Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did, Lucian and Singe would still be alive. However any characters present in the story that aren't mentioned in the books or movies are my own creations. Everything else belongs to Len Wiseman, Danny McBride, and Kevin Grevioux.

I only recently saw "Underworld" for the first time and I loved it. But they killed off my two favorite characters, Lucian and Singe, in the movie. I read plenty of stories where Lucian survives so I decided to write a story where both of my favorites get to survive. This is going to largely be told from Singe's POV although other viewpoints are present as needed and I'm going to try to delve into his background and past. I haven't seen "Underworld: Evolution," yet but I'm aware of what happens in it and I'll incorporate a little of that into the story although most of it will be ignored.


"If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is no barking dog to be tethered on a 1-foot chain." Theodor Wiesengrund Adorna


Singe crouched with his head bowed as the two vampires turned their attention to the ones entering the room. His various wounds throbbed and burned and the chains irritated his wrist. Although Selene had removed most of the silver bullets there was at least one left in his shoulder and the poison was inching through his body but his pain was unimportant. He was going to die here. He didn't want to die but he knew they'd never let him leave this place alive. It would be worth it if Lucian succeeded in becoming a hybrid with Michael's blood. His decades of work would be fulfilled.

Viktor reacted with fury and surprise at the news of Amelia's death, his eyes shifting into vampiric blue. The very air in the room seemed to be charged with the anger of the vampire Elder. His sarcastic nature had gotten him in trouble before but Singe couldn't help himself. If he was going to die at the vampires hands, at least he could needle them as much as possible first. Grinning contemptuously, he began snickering causing both Selene and Viktor to turn towards him.

"It has already begun." He looked up at the vampire in glee and the man's eyes flashed. A heavy hand was lifted to deliver the killing blow and he braced himself for the impact.

"Wait!" Selene's plea caught Viktor by surprise as well as Singe. "He may still possess knowledge we could use against the Lycans. Please, my lord. You can always kill him later." Viktor glared at her but she'd just been proven right about Kraven so her words were due some consideration.

"Very well. We will deal with Lucian and Kraven first." Singe snickered again despite himself. The mighty vampire lord had backed down at his servant's request but he knew the real reason Selene had saved him. She had feelings for Michael Corvin. He'd sensed it back at the hideout. She knew Singe was the closest thing to an expert on the Corvinus line and it was Michael's blood that made him a part of this whole situation. She needed his knowledge as much as Lucian did.

Viktor's face darkened at the Lycan's grin. He may have agreed not to kill the worthless cur but he'd be damned if he'd put up with that sort of insolence from an animal. Snarling, he backhanded the scientist just hard enough to send him flying down the stairs. The chains ran from below and lengthened with the movement of the Lycan so that he slid quite a few feet. Singe landed over Marcus's chamber, out cold from the force of the blow.

"You!" Viktor waved to one of the vampires with Kahn. "Take that filth to a holding cell and treat its wounds enough to leave it alive for when I get back. I'll deal with it when I return."

Viktor walked out without a single glance backwards but Selene paused and eyed the room. Something was wrong, something she should be able to see. She could smell the Lycan's blood from where he lay sprawled atop Marcus's crypt but he was still alive so that wasn't it. Her mind filled with worry for Michael, the half-formed thought escaped her and she turned and followed Viktor. The other vampire approached as blood flowed from a cut on Singe's head as well as the wound in his shoulder, kept open by Selene's cruel fingers. Lycan blood oozed downward, spattering over the sleeping form of Marcus. The majority of it fell into the mouth of the slumbering vampire.

The Death Dealer removed the chains and picked up the unconscious Lycan with a grimace of distaste, dragging him towards the cells but the damage was already done. Black eyes opened as life began pumping anew through the eldest of vampires. A new creature had been born...