since they had nothing else to do.

Suddenly a portal opened near Johnny and forgetting his bike entered. He soon found out he was in a plastic jail cell, and the only way to escape the place was to have the door opened by a scan card. From beyond the cell we see a laughing Lilith and The Herald smiling. They entered a portal and reunited with the others. As they got back, Mas Y Menos returned.

"We know where Speedy is, but we don't know about his condition, he seemed knocked out. We found him on top of a roof near a power-plant. His bow and arrows seems to have been stolen." They said in Spanish.

Lilith then translated everything they said, to the others and the twins grabbed Lilith and ran as the others entered the Herald's portal.


"Chesire…I know you're here." Speedy yelled

He put his back to a building and peeked from the corner to catch the assassin. From a rooftop he saw her leap, and he followed, by sending an arrow with a string similar to Robin's boomerangs. She stood there silent with her mask on, as he got up.

"What's in the briefcase?" He asked.

She opened it and it revealed a chemical toxin of some sort.

"Ok, what's the deal, why the poison?" He asked

"I'm going to poison the entire city, and you're beloved tower" She explained

Roy looked at her, as she closed the case, and put it down.

"You know…we've got to stop meeting like this" He said, as he fired an arrow.

She hit with her sleeve and it fell to the floor.

Speedy let out three more arrows and she blocked two of them. She caught the last arrow and jumped in the air and threw it back at him. He ran and slid on the top, and fired an arrow, she did a cartwheel and she dodged it. She started running at him, with her claws, but he dodged it by running to another roof top. Soon they played cat and mouse as one moved to another roof top in a circle the other would give chase and combat in hand to hand combat. Speedy used his bow as Chesire would block with her sleeves. But when Speedy ran, she would try to kick him, but he blocked with his bow. After a while it was still a standstill. Soon they went at each other with their weapons, Speedy would fire an arrow and Chesire would claw it with her claws.

Seeing as how his arrows were being destroyed, he tried a different tactic. He threw his bow and arrows away and ran full speed at her. She was caught off guard with this act and he tackled her to the ground. However she grabbed him and knocked him out and took his gear.

End Flash Back

We see Speedy waking up and his limbs are spread out like a X. He looks around confused. And he is strapped to a wall with a target painted behind him.

"X marks the spot huh?" He said

Somewhere out there Red X felt a gust wind going up his back and he shivered.

Cheshire started to throw darts around speedy in a swirl motion until she got to his body. She then started to throw it in a pattern around him making an outline of his body. Speedy was bound to the wall by cement the back of his limbs and gloves and back.

"Crap" he thought.

Just as the next dart was about to hit him it stopped in midair and was dropped. Speedy was reliever but wanted to know what had happened. Soon Más y Menos

Appeared with Lilith and she stopped holding her forehead.

"Good thing I stopped" Lilith said.

Más y Menos heated the cement by touching it. (Like in Titans Together) and Speedy fell down. As Speedy rubbed his arse he thanks them for the long drop down.

"Hey you want to get together sometime?" He asked Lilith

"No thanks, Robin clone, we're in a middle of a fight" She retorted and Speedy shattered like glass.

Cheshire ran up to Speedy and Lilith but más y menos hit her with their speed. She gets up and jumps this time and Lilith puts her hands on her head and Cheshire has stopped in midair but she gets free soon as Lilith gets a headache. A portal opens and Bumblebee, Herald, Aqua-lad and Cyborg get out. Cheshire gets up and takes out Cyborg first by kicking his legs and then pushing him and he falls on his back. She takes out Aqualad since he doesn't know that much hand to hand combat. Bumblebee flies around and she stings her with her electricity and Cheshire uses her long sleeves to try swat her. While she is distracted Herald opens a portal and Speedy runs and kicks her in. Bumblebee grows back to normal size.

"I can't believe you hit a girl" She said.

"Sorry Robin clone, if that how you treat girls, I don't want to date you"

Cyborg and Lilith head home as the Titans East thank them.