An ItaSasu one-sided love drabble (short). The first I had ever managed to type up. Not recommened for the easily sickened nor to those who are expecting this to be fluffy and cute. Only pain, death and broken hearts will you find here. Reviews will be welcome, rants and raves as well as critism.

Disclaimer: Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha belong to their creator, Masashi Kishimoto, from the manga/anime Naruto

Numb and fallen, he stared at his pale fingers. The tears from all the years of pressure never weld up in his eyes but instead dripped out his lips in a pool of blood and saliva. The rain that thundered down on this back was like the real needles sticking out his skin.

A swift, unexpected lash came to his stomach, causing his body to involentarely vomit as he flew back and smacked hard into a tree trunk.

"Still so young and vulnerable. You disgust me."

Sasuke couldn't even muster up a scream as his shattered wrist was crushed more brutely between human and nature. The sickening sound of bones turning to powder was almost too much to bear.

Defeated and still being tormented.

Nothing moved. His joints almost locked permanetly into place.

"Squirming in the mud like a drowning maggot."

He felt the weapon be thrown into his leg, slicing open the calves and leaving them to bleed. The muscles pocking out and being thundered upon by the sharp amounts of rain.

The young Uchiha peered his healthy, right eye open a little wider, letting out the loudest scream he could; a quickly fading whimper. Mud splashed into his left eye, mixing liquid dirt in blood and cuts. To be blind forever was what he expected. Completly paralized was what he knew was happening.

A thick ball of mucus formed in his throat. Having no strengh in his muscles enough to let alone scream, he chocked on it and had it spat out, pushed slowly past his lips and into the outside air. Ripped sandles forced a wave of mud to slip into his lungs. Having not more inner strengh to cough it out, Sasuke knew he'd suffercate in a matter of minutes. Seconds even.

He'd die here. In a place he knew not, with a person who would leave without saying a word or regret. He'd remain alone and in this state until someone uncaring would walk over his dissolved bones. He'd choosen this place. As Sasuke had choosen this time to speak.

Uchiha was unsure when the brutal impacts had stopped. As far as he could feel, they had continued long after. His frail, broken body protested in pain as his lungs began to crush themselves. By and by, he should have been dead now from the amount of pain he'd endured. It was coming though, slipping over his being like a plague.

Rain-filled eardrums pulsed under the slow steps of retreat.

"Understand this was what you wanted. What you'd begged for. Understand that I shall never look back on this day as another would. I have no pity for you, only shame on your behalf for being so incredibly immature."

'And all I ever wanted was to know those words.'

"Understand that the words I speak will leave with your disgusting form and be shattered and never pieced together."

'I wanted to know everything you were and become what you are.'

"Understand that your lack of hate was what caused your life to end in such a fashion."

'Nii-san. All I really did was tell you how much you still meant to me.'


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