Package for Dad
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Oishi Kazuma looked at the package that had been sent to his home. It was addressed to his late father. Both names on the return address were unfamiliar. Even the address was unfamiliar. It took him a few minutes to realize that it was a German address. Which made him wonder just who his father knew in Germany.

Against his better judgment, Kazuma opened it up. If it turned out to be something important, then he could always give the package to his mother. If it wasn't something important, then he could just have it returned to the sender or throw it away.

On top was a letter. The hand that wrote it was a little sloppy, but the writing was still eligible.

It's been several years old friend. At least twenty, if not more, since any one of us has heard from you. Please, it's not too late.
Kunitmitsu and I are fine. Kunimitsu's shoulder has made a full recovery. He's now a teacher and a coach at the high school that's about a mile away. The team this year has a chance at making it to the Nationals. Just like we did. As for me, well, I've found that most of my time is spent on my artwork.
Sadaharu won a Nobel Prize, as I am sure you've heard. Who knew all those juices he experimented with would end up being useful for something other than spreading fear to the team? Oh, as for Kaidoh, he turned pro just a few years after Echizen. Both are retired now, though, but not after winning several titles.
Momo ended up marrying Tachibana's sister, An. They have three kids, all girls. I've enclosed a picture of them, just so you can see them. The oldest is Mitsuko, the middle one is Takako, and the youngest is Fujiko. I have to wonder about those names. Taka's married too. He runs Kawamura Sushi still and has a son, Daisuke.
I was going through some things in my attic though and I found these things. Syuichiroh, please, don't throw them away. If it hurts too much, just stick them in your attic or send them back or give them to Taka. He said he'd take these things off of your hands.
You know what's here, Syuichiroh. Don't throw it away. Please, look through it, if just for him.

Your friend,
Fuji Syuusuke

Kazuma set the letter down beside the box. This box was from someone his father had known and whatever was in it, it was important.

Kazuma noticed that on top was a photo album. He opened it up and saw the picture that Fuji Syuusuke had been talking about of this Momo person's daughters. He recognized the middle daughter as his friend, Momoshiro Takako. He also knew the other two girls since he was a friend of Takako. He'd never met her parents though.

Kazuma looked through the album. He found pictures of people he didn't know in what looked to be a foreign country. He also found a few pictures of tennis stars, or rather former tennis stars, Echizen Ryoma and Kaidoh Kaoru, as well as Nobel Prize winner, Inui Sadaharu. Towards the back were newspaper clippings, talking about his school's tennis team. Apparently, the team had made it to Nationals about the time his father had been his age.

There was another album underneath the first and when Kazuma opened it up, he found another letter, this one from Fuji Syuusuke as well.

It took me several years to put this album together. This is the album you need to look at. It will be painful, I know, but you need this. Don't destroy the pictures or letters. Just, give them to Taka or send them back to me. He meant a lot to all of us, most of all you, Syuichiroh. Don't ruin the last things we have left of him.

Kazuma felt that he was almost trespassing now. He had to wonder just who this mysterious person that Fuji Syuusuke spoke of was though and how the guy related to his father. The next page in the album held a note, written in what appeared to be a hurried fashion by someone with less than neat handwriting.

Dear Oishi,
Nya! Guess what, Ochibi's got a girlfriend! It's Ryuzaki-sensei's granddaughter, Sakuno-chan. Nya, our lil Ochibi is growing up. And I think Syuusuke's molesting Buchou.
Today's boring though because Syuusuke decided to go over to St. Rudolph's. I think he's molesting Yuuta-kun. Nya, I wonder what that would be called. Fujicest maybe?
Hoi, have you heard Buchou's new nickname? Syuusuke told me last night. Buchou's new nickname is Kuniko-chan. I think its funny, nya, but don't tell Buchou. I don't wanna run laps! I have to run way too many as it is.
I wonder how many laps I'll have to run. I mean I did miss this morning's practice. Don't tell me it was horrible, nya!
Oppsies, I have to finish this now. I'll see you soon, Oishi!

Kazuma turned the page and found another note.

Dear Oishii,
Are you jealous, nya? Why, because Syuusuke and me have started calling Buchou by his new nickname? But Oishii, it's funny! Besides, hoi, when was the last time you saw Buchou actually react to something? Should I come up with a nickname for you, nya? We can't have Seigaku's Golden Pair falling apart after all. That just wouldn't do.
Oh, nya, you might want to watch out. Syuusuke says that the mean juice man has not one, but TWO, new juices! Nya, we're all going to die! I think that there's a conspiracy to kill me, nya! Buchou is trying to wear me down to nothing and Inui-kun keeps trying to poison us.

After reading the last line, Kazuma couldn't help but smile. It did raise a question in his head though. Just who was this "Golden Pair" and what did it have to do with his father? He turned the page and saw another note.

Tsubame's sick and I'm worried about her, hoi. She's been throwing up a lot. Nya, maybe you should come over for dinner tonight. Even if my nee-chan is sick, it'll still be better than eating at home alone, nya. You could even spend the night and help me with my homework.
And that will give me more time to think up a nickname for Oishii. Hey, nya, maybe Oishii can give me a nickname too! I mean, I've never had a real nickname before we got dubbed the Golden Pair. Even now I don't really have a nickname, nya. I'm just "the Golden Pair's acrobatic player."
Oh, and don't worry about Momo-chan. He called me last night and said that his tummy just felt weird thanks to that nasty new drink that the evil drink guy, aka Sada-kun because his name is way too long, invented. Nya, Oishii, I really think he's trying to kill us with those things. I mean, even Syuusuke is starting to get affected by them. And nothing ever gets Syuusuke. Nya, the guy eats wasabi rolls! Who eats wasabi rolls?
Hmm, maybe Syuusuke is an alien. It sure would explain a lot, wouldn't it, nya? I mean, how else can Syuusuke actually enjoy Sada-kun's drinks? And it would explain how Syuusuke can see with his eyes closed. How does he do that, nya? It's kinda creepy.
See you at practice!

Kazuma had another small smile on his face. Whoever this person was, they had a sense of humor. Not to mention, the guy seemed to use a lot of little speech mannerisms in his writing. Turning the page, he found one more note to his father.

Stop calling me Eijiko! It's bad enough that Tsubame and Kagura call me that at home. I don't need everyone on the tennis team calling me that too, nya. Anyways, I think I'll just stick with calling Oishi Oishii. A couple of Oishii's fan girls asked me how I would know that Oishii was Oishii. It was really funny, nya, but Syuusuke kept making all these hentai comments. I think Syuusuke might be a pervert. He does molest poor Yuuta-kun and I think he's molesting Kuniko-chan.
NYA! I hope he doesn't do anything to me! Syuusuke may be my best friend, after you of course Oishii, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that he's kinda crazy. I'm sticking with my Syuusuke might be an alien theory.
Ugh, nya, Ryuzaki-sensei's sending me to Ochibi's room. Nya, Oishii, have you ever realized that Ochibi is kinda a little Kuniko-chan?
P.S. Let's meet at the usual spot.

Kazuma was puzzled at that last line. Usual spot, what did that mean? At least he had a name, or at least a nickname, for the writer. Eijiko. And this Eijiko had called his father Tasty. Not to mention that his father had fan girls. How did his father have fan girls, Kazuma wondered. His father had been a quiet, peaceful man who rarely smiled and didn't really care what Kazuma or his mother did. His father seemed to have lived in his own little world.

There was one last note. Kazuma read it.

Syuichiroh Oishii,
You have a really long name, nya. Guess what, Syuusuke admitted to me that he is molesting Buchou. Think we should save Kuniko-chan? Nya, it's just so funny to watch them though.
Oh, hoi, that's right. The A-Un pair, isn't that such a good name for Ochibi and Momo-chan, challenged us. As much as I love them, I really want to beat them. After all, we have to show everyone why Oishii and me are the Golden Pair. Besides, nya, Momo-chan said that if we beat him and Ochibi, he'd buy burgers.
I know Oishii likes to eat healthy but, nya, it'll be free food! We can burn off all the bad stuff at practice. I mean, look at Momo-chan. He eats burgers all the time, nya, but he still stays so thin. Not that I'm looking, nya. Momo-chan's like my lil brother. That I don't have.
And my name's not Eijiko!

Kazuma turned the page and found pictures. Pictures of his father and a redheaded boy. Having fun, laughing, even a few of them fighting.

Just then he heard the front door open. "Hey, mom," he called. A few minutes later, Oishi Yuki entered the room. "This package came for dad from some guys he used to know."

She looked down to the album that Kazuma had open, and to the picture. "Return it," was all she had to say. "I don't want to see that stuff and Syuichiroh's dead."

Kazuma nodded. "Yes, mom."