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It would go perfectly, seeing as how he was perfect in every way. It was to be clean, quick and easy.

The Perfectly Punctual Peacock sighed to himself. Sometimes, being so great and perfect had its challenges. He had planned everything out; nothing could go wrong.

He would saddle Cloud, The Wildmage's horse. She would go riding by Willow Falls, since a (fake) urgent letter had ordered her there. At Willow Falls (the place where Jon's father killed himself), and her saddle would be, accidentally loose, so when she would jump the gorge the poor girl would slip off her saddle and plunge into the depths below.

The Perfectly Punctual Peacock decided not to harm the tall man, seeing as he could simply 'float' back up to the rim. But that was fine.

As long as the female was out of the way, he was happy.


Daine knew nothing of the Perfectly Punctual Peacock's pervert plans.

She was in the mess hall, happily eating her porridge when Numair sat down next to her. His clothes were torn, messy and dirty, and was receiving stares from the pages passing-by.

"Clothes?" she asked. Numair usually took better care of himself.

"Right. I need to talk to you about that." He stretched and sighed.

"It's about Cloud. Yes that's right, your horse. I believe it would be much better if we got along, if you know what I mean. And figuring I'll land on my back numerous times, that explains my clothes."

Daine smiled. "Of course that will be alright, it will be fant-,"

"Message for Veralidaine Sarrasri."

She jumped a foot off the bench. The messenger had come up totally un-noticed!

"Yes?" she replied, after she had regained her composure.

He handed a scroll to her, and left. She opened it, and she read aloud to Numair:

Veralidaine Sarrasri:

There have been recent reports of bandit problems at Willow Falls. Please report there to see if there is anything unusual happening. Please hurry…your horse has already been readied by our hostlers.


"Thayet wrote that? Why would she call me Veralidaine Sarrasri, and not send someone else?"

"Excellent question, magelet. I would ask the queen herself, although she's not here. Anyways, I'll go check out the bandit problem, since I have no idea why she would send you. I'll take Cloud."

And with that, he sauntered off.


Cloud's saddle was fixed perfectly. The Perfectly Punctual Peacock was in a nearby stall, listening for the sound of footsteps. They came, softly at first, but then heavier. Daine was in her stall. She quickly mounted Cloud and rode off, although the only thing the Perfectly Punctual Peacock knew was that someone was riding Cloud, since if he peered over the top of the stall he would be recognized and caught.

After the sounds of hooves vanished, he mounted his own mare, and set off at a slow pace. He couldn't miss this!


Daine was uncomfortable. She didn't like leaving Numair to face those bandits alone. She ran up to her quarters, grabbed her bow and quiver full of arrows, and ran to the stables. She would help Numair fight!


Cloud had only dumped Numair three times by the time they had gotten to Willow Falls. The falls themselves were majestic, but seeing how he was looking for bandits, he had no time to admire the scenery.

He looked all around the falls, and found no trace of a bandit camp. They must be on the other side of the gorge, Numair thought.

He backed Cloud up a bit, and cantered at full speed towards the gorge.

The very second Cloud's hooves left the ground Numair knew something was wrong. The saddle, on way to loosely, slipped off Cloud's back, as did Numair. Cloud herself landed on the other side. Numair let out a very, very feminine scream.


A scream? thought Daine. A very high-pitched girl's scream. It had come from Willow Falls. Numair! She thought franticly.


The Perfectly Punctual Peacock decided to see if Daine was truly dead. He came out from the tree he was sitting in (his horse was hidden by the leaves) and skipped over to the edge.

What? He thought. There should be a body of some sort.

"Looking for something, Peacock?"

He turned around fast. It was Numair.


Daine arrived at the falls in time just to see Numair confronting a young man. Looking for Cloud, and finding her on the other side of the gorge, Daine knew there was a long story in this.

She led her horse up to the two males.

Hearing her, the Peacock turned around.

"But you…should be dead! I heard the scream, and everything!"

"Might want to get those eyes of yours checked. I don't think I'm dead, at least, last time I checked I wasn't. And Numair, look closer. That's the Peacock with his hair dyed."

"You're right, magelet. I would never have noticed."

Daine looked at Numair. Numair looked at the Peacock. The Peacock was wondering when lunch would be.

"Might you have saddled Cloud?" Numair asked, coming up behind the Peacock. He put a hand on the back of hid neck. "And no lying, I can tell when you are."

"Of course I didn-,"


"I never went near the hors-,"

"The faster you tell the truth, the quicker we get out of here. You also wrote the fake letter, didn't you? And you thought it would be Daine on Cloud."

Daine rubbed a hand through her curls. Men are so stupid sometimes she thought.

"I never did any of that-,"

Numair was obviously getting annoyed. So annoyed that he cried out a word in Old Thak.

The next think Daine knew was that where the Peacock was standing, a real peacock was there.

"You…turned him into a peacock. For real. Can you turn him back?"


"Just do it."

He said something, and the human Peacock was back.

"You," Daine said, coming up right to his nose, "are not a Perfect Puntual Peacock. You are a Pandemic-causing pervert prick Peacock."

Before he could respond, she continued,

"This," she said, "is for trying to kill me." She slapped him.

"This is for all of the females you've hurt." She slapped him.

"And this," she said, a gleam in her eyes, "is for being annoying. You have got to learn when a girl says no."

And she kicked him extremely hard in between the legs.


Numair flinched. Daine really knew how to hurt a guy.

"I'm done," she replied cheerfully.

Numair said something again, and the Peacock, who was writhing in pain on the ground, was turned into a peacock that was writhing in pain on the ground.

Silence pursued, until Daine asked,

"Was that you who let out the girly scream?"

Numair blushed.


The king was very happy indeed that he got a new addition to his royal menagerie, for free in fact. Daine and Numair had been out riding, and…returned with a peacock.

He wasn't going to ask questions, though. It was, however, a very violent peacock.


Somewhere, on the other side of the world, a peacock was now a human.

And it had all begun with the first dance.


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