A Note from Grandma Strawberry:

Okay, I know, I haven't updated in forever. Want to know the truth? Do keep in mind that the truth can sometimes be unpleasant. I think some of you may already know where I'm getting at, and may possibly have already stopped reading. But for those who are still clueless or just want to know or hear my voice again, read further.

Harry Potter-sama! Wtf? is going to be on hiatus and possibly a permanent one. To be honest, I started to dislike where it was going because I messed up at parts by not planning ahead. So guys, just think of it this way: Ichigo-baachan's first fanfiction has ended up as a failure.

But on the bright side (if there is one), I might possibly get back to this story, who knows? But don't get your hopes up. Seriously.

Because I'm already planning to write another fanfiction called Definitely Not Their Cup of Tea, which will be another HPNaruto crossover. Yes, another attempt.

I'm really sorry for those who enjoyed reading this story, that it has come to this. Thanks for all your support, really. Those reviews? Hah. I'm astonished that I've reached even one hundred. Thanks bunches guys! I hope you guys will remain cool. In Ichigo's language, that means READ HER NEW FANFICTION.

Gracias, mis amigos y adiĆ³s.

Grandma Ichigo, out!

P.S. I'M ****ING SORRY!!!