So yes, this is Mer's first JtHM story and I have just one tiny thing to admit. Johnny's personality is a lot harder to write down than I thought it would be. Not that I was expecting it to easy. But Johnny's personality is not what you might call "weak" in this story. Oh how I worship the all mighty Jhonen. (Curses at the spell check for thinking that Master's name is a spelling mistake -.-;;)

This story is only for your enjoyment, so if you don't enjoy it, Mer gets sad and when Mer gets sad, she gets….um…sad. Oh leave me alone. It's my story so shut up. xP

Most stories start off this way…but honestly can you really imagine a better place to set a starlit night on the filthy footpath on the corner of Skum and Bagg Street? I bet you can't. Perfect place for a murder, but not worth the hassle.
Johnny walked down the quiet foot path with the dim lights from the lamp posts casting the tall, skinny silhouette that would follow him everywhere.

A/N: Don't you just love how that was put?

The chilled air burned his nose and his chest heaved as he breathed in and out. Beethoven's Moonlight sonata really suited the clear full moon night and the slow tempo of the music, which flowed through his headphones matched Nny's walking pace. He kept his head down and his fists jammed into his pockets to keep warm. Just ahead, a tall, thin woman could be seen stepping out of a late night café. She fiddled around in her purse and patted the pockets in her trench coat as if she was looking for something. Her arms fell to her side as she sighed. Nny didn't pay any attention until he was stopped suddenly.

"Oh excuse me," the girl said stepping forward slightly. Johnny lifted his head and looked at her. "You wouldn't have a fag would ya?" she said, tucking a lock of her dark brown hair behind her ear to try and hide embarrassment.

"I'm sorry?" Johnny asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, um…a cigarette." The girl corrected, shifting her weight onto the other foot.

"No, I don't smoke sorry." Johnny said and kept walking. He was waiting for the "stupid fuck" or "only pussies don't smoke" comments but instead the girl called out to him an "Ok, Thanks!"

Johnny turned his head slightly to look behind him to see the girl step back into the café.

Isn't it obvious that not all people are assholes, Nny?" Nailbunny said softly.

"Just the one person, Nailbunny." Johnny said, pointlessly examining his pencil."Funny place this world is, eh?" He said, resting his head back on the mouldy couch.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, how can one person have something that 98 per centof the world's population lacks? It's strange. She didn't even look at me as if I was some sort of freak, or really, the freak I am." Johnny said, bringing his feet up onto the couch and hugging his knees.

"Sounds similar to somebody of whom you felt that rare emotion of love towards." Nailbunny pointed out.

"Mmm…although, all this lady wanted to do was bake her lungs in tar."

There was silence as Nny started picking dried blood out from under his finger nails.

"It won't change though." He said gruffly.

"What won't?"

"This world and the immaturity of those organisms who pitifully roam it. Something so innocent and so easy to achieve has been blinded by their own stupidity and ignorance. This case, respect. Why is respect always an issue? That girl showed me respect and it was so easily achieved by accepting the circumstances instead of making it worse."

"She can't change how the world works, Nny."

"I know, because everywhere, everyplace, even heaven and hell. Full of fuckers.

"You just have to deal with it Nny. The polite way. What you do is not necessary." The floating bunny head said softly. Deafening silence filled the room once more.

"…you would have killed her anyway." Reverend MEAT spoke up. A grin spread across Nny's sharp face. He got up and walked towards the basement door on the other side of the room. He grasped the door handle, pulled it open but stopped and turned around.

"Perhaps you're right Meat." He said sharply as he leant against the open door. "Perhaps you're right."

Nailbunny had disappeared and Reverend Meat stood silently in his place. Johnny pulled out a knife and closed the door behind him.

Ok before you ask, there's going to be absolutely no romance between that girl and Nny if I decide to bring her back in. I think I should. Anyhow, my typing annoys me so I'll stop and you'll tell me how you think about this story so far. Your flames will be laughed upon since nobody likes you anyway.