Notes: (2010) - My very first Naruto fanfic, and for an unusual pairing, too. It's embarrassing for me to reread my works from four years ago, but I hope you will enjoy it!
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The sound of the slightly stern voice brushed against the girl's ears as she was busy cutting tree sap from an old oak tree using her kunai knife. The sappy goo substance was slowly running over the knuckles of her small fingers, and she flexed the muscles in her hands before looking up to see the Lord Hyuuga.

She blinked, and brushed her legs off with her elbows, being careful not to make the sap run over her clothes. She stood up and acknowledged her father's presence. "Hyuuga-sama."

"I need you to run an errand for me," Lord Hyuuga announced. His eyes fixed on his daughter in an, 'I-won't-take-no-for-an-answer' way. He didn't make Hanabi do such things everyday, so he wanted to make sure she did as he told. He waited for her answer, as he continued to give her a stern look. He was expecting complaints and frowns from his daughter.

The joints in Hanabi's legs stiffened. Her eyebrows curved down and the corner of her mouth dropped. "Make Hinata do it," she said, flatly. Honestly, if she was going to overpower that weak sister of hers and become the head of the family, she shouldn't be running around doing errands. Hanabi has been busting her butt off for the past few weeks throwing kunai at targets, practicing the Gentle Fist Style on dummies, basic pushups and pull-ups, and even some survival tactics, like food and shelter…all in the comfort of the Hyuuga Manor's courtyard. She hasn't left the area for two and a half weeks.

Lord Hyuuga's eyebrows molded into a slightly impatient expression. "She cannot. Hinata left early this morning to go out and train by herself. She will not be back until late."

Hanabi's shoulders slouched. "Make Neji do it."

"Neither can Neji. He was assigned to a mission with his team. He left two days ago."

Hanabi's hand twitched in irritation. "Make…anyone do it. Not me. I'm busy," she stated, and retained her perfect posture.

"No, Hanabi. I want you to do it. You have cooped yourself up in the courtyard for nearly three weeks. You need to go out for a while and get exercise in your legs. You will get too attached to this house if you lock yourself here any longer," Lord Hyuuga said. Just as he suspected, she would refuse.

Hanabi's irritation grew. How stupid. It's like those things parents say you should or should not do…but for no reason or excuse. Like peeing in the shower. Hanabi added as an afterthought.

Seeing as how she couldn't win this argument, she arched her back to look up at Lord Hyuuga and said, "What do you want me to do?"

The corners of Lord Hyuuga's mouth twitched slightly, as if to stop himself from smiling. "I wish for you to make a delivery."


The yellow package paper crumpled against Hanabi's grip as she walked through the residential streets of Konoha. She was beginning to think that she had indeed spent too much time in the Hyuuga manor—she was bumping into classmates on every sidewalk who would run up to her, asking her where the heck she's been all this time, and how she was doing this summer. Hanabi mostly answered in a nonchalant fashion, such as, "Good," and, "Fine," and the occasional, "Yes, that too."

After unwillingly talking to Konohamaru, she became annoyed. All Hanabi wanted to do was take this stupid package to the resident post office, mail it off, and go back home to more training (or hopefully camp away from the house)... Perhaps…

"Perhaps…" Hanabi said to herself. "Perhaps I should see how fast I could run. That would be best…I can gather strength in my legs, and it would be easier to avoid people…Yes…" she smiled to herself. How had she already gotten so far to the post office and not even considered this? Even I…she thought …can be an idiot. Not that she would ever admit this kind of thing to anyone she knew.

Hanabi took the package from her arms and leaned it against a wall. She took the time to stretch her knees, calves, ankles, and overall legs to make sure she wouldn't sprain anything—or worse. After that, she grabbed the package and crumpled it into her jacket, to ensure that it would not fall out. Hanabi hasn't done anything involving speed in quite a while, so she had no clue if she would be outrageously fast, or downright slow.

Hanabi climbed on top of the wall and squinted her eyes to try and spot the post office. When she did, she calculated the distance from the wall to the building.

"OK. It is about two kilometers. I should be able to run that distance and not trip over anybody," Hanabi took a few deep breaths and crouched into a position as though one would do in a race. Checking once again to make sure the package was in place, she gripped on the ground and said to herself, "Ready…steady…GO!" she sprung from her position and flung her arms to and fro to keep balance as she thrusted her legs on the ground heavily.

As it turned out, Hanabi was fast on her feet. Ridiculously fast. Her surroundings seemed almost like a blur of air, as her hair whipped around her eyes and cheeks. It was a sudden burst of adrenaline, and the outbreak caught Hanabi off guard. She had barley passed three blocks when suddenly, her arms and chest went in a shock of numbness, a hard slab of concrete slammed into the back of her head, and she was staring up at the cloudy sky. Oh, damn…!

She had done exactly what she told herself she wouldn't do. How could she be so stupid? Hanabi gritted her teeth and slammed her eyes shut, eyebrows curved fiercely downwards. She hoped that whomever she crashed into didn't break any of their bones…

"Hey! That hurt, you know!" the voice was male, and young. He sounded pissed.

Hanabi kept whispering to herself, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" as she heard the shifting sound of clothing, indicating that the person was getting up and moving toward her. Keeping her eyes shut, she continued to wish that she would disappear.

Suddenly she felt a pair of hands slide under her back, and help pull her up. Once Hanabi was sitting upward, she rubbed the back of her head to check if she was bleeding. She was, but only a little trickle of blood caught her fingertips. She then brought up the courage to lift her head and see just whom she crashed into.

He was one of the most handsome people she had ever seen—that's who she crashed into! His brown, ruffled hair moved in rhythm to the small wind, his eyes giving a look of concern (or was it anger?) toward her, his fingernails that resembled claws…and those two, long, red, dashes on his cheeks…who was this?

Without realizing it, Hanabi was absolutely downright staring at him.

"Hey…are you OK? You look dazed." The person frowned. "You really should look where you're going. And what the hell were you doing, going so fast? If it were anyone besides me, they would have a few cracked ribs right about now," the boy said…rather proudly.

Finally it was Hanabi's turn to speak. She scrambled up from the ground, and bowed as low as her head could go, the tips of her hair gracing the ground. "I-I'm really sorry. I'll be more careful next time." She was bending her back so low that when she drew herself back up, the joints in her spine cracked. She tried to give him a polite smile, but she wasn't used to trying to be so kind to someone. It was difficult…but she didn't want to give him a bad impression…in case they were to meet again.

"Hmm?" the boy suddenly drew his face closer to hers, and looked deep into her eyes.

What? What the hell is he doing…? Hanabi was screaming in her head. But she remained still, as she felt her face go red. I thought it was only Hinata's face that would blush this violently.

"Hey, I know those eyes. You're a Hyuuga, aren't you," The boy said, matter-of-factly. His mouth twitched into a split-second smile, then resumed. "I have a Hyuuga member on my team. Hyuuga Hinata."

That statement utterly shocked Hanabi. Hinata has such a handsome guy like this on her team…yet she continues to honor that Naruto idiot? Just how stupid was her sister? Hanabi's eyes grew wide, and her mouth opened—but she immediately caught herself and closed it again. "Oh…I-I am Hinata's sister."

"Oh! You're 'Hanabi-chan!'" the boy exclaimed immediately after Hanabi's response.

This made Hanabi blush even more, and sent her into a daze. He called me "Hanabi-chan"…! She repeated the sound of his voice yelling her name over and over again in her head. For a brief moment, Hanabi was in total bliss.

"Um, OK, well…" they boy scratched the back of his head. "You don't look too injured. So, uh, I better get going…" he made a small bow and gathered the few items he dropped. When he made sure he had everything, he started to walk away.

Only then did Hanabi snap out of her daze, and without her thinking, she called out to him, "W-Wait!"

The stranger paused in his tracks and turned to look at her, with a confused face. "What?"

"W-What's you name?" realizing how stupid she must sound, Hanabi's voice became small and shy.

"Oh, sorry. It's Inuzuka Kiba." The boy called Kiba gave a wave and a small smile, and then turned around to continue on his way. Hanabi took her time to study his broad, handsome back, before he disappeared around the corner.

The yellow package that Hanabi originally left the Hyuuga manor for to deliver was left forgotten in her jacket as she stood there in the middle of the street, convincing herself that she had just met the man of her dreams.

To be continued...