Title: War of the Ashes?

Author: Dragon

Rating: R (Violence, Language and some sexuality)

Summary: Darkfic. The story of a war between two lovers. A war so strong it could ruin humanity as we know it. Bella/ Edward

Author Note: Ok this is my 1st Twilight story, and I was tired of the happy go lucky stories. This is not that, but believe me this will still have that passion and love that they all have, but darkness, as you will see from the prolog, but it is still a story about love, but also heartbreak. Ok I think I've sold the story enough. Read and Review Please; no flames, if you don't like it then find a polite way to say it.


"Good bye, Edward." It had been 50 years since I last heard those words from her mouth. I made the largest mistake of my existence that day. If only if I had gone after her, maybe, just maybe I could have stopped all this.

Here I stand on the grounds of a blood bath, of a war that she started. Who would have thought that the sweet, pure, Isabella Swan would nearly wipe out the human race?

Her cold body lay at my feet, torn to sheds. The stench of gasoline fills the air as I slowly light a match and drop it. I don't move as the flames soar to my face, my body numb.

As the flames flicker and mock me at my failure, I think. I think of all that had happened in a short half a century; of how the love of my life became my greatest enemy of all.

Chapter 1

I sat watching TV, Alice next to me looking through a book. As she closed the book and went to stand, it hit us both- her falling to the ground, me gripping the couch. An image: Bella's truck upside down, her small hands resting on the roof, Bella in a pool of blood.

As we pulled out of it, I sat back, frozen in place. Alice was already out the door and in my car. Her mind screamed at me, "Edward! Get to her now, it's going to happen soon... very soon. I'll get Carlisle." She was already driving towards town.

I realized what she had said. "No! We have to take her to the hospital! Alice, we can save her!" I yell, knowing she could hear me.

Her mind cried out to me, "No, Edward, she's going to lose a lot of blood and have injures to her head and back that will kill her. She's going to be lucky if we can keep her alive along enough to get Carlisle to her." I felt her mind scream out in shock. "Edward, I found her.

She's off Cannon Road, about five miles from the house! She's hit black ice. Edward! Get going! Now!"

I snapped back to reality and was out the door and flying down the street in the next moment. I picked up on her scent, then realized that it was too strong. It was blood, lots of blood. I was next to her truck then. It was crumbled up, with the sides pushed in and the front windshield caved in. Bending down I saw her, just like in Alice's vision, her hand lying in a pool of her warm, rich blood. Her face was cut up beyond belief, broken in a few places. A large gash on her forehead was bleeding freely. There was too much blood...

I noticed her heart starting to beat out of pattern; she must have been bleeding internally. Then her heart stopped. "NO!" I ripped the door off and pulled her seat belt apart and pulled her out into my lap. She opened her eyes and screamed out in pain. I could feel a bone poking my hand from her back- it was badly broken. Alice was right, she would not live through this."Bella?…" I said my voice uneven.

She looked at me, her eyes wide with pain and fear. If only I could read her mind! "Edward." Her voice came in deep rasps. She coughed and blood fell from her lips as her eyes slowly closed.

"BELLA! No, no! Open your eyes! Look at me! Please, just wait a little longer, please!" I picked her up, cradling her as much as I could, and ran faster than I ever had back to the house. I heard Jasper curse as he smelled the blood and yelled at Rosalie, Emmett, and Esme. The front door was open and Esme already had my bedroom door open. She took Bella from my arms and laid her down on my couch.

I heard Jasper fighting his own monster in his head, I hear his thought reach to me.. "Edward... I can't stay." He backed out of the door.

"It's ok, Jasper. Go, take Emmett and do something about her truck, we can't risk someone finding it." He nodded and was gone.

Rosalie stared at me, looked at Bella, then back at me. "It's about time." With that thought she walked off.

I growled at her and knelt down next to Bella. Her heart had nearly stopped. Esme had her own shirt off and was pressing it to Bella's forehead. I heard Carlisle and Alice round the driveway . The tires squealed outside and in the next moment the door opened, with both of them by my side.

Carlisle looked at me, looking more like a father than he ever had. "Edward, she's lost a lot of blood. You know what has to be done if you want her to live."

I sat back on my knees, my face in my bloody hands. I pulled them away from my face and looked at them, covered in her blood. Blood that she would forever crave if I did this to her. But I could lose her- there was so much we had yet to do. "I can't do it... please, Carlisle, help me. Do this for me, please... Dad." I let my hands drop to the floor. I felt dizzy, the blood was everywhere, my mind fought it's instincts.

He nodded and knelt down next to me. Esme and Alice grabbed both my shoulders, pulling me up. Alice whispered in my ear, "You don't want to be here right now, believe me."

She pulled me out the door and leaned me against the far wall. I slid down to the floor. I breathed out a long breath. Esme walked down the hall to the stairs, her mind full of worry. "So much blood, if they hadn't gotten to her... It would have killed him... But what will this do...?"

I stopped listening to her mind and looked at Alice. "You don't have to stay here, Alice."

She looked at me and slowly slid down the wall to sit next to me. "And what kind of sister would I be if I left you in a time like this? No, I'm staying right here with you."

We both looked up quickly when we heard Bella's heart speed up rapidly and suddenly stop. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to hit her. I opened my eyes slowly as a deep, painful scream came from my room. I shivered remembering the pain.

Then came the pleas we all remembered: "Fire! Put it out! Fire! I'm on fire! Help me, please! Make it stop!" Then more screaming. "EDWARD!" Her panicked voice screamed out to me. I heard a large crash as she tried to get up off the couch.

I couldn't wait any longer. I burst through the door and ran to her side. Carlisle held her down as she struggled to get up. "No! Let me up! I have to find water; I have to stop this fire! Why are you doing this? Put it out!" I pushed Carlisle away, and pulled her into my lap as I sat down, putting as much of my cold skin on hers as I could. "I'm here, Bella. I'll always be here. You'll be safe now... Please, forgive me."

Her eyes opened to look at me, pain and fear evident in them. "Help me, Edward!"

I pulled her close and wished I could cry, wished I could make this pain stop for her. But I couldn't. All I could do was hold her. Alice stood next to me, a frozen rag in her hand. She pulled Bella's head back and placed the rag on it. Bella stopped screaming as loudly. I glared at Alice. "I suppose you just had that lying around in the freezer?"

She smiled at me. "The freezer is full; we can trade them out. It will take three days, but she'll make it."

I ignored this and held Bella close. "I love you, Bella."

End of Chapter 1

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