Package for Dad

Note: The final chapter in this story. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. Oh, and as for the message, well, it's up to you to decide just who left it. I claim no ownership.

Kazuma sighed as he sat down at his desk. It was a few days later, after all that had happened with that box for his father. He had yet to see or talk to Takako and Kazuma wasn't sure if he wanted to have anything to do with her anymore. Because if he hung around with her, it would lead back to her father, and then, to his own father.

Kazuma knew his father wasn't gay. It just didn't make sense. His dad had married and had him, after all. Gay men didn't marry women and have children with them. It went against the whole point of being gay.

Maybe, just maybe, his father had a little fling with that Eiji guy. But didn't that just prove even more that his dad had been straight? If his father had been gay, wouldn't he have just gone on and hooked up with a different gay guy?

But then, why had his mother acted so oddly when he'd shown her the box and who it was from? Why had she ordered him to get rid of it? Was there something that she knew that he didn't? Was it something she didn't want him to know?

Kazuma gave another sigh, placing his head in his hands. Everything was so confusing and he still had something else he wanted to check out. He wanted to check with the tennis team and their coach. Maybe Ryuzaki-sensei would have something to help clear all of his questions.

It was a little while later, after school had ended of course, and Kazuma was headed to the tennis courts. He could see the team hard at work, running laps. Nearby, he noted a small group of people gathered, watching the players.

"Umm, Ryuzaki-sensei, may I speak to you for a few moments?" Kazuma requested, so focused on her that he didn't notice just who was with her.

"Who is this kid? He looks familiar," one of the guys standing with her asked, his voice bored. Kazuma looked and his eyes widened.

"Oh, this is-" Ryuzaki-sensei was cut off as a loud voice yelled out, "KAZU-KUN!"

"Oof," he let out as he felt someone, a friend of his who happened to be a girl, jump on his back.

"Oh, hi Uncle Ryoma. What brings you here?" Momoshiro Takako asked, noticing the man. Before he could answer, she turned her attention back to Kazuma. "Kazu-kun, why have you been avoiding me? Did my pops threaten you or something? And what did you want to talk to that baka about anyways?"

Kazuma opened his mouth to answer. She didn't let him though. "Oh yeah, Kazu-kun, this is my godfather, Ryoma. Uncle Ryoma, this is my friend Kazuma."

"Ryuzaki-sensei, may I dismiss the team for today? It's getting late;" Kazuma recognized the boy who had spoken as Hayashida, a classmate of his who was also the captain of the tennis team.

"Ye-yes," she stammered, moving her bangs out of her face. Kazuma frowned. Sure, his teacher was a little shy but today she was really shy.

"Is something wrong, Ryuzaki-sensei?" He asked, his face showing all his innocence.

"Now I know who you remind me of. Oishi-senpai," he heard Ryoma mutter. Kazuma's eyes widened.

"Hmm, that's the guy who was your tennis team when you were a first year, wasn't he?" Takako asked from her spot on Kazuma's back. "Wasn't he your vice-captain?"

Ryoma cocked his head to the side, which Takako knew indicated as a yes.

"Hey, Kazu-kun, is he any relation to you? I mean, you have the same family name and all," Takako questioned.

"Takako-chan, you're heavy," he replied, not wanting to answer her question.

"What is your name?" Ryoma asked.

"Oishi Kazuma," the boy answered. "Listen, if this is about my dad, I don't want to know, got that? Good. Takako-chan, will you get off of me? I have to go now."

The girl frowned but did as was requested. "Bye Kazu-kun," she told him. He just nodded, heading to his home.

When Kazuma arrived, his mother was gone, off at work like always. Really, he thought, she was a work-a-holic. She spent so much time working and barely any time at home. And, he ranted in his head; it wasn't like she needed to work or anything. His dad had left them more than enough money.

He sighed, setting his bag down on the floor next to his shoes. Kazuma flicked his bangs out of his face and shuffled into the apartment. As he passed the telephone, he noticed that there were three new messages. He listened to them, the first being from a telemarketer, the second being from his mother saying that she wouldn't be coming home. It was the last message that really gained his attention though.

"Kazuma, it's me." Kazuma, who had been getting out his homework, stopped. "Yuki asked me to speak to you about some recent events." There was a sigh. "Syuichiroh was injured in a car accident. In that same car accident, his best friend died. Syuichiroh, he had it tough for a long time Kazuma. His best friend was gone, he was injured, and he could never play tennis again. Not to mention, Kazuma, you do need to hear this, his boyfriend had died. Yes, Syuichiroh was gay, Kazuma. It was then that he vowed never to love anyone again.

"Yes, it was an arranged marriage between your parents. But, and Kazuma you need to hear this, Syuichiroh ended up breaking the vow he made to never love again. You should have seen him when you were little. He loved you very much, Kazuma. He would call you the best thing that had ever happened to him.

"Syuichiroh is gone. He has been for three years. You've grown up and moved on. Take care of Yuki. She is your mother and your only living parent. I wish you luck, Kazuma."

The tape stopped playing then, having both finished the message and reached its limit.

The boy sat in his apartment, his English book halfway out of his bag, and didn't move. He dropped the book, knowing that he would not be able to do any of his homework after hearing that message. Running on automatic, he eventually heated up some ramen and ate that for his supper. Afterwards, Kazuma went to bed, knowing that he would get yelled at by his teachers for not doing his homework. Maybe, he thought glumly, he could just skip school.

As it ended up, Kazuma did miss school the next day, though the reason was that he had slept through half the day before waking up. He had a bad habit. When he wanted to escape, Kazuma would sleep and sleep for a long time. Once, during one of the many times his parents had been ignoring each other, he'd slept for almost eighteen hours. Neither one of them had noticed.

Later, after the school day was over and his mother had yet to come home, he heard someone knock on the door. Feeling lazy, he just yelled that whoever was out there just come in. He had a feeling that he knew who it was anyways.

Sure enough, it was exactly who he had guessed it would be. Takako really was just too loud, he thought as she rattled on about the day's events.

"Kazu-kun, why weren't you at school today?" She asked. He mumbled an answer in reply. She looked at him, confused. "What did you say?"

"I said, I slept through half the day," he replied.

Takako nodded. The room was silent for a moment before she finally told him that she knew about everything. She revealed that she'd pumped her pops and Uncle Ryoma for all the information she could get.

"Why?" Kazuma asked, annoyed that she had done so. He really didn't feel like the stuff that had happened to his father was any of her business.

"Well, it involves my family to," she pointed out after he voiced his opinion on the matter. "Besides, you're my friend, Kazu-kun, and I could tell that something was wrong with you. I just wanted to understand a little better, that's all. Besides, Kazu-kun, it hurts me when you're not right. I dunno why but when you're sad, I'm sad."

She had stopped now and was looking down at her hands. Kazuma had a look of shock on his face though. He knew she knew exactly why she was when he was sad. But could she really, he thought, the question half formed in his head.

"Well then, I guess I'll just have to be happy again, won't I?" He asked, his voice holding a little teasing quality to it.

"Yep," she answered. "Now then, you really should get out of those pjs, Kazu-kun. They stink!" She replied.