A Wedding A Wedding

She walks down the aisle,
With style and grace,
A slight tint of red crossing her face.

In her hands she carries flowers,
I stand nervously as the bells ring the hour.
My throat has gone dry,
As she moves closer to me,
I am ready to cry.

But Mazoku don't love,
Their not supposed to care,
About anyone or anywhere.

Mazoku don't love,
Nor are they supposed to cry,
That's what you all think,
And I ask you why?

Why is it you all think and you feel,
We couldn't love,
What you assume we only use as a meal?

And you know what?
I don't care what they or you say.
I'm going to always love her anyway.

I realize that I digress,
Back to the wedding,
As it will progress.

As she walks past me I feel my mask slip,
Her vows will pass through her very lips,

I watch her in sadness,
As Lina,
Expresses her heart and love,

For Gourry.