A/N: Ok, this is just drabble really. I've never written an X-Men story, but it just sort of came to me. So enjoy!

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It's the small things. The tiny details that only I notice. It's what seperated him from the rest of them. He did things his own way, but it was his own way that made him so special to me.

John doesn't use words to show he cares. The only time he talks is when he's saying something sarcastic or sardonic. Afterall, John wants power and you can't get power with sweet words. But hell, who cares about sweet words. Bobby talks sweet and he never made me feel like John did. John kept me on my toes. And I have to admit I liked it.

John showed me he cared with his presence. Most people kept their distance when they were around me. Maybe it was conscience. Maybe it wasn't. All I know is that even Bobby, my boyfriend, walked with a good foot between us.

John would be shoulder to shoulder with me when we walked down the hall. He'd guide me with his hand on the small of my back. He was ok with putting his arm around my shoulder or tugging at my hand when we needed to go somewhere. He'd tuck my hair behind my ear when it fell into my face. He'd sit close to me, even if our skin touched. And if he felt my powers activate and tug at his own, he'd shift his body. But he never said a word.

And when no one else was looking, John would smile. Not smirk, smile. And I'd ask him why he was smiling. In response, he'd laugh. And not a cruel laugh. Around me it was smiles and laughs and gentle touches. Things no one would expect from John Allerdyce let alone the crazy power obsessed Pyro. But when he was with me, he was different. And I promised him I wouldn't tell a soul.

Bobby was jealous. He didn't say it but he was. He couldn't overcome his fear and I could tell. He hated that John was so fearless or maybe it was foolish. Whatever it was I didn't care, but Bobby sure did. John used to love to taunt Bobby about having a girlfriend he couldn't touch. He'd smirk and Bobby would ignore him. To anyone on the outside looking in it would seem that John was insulting me. Instead he was shoving our closeness in Bobby's face. That closeness made me feel good.

And when he left it was like I had been cut off from the world. And don't think I didn't notice how apathetic Bobby was when John left. Because without John he was secure. He didn't have to worry about me leaving him. Because no one else would come near me. No one else made that effort. The effort John did to make me feel normal.

Yes, it was the little things that made me fall in love with John Allerdyce. The little things that made him so different from everyone else.