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Rose lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She was so confused. Her Doctor, the one she loved - although that hadn't hit her until he'd sent her home - was gone, leaving a stranger in his place. But he was still there. Sometimes it was almost like the old days, before regeneration, and although she'd really liked him and missed him, in some ways she was glad that Jack wasn't there, that it was just her and the Doctor again. But lately, she'd been wondering if being alone with this new Doctor was such a good thing.

The problem was, Rose was beginning to fall for the Doctor all over again, and she was scared. Was this real, or just a leftover of her feelings for the old Doctor? Had those feelings even been real, or had she just been alone with him too long in extreme circumstances? And how fickle could she be, that this Doctor's chocolate brown eyes made her melt as easily as the old Doctor's glacial blue ones had? That she was attracted to the new Doctor's 'pretty boy' air, something her old Doctor would have been sickened to see if he could?

And now she was having these dreams, dreams of golden light and ethereal music. And three nights ago something new had been added to these dreams. Her Doctor, the one she'd agreed to travel with, had kissed her. She'd told herself it was just a dream, but she didn't believe it. And it wouldn't have bothered her so much, except that she remembered the way she'd felt when his lips had touched hers and... now she had something to compare it to with the new Doctor.

They'd been on New Earth, and had run into Cassandra again, that human trampoline from her first trip with the Doctor. She'd possessed Rose, and had initiated a kiss with the Doctor. Which of course meant that Rose had a cast-iron excuse; it hadn't been her. But what she hadn't said was that, yes, Cassandra had initiated the kiss, but had then let Rose have control again for a minute, and she'd been kissing the Doctor herself. She should have pulled away immediately, but she couldn't. Luckily (though that sounded so twisted) Cassandra had taken control again, and had pulled away. But... the scary, and also thrilling, part was that it felt the same. Everything that she felt from the dream-memory of kissing the old Doctor, she'd felt when she really had kissed the new one. And that terrified her.

Was it disloyalty, as a friend, to accept this new man so quickly? Rose didn't think so; apparently she wasn't the first of the Doctor's companions to have to make the adjustment to a regeneration, or so the Doctor said. But was it being unfaithful to the man she'd loved (even if he hadn't been a man, strictly speaking) to fall in love with the new self that had taken his place?

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