Chapter One

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'Another lonely night …' Ginny thought miserably, as she flipped through the ridged pages of an old magazine. The clock had long ago passed midnight, and Ginny's eyes were becoming heavy with sleep but, she willed on. She would stay up until he returned home; Harry had done this far too many times within the past week to just get away with it. The clock chimed 1 o'clock, breaking the deadly silence in the room. Ginny heaved a sigh, and set the magazine down on the cushion beside her. 'Where in merlins name is he?'

Deciding she couldn't loose one more ounce of sleep, she had lost enough already this week, she treaded up the stairs to her bedroom, alone. The past days had occurred the same way, and Ginny longed for another set of feet to be trudging right behind her. The steps leading to the bedroom creaked, as she continued up them, glancing to her right she smiled. There was a picture of she and Harry, on there honeymoon. Ginny's eyes glistened as she held back tears.

Climbing the steps of her small condo was like walking through a timeline. Pictures decorated the once empty walls; portraying such happiness and joy that Ginny couldn't bare to see anymore. Quickly hurrying up the final steps, she turned and entered the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Stepping lightly, she sat on the edge of her bed, and stripped herself clean of any cloths. Then throwing on some pajamas, she climbed in bed.

Scooping up her wand from the nightstand, she gave it a careless flick, and the room dimmed to nothing. The night was still, and the only source of light was that of the moon, illuminating the room from the bay window. Ginny lay still, clutching her pillow, while her remained eyes open. Hoping for the sound of the door to creak open and reveal a grinning Harry. But, unfortunately that wonderful creak, she so longed to hear never broke the silence, and she lay in bed waiting for what seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly a familiar giggle rang out, faintly from downstairs. Ginny frowned, and slowly sat up, her eyes shooting towards the bedroom door. Easily slipping out from beneath the blankets, she got up and made her way towards the door, pressing her ear to the hard surface. She listened closely, and once more heard giggling. A frown still plastered on her face, she gently turned the doorknob and opened the door. Again, she heard giggling, the faint sound echoed in her ears.

As she crept down the rickety stairs, being sure to skip the steps that let out a retched creak, she continued to hear the familiar giggles. Her face was stricken with worry, and confusion and she tried immensely to place the giggles to a face. Then, suddenly it hit her, harder than any stunning charm; the giggle belonged to none other than Cho Chang. 'What is Cho doing here? I thought Harry had to work late at the ministry ...' Ginny mused to herself, as she tiptoed through the kitchen, nearing the living room.

What happened next would be forever embedded in Ginny's memory for the rest of eternity. Cautiously peering around the corner of the door way, Ginny's eyes widened, and tears began to form. Harry was home but, not alone. He was accompanied by Cho, and the two were snogging like mad on the couch; the same couch Ginny had only occupied hours ago. She watched in horror, as Cho's delicate hands unbuttoned Harry's shirt, one button at a time, and Harry's face lit up with each kiss she placed against his lips.

Harry's own hands, were snaking up Cho's blouse, exploring the bare skin beneath, while he kissed her senseless. Just as Cho slid Harry's shirt from his shoulders, Ginny's blood reached its boiling point; her body was an internal inferno. She couldn't bare to see anymore, and stepping from the shadows she revealed herself.

"Harry, how-how could you?" she whimpered, the tears so eagerly wanting to fall, flowing down her cheeks steadily.

Harry looked up, from Cho's lush lips, and his eyes grew wide. "Ginny, I-I can explain …" he stuttered out, hurriedly removing himself from Cho's slim figure.

Ginny glanced over at Cho, and saw her eyes were wide as well, and filled with sorrow. "Ginny, I-I'm so sorry …" she murmured, quickly buttoning up the few buttons that had come loose.

Ginny's eyes flickered back to Harry, and she took a deep breath. "Get out …"

"But, Ginny-"

"No, Harry just get out … please. I don't want to see you ever again"

"Gin … please just-"

"Harry, I said no." Ginny stated firmly, tears still pouring down her cheeks like a continuous rain fall

Harry heaved a sigh, and ran a stressful hand through his hair. He glanced over at Cho, whose face was emotionless, and gave a small nod. Ginny watched, as Cho gathered up her purse, and jacket, which had been carelessly tossed to the floor, and walked herself out. Harry, whose shirt was still open wide, revealing a set of stunning abs, stood alone with Ginny.

"Gin, It's nothing you did … I just 'sort of … fell out of love with you I suppose …" he explained, nervously, his eyes never meeting her own. "I-I'm sorry …" And then just like that, he walked right out of Ginny's life, never to return as her once passionate lover.

Ginny remained fixed in the doorway, her rosy cheeks stained with tears and her nose runny from sniffling so much. She had never felt so betrayed in all her life, her emotions were running wild, and she couldn't get control of them. The feeling made her body shake, and she quickly moved to sit down. She almost plopped down right onto the couch but, decided against it, and instead sat on the plush chair across the room. Sitting on the soft cushioned chair, she glared at the couch right across from her.

How could he do that to her? Tear her apart with such viciousness, without a care in the world. Her eyes scanned each and every cushion upon the couch, when suddenly an object glistened out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes flickered in its direction, and a frown formed onto her sorrowful features. Slowly getting up, she walked in its direction and when she had finally spotted what she had been looking for, more tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

There lying securely between, two cushions was Harry's wedding ring. The same one Ginny had slid onto his finger, pledging her undying lover for him, only 2 years before. That single piece of jewelry expressed a thousand emotions, said a thousand things. She picked it up, and admired it one last time before chucking it against the wall, as another waterfall began flowing down her crimson cheeks. Then with one last glance at the couch, Ginny hurriedly stormed up the stairs.

She entered the bedroom with rage coursing through her veins, her eyes flickered towards the bed and angry tears formed in her eyes. Trudging forward, she tore the sheets from the bed, and tossed them out the window; then did the same to the pillow Harry's head hadn't rested on in so many nights. Turning to the closet, she hurried in and took every item of clothing that belonged to him, and ripped it from the hangers, throwing them to the floor.

Ginny continued to do this to every thing, and anything that reminded her of Harry or that had once belonged to him, until the sun had risen high above the condo, and everything came to life. Taking a quick shower, she grabbed her trunk, and began shoving her own items into it. She was leaving; she couldn't stay in such a place that held such horrible memories for her. She would start anew, buy a new house, somewhere far away … a place that held good memories. Hogsmade. Surely there would be a small apartment, or condo she could occupy.

Finally after everything Ginny wished to take with her, was placed securely within her trunk, she walked down the steps, and left her scrapbook of memories behind, and set out into the world.


As Ginny struggled to surpass a crowd of eager children, she looked anxiously for living quarters. Her eyes flickered to a large window, 'Apartment for Rent' a small sign read. Ginny's face lit up with excitement, and she hurriedly rushed towards the door. Once inside, she spoke with the manager of the small shop just below the apartment she was hoping to rent. He informed her he was renting out the small room upstairs. The room consisted of a small kitchen, living room, bedroom, and an equally small bathroom.

"I'll take it!" Ginny said, eagerly

The old man smiled, "Alright, here just hold on moment and I'll have your keys" He said before disappearing into a small room, behind the counter. Only a few minutes after, he returned holding a small set of silver keys. "Here you go, dear"

Ginny smiled brightly, and gently took the keys. "Thank you very much, sir"

"No, thank you. I've been waiting for someone to take up that room upstairs, it gets quite lonely in this shop" he grinned, laughing

Ginny smiled back over her shoulder, as she made her way up the stairs, lugging her large trunk behind her. "Well I'm glad to have such nice company!"

The old man chuckled, before going back to work. Ginny continued up the stairs and down a small hallway until she found what she was looking for. Thrusting the key into the small key hole, she pushed the door open, and a smile found its way onto her lips. Surprisingly the room was much nicer, than Ginny had imagined. The kitchen had smooth marble counters, and silver appliances.

While the living room had a smooth creamy colored carpet, another small hallway led to the bedroom, which had the same carpeting as the living room. The bathroom had white tiling, and a large silver shower. Unfortunately, none of the room's were furnished, so Ginny's next task was to furnish the place. But, first she would get something to eat, she was starving.

Placing her trunk in the bedroom, she left her new apartment, in search of food. As she exited out onto the cobbled stone streets, she smiled. Among the regular people of Hogsmade were the many students from Hogwarts, all of which bore there house colors. A line filed into Honeydukes, as hungry children eyed the luxurious candies decorating the windows. And, a group of boys huddled around a quidditch shop, examining the latest broom model.

Ginny made her way through yet another crowd of students, as she entered The Three Broomsticks. A rush of cool air, met her cheeks, along with sound of clanging glasses. Approaching the bar, she spotted Madame Rosemerta.

"Madame Rosemerta!" Ginny shouted, waving a hand in order to catch her attention

She turned, and smiled as her eyes met Ginny. "Ginny Weasley? Is that really you, dear?" she questioned

Ginny grinned. "Oh, it is you! How are you?" Rosemerta asked

"I'm doing …" 'How am I exactly?' "Alright, I'm doing alright. What about you?"

"Fine, just fine"

"I'm glad to hear that" Ginny smiled

"Same to you deary. So, would you like the usual?"

"You remember?" Ginny asked bewildered, a skeptical look adorning her face

Rosemerta rolled her eyes, "I'll take that as a yes then!"

She turned back to the bar, and soon enough turned right back around, butter beer in hand. Ginny grinned and thanked her, paying her the owed amount.

"It's on the house," Rosemerta gushed, shoving the money back at Ginny

Ginny laughed, "Really? Thanks Rosemerta!"

Making her way over to an empty table, she sat down and sipped at her butter beer lightly. Her eyes scanned the crowd, for any familiar faces.

"Ginny Weasley?" A voice, questioned

Ginny glanced up and her eyes widened in shock. "Draco, Draco Malfoy?"

He grinned, "What in blazes are you doing here?" He asked, taking the empty seat beside her

'Just running away from my troubles' "Well, hmmm … I suppose you could call it, taking back my life"

Draco frowned, giving Ginny an odd look. "Mind on giving me the details?"

"I wouldn't want to waste your time …"

"Don't worry about my ruddy time, I've got plenty of it. Explain"

Ginny was surprised at just how much Draco had changed. When she had last seen him, he was making fun of her brother and Hermione, but now … well, now he was a changed man. She sighed, "Are you sure?"


"Alright, well … you see Harry and I got married. And things seemed to be going well but …" she began giving him a full, detailed description of what had happened over the years. How only a day ago, he had torn her heart out and stomped on it. Although, she had been specific not to mention the name of the girl Harry had been with, since she didn't see it as of such importance. Draco listened intently, never uttering a word. When Ginny finally finished, she was nearly in tears.

Draco reached out, and gently brushed away a small tear that had escaped Ginny's eye. He smiled, "Ginny … I-I well, I don't exactly know how to put this other than to say it straight out," He took a deep breath. "Harry's a bloody bastard, and you don't deserve someone like him"

Ginny's eyes were filled with shock. This was definitely not the Draco she had known. "Wha-what happened to you?" she stuttered out

Draco chuckled, "I suppose … well, you could call it … a new me"

"Well, you're certainly different that's for sure! But, how …? What changed you so dramatically?"

"Oh, come on I wasn't that bad … was I?"

Ginny laughed, nodding. "You were hell on wheels, I dreaded seeing you!"

Draco made a face, "Wow Ginny … I never noticed"

"Of course you didn't you were always smothered by Pansy Parkinson to notice any other girl in Hogwarts!"

Draco laughed lightly, "Yeah I suppose your right Ginny … I was." He looked up and his eyes bore into her own. "Can you except this bloody bastards apology?"

Ginny grinned, 'Bloody hell…' "Sure … I suppose I could forgive you"

Draco raised an eyebrow, "You suppose?"

Ginny laughed, "Alright, alright. I accept your apology Draco"

He grinned, "Good."

Soon the two found themselves lost in deep conversation, each finding one another's life more interesting than there own. Ginny was surprised to find out, that Draco taught at Hogwarts as the Potions master, as Snape had left on his retirement. Draco also explained that DADA was once again without a teacher, and that Dumbledore was teaching the class himself as of the beginning of term because, no one was willing to teach the class.

"Are you serious? Dumbledore, teaching?" Ginny pondered this, "Hmmm … sounds odd, that's for sure"

Draco laughed, "I know. The bloody bat, is desperately looking for someone to teach to the class but, no one will!"

"And you say they'll take anyone?" Ginny asked

Draco nodded, frowning at Ginny's question. "Yeah, why? You considering taking up the position?"

Ginny shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe … I've always loved Defense Against the Dark Arts." She laughed, "I was the only reason Harry passed- "the words melted off her tongue and into the surrounding air. A new demeanor overtook her features, as sorrow washed over her.

"Ginny …" Draco said, a worried expression on her face

"No, I-I'm fine. Really I am …" she hurriedly rid her eyes of any tears.

"You sure?" Draco asked, his face still stricken with worry

Ginny just nodded, and gave him a reassuring smile. Draco smiled back weakly.

"Ummm Draco … I'm going to go. I have some shopping to do …" Ginny said slowly, sipping the last of her butter beer, she got up.

"Wait," Draco placed a firm hand upon her own. "Meet me here later on tonight, around 8 o'clock. Ok?."

Ginny frowned, suspiciously. "Al-alright …"

Draco smiled, letting his grip loosen, "Good. See you later then"

Ginny's face remained in a frown, "Yeah, see you …"

Just as she set of towards the door, Draco called out "Oh and Ginny!"

She turned, and raised an eyebrow, "I'll be bringing someone"

She frowned, "Who?"

"You'll have to wait and see, wont you?" Draco said smirking

Ginny rolled her eyes, before disappearing into the crowd once more.


Ginny sat on the floor, of her new apartment flipping through the pages of a magazine that advertised furniture. She was desperately searching for something that would inspire her, something that would evolve into a whole room filled with wonders. Then just as she turned the page, her eyes met a bed that would fit a queen. She quickly found the price, and was surprised to find out that it wasn't very expensive at all. Her eyes scanned the page, and she found even more items.

Soon enough Ginny found herself, dialing the number listed in the magazine and ordering about 20 pieces of furniture. By the time she finally finished, it was 7 o' clock and nearing her meeting with Draco, and his un-known visitor. She hurriedly rushed into the shower, and scrubbed herself clean. Then stumbling into her room, Ginny carefully picked out an outfit, and threw it on. With a flick of her wand, Ginny's hair was dry and fell in a mass of curls, framing her face.

She looked herself over once more, in the mirror. 'Wow Gin … not even one day and your already out, and looking? Don't you think this is a little fast?' Her inner self pondered but, then her mind flashed back to the scene that had happened the night before, and her blood began to boil. 'No, of course not. That bloody bastard ruined everything, I disserve this … I really do' Ginny decided. With a smile set upon her features,

Ginny strode from her apartment, confident in her decision. No sooner had she left was she walking into the crowded The Three Broomsticks. She weaved through a group of teens, who had must of snuck out after hours, and found an empty table. Ginny ordered a butter beer, and as she awaited its arrival, and also the arrival of her company, she scanned the mass of people for a familiar face.

Suddenly her eyes met those of icy blue, and her face lit up in delight. "Draco!" she called, waving a hand in his direction.

He smiled, noticing her flailing hand, and pushed through the crowd. Ginny noticed he was pulling someone with him, and that the certain someone looked familiar … too familiar.

"Hey Gin," Draco grinned. "I want you to meet my girlfriend, Cho"

Ginny's eyes widened in disbelief, and her mouth formed into a small 'O' shape. "Wha-what? Cho?"

Cho had just reached Draco's side when she met Ginny's eyes, "Draco … you-you didn't tell me this is who we were meeting with …" she whispered, her eyes almost as wide as Ginny's.

"Well, I thought I would surprise you both … why, what's wrong?" His eyes flickered back and forth, from Gryffindor to Ravenclaw.

"You-you're his girlfriend?"

"Ginny, please … don't" Cho whimpered, her eyes flickering towards Draco nervously.

Ginny laughed outright, "You think im not going to tell him! You are absolutely wrong! How could you?" Ginny sighed, "I can't believe I thought you changed … you're the same bloody whore I knew from school!" she seethed

Draco's face was worried with confusion. "What are you two going on about?"

Cho spun towards Draco, "Don't believe a word she says! She's lying!"

Ginny stood up at this, outraged. "Me? Lying? If anyone is a liar here, it's you! You're the one sneaking around with other women's husbands!"

By now, the entire Three Broomsticks crowd was dead silent, watching the ongoing fight. Draco looked at Cho, his eyes burning with hatred. "You-you were the one with Harry?"

"No-no! Draco, I would never do that to you! You know I wouldn't!" She screamed hysterically, tears welling up in her eyes.

Ginny's eyes were watery, and she was holding back her oncoming emotions. "How are you supposed to prove that? Does Harry know about him, huh? He probably has no idea, what kind of whore he cheated on me with!" she screamed.

"It's only because you weren't good enough to him! He wanted more! And I gave him it to him!" Cho defended, then it finally hit her … the words that had just flew out of her mouth, had destroyed her cover. She turned towards Draco, "I-I …"

"Save it" he growled before turning back to Ginny. "Gin, let's go …"

Ginny nodded miserably, and headed for the door. But, before she left she turned and looked Cho dead in the eye. "I can't believe you Cho … you would have never done this, had Cedric been here" leaving these as her last words, Ginny turned and walked out the door.

Cho stood, tears pouring over her cheeks; she looked around and saw just how many people had stopped what they were doing to see the commotion. The oncoming tears overwhelmed her, and burying her head in her hands, she ran out of the room, and into the loo sobbing tremendously.


Ginny walked, scuffing the sidewalk with her shoes, on her way home. Draco was walking beside her, although he wasn't uttering a word, his eyes remained fixed on the ground, and his hands were shoved in his pockets. He looked absolutely miserable, and Ginny felt horrible to see him in such a state. She knew what it felt like, the betrayal, the agony, and yet she had found ways to help heal the wounds. Now all she had to do, was help Draco … which she wasn't sure was the smartest idea.

"Draco," she whispered, glancing at her side. "I-I'm sorry for what happened …"

Draco turned, and he stopped walking completely. "Gin, you have nothing to be sorry about" he chuckled, "If anyone should be sorry it should be me …"

Ginny frowned, "Why? You didn't cause this rubbish!"

"And neither did you …" he grinned

"I suppose your right … but, I still am sorry …"

Once again, the same silence that had bestowed upon the couple only moments ago, fell. Draco stood still, his eyes continuing to examine the earth beneath him. While, Ginny stood her eyes admiring the heavens.

"Hey, would you like to come back to my apartment? We could … well," Ginny laughed. "I don't know what we can do, considering I have practically nothing to do but …"

Draco smiled, "Ginny, I would love to come to your apartment … anything to get all this bloody, rubbish off my mind"

"Ok, good."

Draco smiled, and the two began walking in the direction of the apartment, as silence fell upon them once more.


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