"A mad man! We all saw him! Near the café He killed this geeky looking bloke!" A woman cried to the police officer.

"He stole my lip gloss!" one lady screamed.

"He stole my purse!" another said, the purse flying through the air as she waved her arms about.

"Ok, that sounds like fun, but I'm running out of doughnuts. MUST HAVE DOUGHNUTS!" The police man screamed. "Then we can smash his face in with a pole tomorrow."

It had been such a delicate night, all stars and the moon, Johnny. C, well satisfied with the night's events having killed one disgusting excuse for a life form, stepped forth from the shadows of the alley way. He walked mindlessly in and out of streets, not looking at his surroundings but thinking intensely. He got out an old handkerchief out of his coat pocket and wiped the remaining blood off his knives.

"Fucking polyester stripped tunic." He grumbled. Johnny stopped to lean against some wall of a large apartment building. He put his knives away and felt the cold blade through the thin stretched black t-shirt. His sight blurred as small tears welled up in his eyes.

"Great," he whispered and wiped his face on his coat sleeve. "Who am I?" he sniffed "I don't know anymore. My worst enemy is myself."

"Stop your blubbering you icicle nut." A voice beside Johnny spoke up. "HOLY NAVEL JOBS, my bladder is shitting ringworm into my brain."

Johnny looked down at the homeless person who was holding his head and swaying back and forth.

"That line sounds remarkably familiar." He thought. He squinted and looked at the book in the hobo's lap.

"HaPPY NoOdLE Boy." By Johnny. C (Yes that's right, that's me stoopid.)"

Johnny grunted and shoved his hands in pockets once more and kept walking.

A/N: What? You wanted me to kill the hobo? Hell no! How dare you even think of such a thing? The hobo lives! D: )

The next street Johnny turned into had much brighter lights than the rest he had past. He recognised this street. He looked up at the apartment building luring above him. He bowed to one of the windows on the 6th floor and ran his hand over the rough wall of the building. He noticed how the street was so quiet. No screaming from the glue sniffers down in the park, no cars, no shouting from that crazy psychic woman who he sometimes heard from. "Maybe she had died" he thought. Well it was very late and so much had happened over the hours. Johnny's body was getting tired but as usual his mind was wide awake.

Three men walked out of the apartment building and saw Johnny lingering around.

"Oi you!" the larger man yelled out. Johnny swung around on the lamp post and faced the men.


"I have a proposition for you, bitch." They were obviously drunk. I mean, what wanka would say that when sober?

"I've always hated personal insults myself." Said Johnny smartly. "What exactly do you mean by proposition?"

"I've got a job for you..."

"He looks a bit skinny, boss. And too much of a wuss." One of the small men whispered.

"Oh he can handle it. Even if I have to make him."

By this time, Johnny had gotten bored and decided to walk away. He was suddenly stopped by the two smaller men and was thrown into a wall. The larger one came up and kicked Johnny straight in the stomach attempting to wind him. Johnny got up, to the men's surprise and threw one of his knives straight at the larger guys head. The man simply tilted his head and the blade flew straight passed his ear, crashing into a group of garbage cans.

"Fuck…" Johnny's eye twitched in surprised and by human instinct, began to run. The other two men started to chase him once more and Johnny spun around with his second blade in his hand. He slashed at the first man and ripped his face, ear to ear. The man grabbed his face and staggered back into the other. Johnny jumped and kicked the man in the temples. The man fell to his death on the pavement.

"ROBERT!" The biggest man shouted. "Ooh you've really done it this time." The man bellowed. The remaining two men jumped onto of Johnny and pulled him into the alley way. Johnny was thrown into the side of a dumpster. As the smaller man held Johnny down, the larger man practiced his boxing skills. The taste of blood filled Johnny's mouth and his body lay helpless to the pounding disgusting man.

"Hey! Justin! What the fuck! Fucking leave him! JUSTIN!"

A/N: I have a strange obsession with using the word fuck in this chapter, no?

Nny heard a woman cry. Justin turned from Johnny who was still stuck under the other guy's strength.

"Ez, my baby!" Justin grabbed the woman and stuck his tongue down her throat which he enjoyed more than she did. Ez pushed him off.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? What the hell did this man do to…" she stopped and he eyes widened in terror as she glanced behind Justin. The second of Justin's boys lay dead. Johnny tried to get up but the pain surged through his body and he collapsed again.

"You BITCH!" Justin jumped onto of Johnny and started to strangle him. Ez, in panic, grabbed Justin under the arm pits and tried pull him away.

"Get off me you stupid slut." Justin bellowed. He swung his arm hand hit Ez in the neck sending her tumbling backwards. The grip on Johnny's neck loosened and Johnny slid his leg up towards him. He kicked Justin straight in the jaw and as if my some force, jumped up. Justin's jaw was hanging grossly off his skull. Johnny cocked his head at Justin and almost looked sorry for him. That pity didn't last long.

"Pathetic individual. Of all people you choose some innocent –he he innocent- person who did absolutely nothing to you, but maybe darkened your light with my shadow as you stepped into it." Nny recited. "Though, I have my ways of dealing with utter vermin such as yourself, but don't you think someone in your currant condition should have a last word or maybe even help? Well, what do you think?"

Justin tried to speak but the stabbing pain in his jaw prevented his pleas. Justin grunted something that sounded like, "You fuck, you broke my fucking jaw." But instead all Nny heard was "You uck, you yolk my uckin or"

Johnny held his knife up to Justin's throat. "Speak FUCKER!" Johnny tormented. An insane smile spread across his face and a glint of satisfaction twinkled in his chocolate brown eyes. Justin cried in pain as Johnny stabbed him six or seven times in the neck and finally finishing in the heart. Johnny panted and tried to focus on what he had just done. A sneer replaced the look of hate on his sharp face and he kicked Justin's limp body. A pain suddenly filled his head and then darkness. Johnny fell to the ground, onto Ez's trembling feet. Ez yelped and jumped back.

"Oh god, oh god, or good lord!" She stuttered. She jumped at the sound that the plank of wood made when she dropped it. Her boyfriend lay dead and the killer sprawled up in a heap, unconscious.

"Police…ambulance….Hell, I need a smoke." She heard the sound of sirens. "Police…"

Dear Die-ary,

My head is bleeding. Ah physical pain. Quite different from emotional but it's a change. I've got to get out of here.

Ez burst into the police station. "Officer," She collapsed onto the desk, trying to get her breath back. "There has been a murder. In the alley way. I don't know the street name, but I know where it is. My boyfriend's dead and I knocked the killer out. Robert and Arnold are dead also. He killed all three. I reckon I'm lucky to be alive." She panted harder.

"What?" The police man said through a mouthful of doughnut.


"Ah…yeah. Doughnut?" The police man offered.

"No! Oh, come on!"

Ez managed to drag the police man to the patrol car and they went speeding down to where Johnny and the three men lay helpless and still.

Ez trembled in her seat as she gave directions to the police officer.

"I don't want to go back there." She thought out loud.

"Ah, you'll be alright. Stuff like this happens everyday!" Ez turned and faced the police man.

"This sort of thing happens everyday…as in all the time?"

"Oh sure. We find dead bodies around here and there. You know. Some people go missing and we never find them! Once a whole café was slaughtered then the survivors were blown up. Same thing happened in 'Taco Hell' except one colleague of ours was disembowelled with cutlery. It was wacky!" Ez turned to face out the windscreen. She felt her stomach turn over.

"Oh and one time, this guy was on the toilet and someone threw an explosive into his stall and all we found of him was his legs with his trousers around his ankles. Oh! Another toilet incident! This guy was on the toilet and a giant dinosaur came and ate him."

Ez looked at the policeman once again, in confusing.

"What the hell? A dinosaur? Dude, we're not talking Jurassic Park here. You find my anxiousness funny, don't you?"

"Oh not at all. I just had a big movie night with the boys last night."

Ez couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Movie night? There is a murder out there. Obviously! And all you care about is movie night?"

"Actually, three other girls reported a murder earlier which happened around 8:30 tonight."

"My...my sister said she saw someone. She was with a group of friends….OH! Here it is!"

Ez practically jumped out of the vehicle and sprinted to the mouth of the alley way. Her mouth dropped open in surprise and her head tingled in confusion. Johnny and the three men were gone.

"Gone…they're gone…" Ez managed to say. The police man wobbled up beside her.

"So…what am I supposed to be looking at here?" He sniffed.

"Four men, four men were right here! See…here's the piece of wood I knocked the killer over the head with!"

"Well, they're not here now are they? I can't really do anything about it."

"What! You're a policeman! There are blood stains on the wall, on the wood, on the pavement…ON MY HANDS!"

"From where I'm standing, the only evidence I have linking to this killer is well, you."

"You, you think I did this? FUCK! Why the hell would I kill my own boyfriend?"

"Uh…I don't know." The policeman contemplated for a moment while Ez cursed to herself.

"I'll let you off with a warning. But if it happens again young lady…" He waved his police club in her face and wobbled back to the police car leave Ez standing dumbfounded.

"Justin." She kicked a pile of garbage bins. "You owed me fags you dumb twit!" She took out a box from her pocket and lit a cigarette and threw the box in the near by bin. She did a double take and what she saw almost made her drop her fag. There, gleaming under the dull streetlight, covered in garbage was a 10 inch blade.

"Shit." She said, blowing out smoke.

"Filthy habit to get into." Said a low voice behind her. She spun around and came face to face with…well she didn't quite see. A long skinny man tied up her limp arms and legs, threw her into his small car and drove away.

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