Chapter Two

Author's Note (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION): The reason Draco and Ginny are getting along so well is because they're both going through the same thing. I've gotten a lot of reviews concerning the couple! But, they're not even together, so don't think they are! I would also like to point out that Ginny is only warming up to him because, she's hurt and desperate and very very confused (explained in the story) I would also like to inform the few of you who noticed Draco's and Harry's actions and said they were "odd" but, guys this is fanfiction I can make them act different! So, I hope that clears things up! Thanks, and on with the story!


Ginny let out an exasperated sigh as, she rummaged around in her purse, desperately in search of her house keys. A frown crept upon her lips when her fingers passed over the smooth coins, loose within her purse, but continued to miss the hard surface of metal she so longed to feel against her skin. It seemed she had been searching for almost an eternity when suddenly, her fingers met that of cool metal, and a smile lit up her face.

"Thank merlin …" she muttered, gripping the keys tightly, as she eased it into the key hole, and opening the door wide

Draco grinned, "Have a bit of trouble there … didn't you Gin?"

Ginny rolled her eyes, and tossed the keys onto the smooth, marbled countertop. "Well … this is it. What do you think?" Ginny said simply, her eyes looking around the empty room proudly

Draco's gaze swooped about the room with skeptical eyes, before he finally turned around and turned his attention towards Ginny. "It's nice … but, it's missing something," he said glancing around. "I just can't seem to put my finger on what …" he continued teasing.

Ginny grinned, "Furniture, possibly?" she questioned, playing along

"Ah, that's it! Furniture, how'd you know?" he asked, raising a questioning brow

"Maybe it has to do with the fact that the apartment is completely empty … but, I'm all to sure"

Draco smirked, his eyes flickering down the hall, towards more barren rooms.

"I ordered furniture this afternoon … hopefully all the rubbish arrives on time," she mused aloud

"You know, all of that comes with the salary at Hogwarts" Draco called, from down the hall

"That, noisy students, and you. Thanks but, I'll pass" Ginny replied

Draco suddenly appeared from the hall, "I was only suggesting it because maybe, if your head was busy with work it wouldn't have time to wander off and think about Har-" he stopped. "I mean … other things"

A sudden awkwardness fell upon the two and Ginny began tugging on a loose curl that hung in her face, nervously. Suddenly Ginny felt the urge to speak, "Well … do you think it's going to help you get direct your attention from Cho?" Then realizing what she said, Ginny immediately apologized.

Draco smiled weakly, "It's ok Gin …"

An awkward silence fell once more, and Ginny found she was beginning to hate herself more and more by the minute. Not only was her own heartbroken but, in reason, she had broken Draco's heart as well. The look of betrayal on his face when Ginny had revealed Cho was unforgettable. What made the situation even worse was the fact that Ginny knew exactly how he was feeling, she knew all too well. 'I have to get him to talk to me … it'll help weaken the pain he's feeling … not to mention make me feel better' Ginny thought.

"Draco …"

Draco lifted his gaze, his icy pools clashing with her chocolate brown ones.

"Ummm," Ginny gulped visibly. "Do you want to talk about it … what happened at Three Broomsticks I mean …" she questioned gingerly

Draco shook his head, a miserable look to his eye.

Ginny sighed, "Draco … please just talk to me. It'll help, I know it will …"

Draco remained silent, not uttering a word, as he continued to stare at the tiled floor.

"Draco please-"

"No, Ginny! Did talking help you?" Draco snapped suddenly

Ginny's eyes grew wide, at his harsh tone, and she didn't utter a word … considering he was right.

"Exactly! All you did was trash Harry's rubbish and cry-"

Ginny's blood boiled, and she jumped to her defense. "That's because I didn't have anyone! No one was there when my heart was shattered into a million pieces, besides Harry and your bloody girlfriend!" she screamed, tears welling up in her eyes

Draco's face suddenly became un-readable, and sighing he ran a pale hand through his platinum hair. "Gin … I'm just going to leave, before I add more flame to the fire …"

Ginny watched as Draco made his way towards the door and reached out, opening the door.

"WAIT!" Ginny called, Draco turned raising an eyebrow. "You-you don't have to go …" she mumbled, looking at him hopefully.

Draco smiled weakly, "Goodnight Ginny …"

The small sound of the door clicking closed echoed throughout the empty apartment, and Ginny sighed. "I'm sorry …" she whispered to the dense air around her.


Ginny lay on the hard floor of her apartment, covered in only a thin blanket, and her head resting on flat pillow; while her mind formed a whirling twister of thoughts. She had been persistent in trying to will herself off to sleep but, instead she lay wide awake, aggravated and tired. 'For merlins sake Gin, it's nearly 4 o'clock in the morning. Just go to bed already!' Her inner self screamed. But, for whatever reason her body was not willing to give up and let exhaustion take over.

Her thoughts all consisted of Draco. Draco, Draco, Draco! Her heart ached for him, she knew what he was going through, the horrible feeling of betrayal weighing down on your shoulders, it was incredibly depressing. Part of her was regretful as well, it seemed odd … regretting ratting out Cho but, she felt it. The image of Draco's hurt expression flashed continuously in her mind. But, then there was her sensible side telling her that she was moving to fast. That this was Draco Malfoy, the boy who had constantly teased her about her red hair and freckles over the course of her school years.

Sighing, Ginny gave up her will to sleep, and sat upright. 'What the bloody hell is wrong with you, Gin? You suffer the pain of your husband having an affair, to welcoming Draco Malfoy into your home, and now your feeling sorry for the bloke? What has happened to you?' She thought, while pushing herself up from the floor, and walking into the kitchen.

"What am I going to do?" she mumbled miserably, as she filled an empty glass, with tap water. Sipping her water thoughtfully, her mind continued on with it's twists and turns. 'I haven't got anyone … I'm all alone, and suffering' She let out an exasperated sigh, as the last drop of water, met her lips. 'Maybe that's why I'm so willingly warming up to Draco … that's it. That has to be the answer! I'm only warming up to the bloody git because I'm so alone and desperate … I need someone to talk to. Someone who will understand … someone like HERMIONE!' Ginny concluded, setting the glass down quite suddenly, and rushing over to the phone. Quickly dialing Hermione's number, she waited patiently; the rhythmic ringing echoing in her ears.

"Hello" a gruff voice answered

Ginny's face constricted into a frown. "Who in merlins name is this?" she demanded.

Ginny heard mumbled voices, and hands fumbling with the phone.

"Hello?" a feminine voice spoke suddenly

Ginny raised a skeptical brow, "Hermione …?"

"Yes, who's this?" Hermione replied, her voice rich with exhaustion

"It's Ginny"

"Oh, hello Gin! What are you doing calling at this time of night? Is something wrong" she asked, concerned

"Well …" she stopped, her mind racking itself senseless. "Yes but, Hermione … was that my brother who answered your phone?" she asked curiously.

A silence fell, as Ginny grinned with satisfaction.

"That was Ron, wasn't it?"

"Well … ummmmm … you see, your brother and I … well, we ummm" Hermione stuttered out

"You and Ron, are together now aren't you?" Ginny asked, baring a bright smile on her lips

Hermione sighed, "Yes … we are but-"

"I won't tell … but, bloody hell! When did this happen?"

Hermione laughed before giving Ginny all the details on her older brother's new relationship. Ginny imagined the couple, as a smile slid onto her lips. She had always believed the two of them were meant to be, the constant fights were just another way of expressing there true love for one another.

"So, this has been going on for … how long?" Ginny questioned carefully

"Ab-about … 6 months" Hermione replied, her voice shaky

Ginny's eyes widened, "6 months? How in merlins name did you keep this from me? I'm your best friend, aren't I?"

Hermione laughed, "Of course you are Gin but, I just didn't find it …" she paused, racking her brain for the right word. "All that necessary … now, enough about your brother and I. What's wrong Ginny? You wouldn't call this late in the night unless it was an emergency"

Once again an awkward silence fell, as Ginny worried her bottom lip nervously. 'Go on Gin, just spit it all out … she'll understand …' Her mind reassured her. Ginny sighed, "Well … it-its about Harry …"

"Oh no, what happened to him! Is he hurt?" Hermione questioned hurriedly, a worried tone apparent in her voice

"No … not yet at least …" she grumbled

"Ginny …"

Ginny sighed, "Never mind …"

"No, no … Ginny what happened?"


"Ginny where are you?" Hermione snapped

"25 lantern lane" Ginny answered obediently

"Lantern lane but … that's in Hogsmead …"

"I-I know …" Ginny said, her voice shaky and unsure

"I'm coming over, and you're going to tell me everything" Hermione stated, firm in her decision

"Hermione you don't have-"

"Yes, I most certainly do. You are my friend, and I'm worried about you. So I'll see you in about 15 minutes?"

Ginny sighed, "See you Mione …"

The phone clicked, signaling Hermione had hung up her line. A frown had crept upon Ginny's features and she was extremely annoyed with her actions. 'You just have to keep bringing more and more bloody people into this, don't you Gin?' She thought angrily, setting down the phone with a bang on the marble counter. She let out an exasperated sigh, and run a hand through her mass of curls stressfully. Now she was going to have to explain to Hermione her tangled mess she called life.

It was already annoying enough that Draco knew, considering it was his girlfriend Harry had been having the affair with. But, now Hermione, Harry's best friend since Wizarding School, was going to know as well. Ginny was anxious to see Hermione's reaction, especially since Harry had never been the person you'd expect to cheat on there wife. Suddenly through the mist of Ginny's thoughts a light knocking echoed throughout the room.

Frowning Ginny approached the door, and unlocked it, opening it wide. Hermione was standing in her door way, a concerned look upon her face.

She embraced Ginny suddenly, "Oh Ginny, I came as quick as I could. So, what hap … ened …" her voice drifted off, as her eyes met the empty apartment Ginny was now occupying. Side stepping Ginny, she wandered further into the barren living room.

"Ginny … what in merlins name is going on? Why are you living by yourself? And with not one piece of furniture?" her eyes swooped over the remainder of the room, a worried expression plastered on her face

Ginny fidgeted nervously, yanking on a loose curl hanging in her face. She couldn't help it, what she was about to do might ruin Harry's relationship with his friends for the rest of his life. But, really … why in merlins name should she care? He was the one who cheated on her not the other way around.

Ginny took a deep breath, preparing herself mentally. "Well … you see … what had happened was …"

"Oh, come on for merlins sake Gin! Just spit it out!" Hermione said, aggravated

"Harry cheated on me!" Ginny spat suddenly, harshness and hurt apparent in her voice

Hermione's eyes grew large, as a wave of sorrow crashed down on her. "Oh Ginny … are-are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Ginny screamed hysterically. "I caught the bloody bastard snogging Cho Chang on my couch!" she hissed

Hermione's features showed complete and utter dismay for the girl, and she quickly hurried over to Ginny, hugging her tight. "Gin … I-I'm so sorry … really I am"

Tears welled in Ginny's eyes, as she held onto Hermione. "I can't believe him … wha-what did I ever do to deserve this? Please, Mione tell me … please" she cried desperately

Hermione rubbed Ginny's back soothingly, "You didn't do anything … I'm sure of it. Now," she gently eased Ginny a few inches away from her, and looked her dead in the eye. "Now, when exactly did all this rubbish occur?"

Ginny took a deep breath, and wiped her eyes, ridding them of tears. "Yesterday night …"

Hermione's eyes grew huge, bulging. "What?" she shrieked

Ginny nodded miserably, tears escaping the corners of her eyes. She felt much better finally letting her tears fall freely. No more hiding her inner emotions, no more masking her tears, she was finally letting everything out. Of course she was sympathetic to Hermione, who she was letting out all of this onto.

Hermione began pacing, the beginnings of stress lines forming on her forehead. "I can't believe this …" she mumbled. "Harry, cheating? What in merlins name is happening to the world?" she continued muttering, as she paced the length of the room.

Ginny watched her with sorrow filled eyes, as she sniffled and wished for her tears to end.

Hermione stopped suddenly, and turned towards Ginny. "I need to know everything. Each and every tiny detail, now!"

Ginny was surprised by her harsh, demanding tone. But, then again she was dealing with Hermione Granger, this should be expected. So, she began her tale at the beginning how once again she was home alone, awaiting Harry's return. Then giving up she had headed upstairs, gotten in bed, and laid awake still waiting for him. She told her about the giggling, and how she had crept downstairs to investigate, only to find Harry snogging Cho like mad on her living room couch.

By the time Ginny was finished, tears were trailing down her cheeks, like rivers on a mountain side, and she couldn't help the various sniffles that continued to echo throughout the room. Hermione stood shell shocked from what she was hearing. This wasn't Harry … Harry would never do something this cruel, would he?

"Ginny … I-I don't know what to say …" Hermione said helplessly, as she watched the tears run down Ginny's cheeks

Ginny sniffled miserably, rubbing her eyes clear of tears. "It's alright Hermione … you-you don't have to say anything. I'm just glad I got all that out …"

Hermione smiled weakly, before hugging Ginny in a tight embrace. "So … what do you plan on doing now?" she asked. "I mean the whole "re-building" of your life? What are you going to make happen?"

Ginny thought for a moment, but came up with nothing. "I suppose … just live here …"

"And do what?" Hermione questioned

"I don't have any idea … be alone I suppose" Ginny answered hopelessly

Hermione sighed, "Well that's certainly not going to help mend a broken heart! You need to … go do something. Make yourself respect your true beauty." she said smiling

"True beauty? But Hermione I'm not-"

"Ginny you are beautiful, don't ever doubt that. Besides, Harry's a complete arse for cheating on you. He has no idea what he's missing-"

"A lonely, depressed, 27 year old that's what he's missing" Ginny snapped, gloomily

Hermione rolled her eyes, "You know what Ginerva Weasley, tomorrow we're going shopping"

"What?" Ginny asked, a frown adorning her features

Hermione nodded, "You heard me, you bloody well know you did"

"Shopping? But Hermione-"

"I'll be here around 2 O'clock to pick you up, alright with you?"

"Hermione I don't want to go shopping I just want to-"

"Ginny this is going to be bloody brilliant, once we give you a makeover; you'll feel like a whole new person. Then we can show Harry how idiotic he was being when he decided to go trade spit with Cho" Hermione stated, raising a brow, a smirk upon her lips

Ginny stood gapping at Hermione with wide eyes. "What in merlins name happened to you?" she questioned

Hermione smirked, "You'd be surprised Gin …" and with that she walked from Ginny's apartment, closing the door snug behind her.

Ginny remained still, not blinking an eye, her expression shocked and unmoving. 'What had Hermione meant … you'd be surprised? What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?' Ginny thought, before shaking her head clear of thoughts. She heaved a sigh, and glanced at the clock. 6:13 blinked at her, 'I suppose I might as well get ready for the morning' She thought yawning. Then scurrying off to the bathroom, she turned the knobs on the shower, and stripped down, stepping into the steaming hot water.


As the day progressed Ginny found herself racking her brain as to what Hermione had meant by, "You'd be surprised Gin …" Before she had waltzed right from her apartment, in the dead hours of the night. It kept her mind busy most of the day that was until an unexpected visitor paid her a visit.

Ginny was unpacking some of the decorations she had ordered from the catalog, as the furniture had arrived, surprisingly, on time. Just as she was setting yet another pillow onto the large couch in the living room, a knock rang out. She frowned, Hermione wasn't supposed to be there until 2 and it was barely even 1. Quickly hurrying to the door, she unlocked it and opened it wide.

Her eyes widened, "Dra-draco?"

He grinned, "Hey Ginn, I just came to apologize for last night … I was being a total git and-" he stopped short as his eyes fixed on something behind Ginny, and his grin widened. "I see you got all the rubbish on time?"

Ginny turned, glancing over her shoulder. She smiled, "Oh yeah … it arrived about 2 hours ago. Ummm would you …" she gestured to the apartment.

Draco smiled, but shook his head. "Sorry Ginny, I cant. I have to get back to Hogwarts, I came during lunch …"

"Oh …"

"Yeah, so I'll just be going but, I just felt the need to say I'm sorry" Draco said, awkwardly

Ginny smiled, "Draco really … if anyone should be sorry it should be me. I was being a bloody-"

"No, Ginny really you weren't you were trying to help, and I shoved you away. I'm the one who should be saying sorry, so … I'm sorry" Draco cut in, smiling weakly

Ginny sighed, smiling. "Alright well, I'm sorry too"

Draco opened his mouth to say something, but Ginny immediately cut him off. "No Draco … just accept my apology because, im not going to take no for an answer" Ginny said smirking

Draco smirked back, "Someone's a snappy Weaslette today"

Ginny raised an eyebrow, at her old title with the Slytherins.

Draco just chuckled, "Sorry Ginny, couldn't help myself"

Ginny's skeptical look, remained plastered on her face.

"Alright, well im just going to go then. See you around Ginn" Draco said, before turning on heel and heading off down the hall.

Just as Ginny was about to shut the door, Draco turned around and called out. "Oh and Gin,"


"You should come visit us, Hogwarts I mean. It's very different from you and I were attending …"

Ginny frowned, before a smile crept upon her lips slowly. "You know I might just do that …"

Draco smiled, "Well then I might see you sooner than expected?"

Ginny smiled, nodding. "Sure …"

Draco turned, and walked from the hallway, and down the steps. Ginny stood in the door way, until the echoing footsteps became a mumbled nothing, before closing the door tightly shut. Going back to her décor she pondered her upcoming adventure to Hogwarts, and if it really was all that different. She wasn't absolutely sure that change would be a good thing, after all Ginny loved the old, worn out castle just the way it was.

Ginny continued to ponder this, as she flicked curtains onto the curtain rods, and fluffed pillows before placing them on the couch. She did this for quite some time, fluffing, propping, hanging! Everything! And sooner than expected the entire apartment looked good as new! Ginny grinned, her eyes scanning each and every inch of the apartment. 'Thank merlin … it's finally finished!' Ginny thought triumphantly, blowing a stray strand of hair from her eyes, as a bead of sweat rolled down her nose.

Suddenly a knock rang out through the split silence. Ginny frowned and glanced down at her watch, '1:45' it read. Ginny's eyes bulged, 'Bloody hell! That's probably Hermione!'


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