"Pinks" – by Jay

Disclaimer: All characters and situations are fictional. The author does not claim any rights to the show "Pinks," nor does he earn any money from this work of fiction.

It's a warm night at Peterborough dragway. The racers are ready.

Jim Rowdy is in an '87 Cutlass, 440 four speed with a 2-stage nitrous system. He is defending his title from last weeks race, taking Dave Adams in a 2004 Honda Civic.

This week lining up with Jim is Brian Davis, in an '88 Trans Am with the 440 big block, but only a stage one nitrous system. Tonight is the best outta three races—winner takes all.

Jim pulls up to the line and so does Brian. They get staged. Jim and Brian take off. Jim pulls ahead, but Brian pulls up quick. Jim gives it a shot of nitrous and takes the first race by half a car. Brian is furious; he thought he had it won. They pull up to stage for the second race. Brian fights to get a car on Jim, therefore making it a close second race. Jim agrees to give Brian that car tonight, seeing as how Jim has one win under his belt. The lights go green but Jim is gone, therefore meaning Brian wins because of red light. Jim jumps the gun and pretty much hands Brian the win. It all comes down to this third and final race.

Jim now fights to have a heads up race. Brian disagrees. Jim says, "The only reason I had red lighted is you having that car length put pressure on me, forcing me to jump."

Brian still disagrees.

Finally Jim says, "Fine. Have your car length, but I'm taking yours home." They get in for the third race. The green light goes—they both leave clouds of smoke at the line. Jim hits nos and pulls up beside Brian.

Jim and Brian are neck and neck. Jim pulls ahead. Brian his nos but so does Jim. Jim keeps the lead to win the third race and takes Brian's '88 Trans Am home, leaving Brian with no ride, but I guess those are the chances you take to be on "PINKS."